Last Saturday’s Sales

We were 7 for a while on Saturday—Seven, 7, SEVEN in the van—which meant some of us were squished in the back seat.


Above:  Cupcake, Thumper and Vanna, squished.

No matter.  We laughed our silly heads off, terrorized a few sales and sellers, and demonstrated our new Prancercise talents.  This because Jabber accidentally hit the Itunes button on her iphone and the one and only song she has loaded is the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.”  Some of you readers—I mean you Sis and Twin and California, will recall this well.  With the music, the Brocanters broke into their dance routine. 

“What is a Prancercise?” Jabberwocky inquired.

Well, look at it here.  Then try to envision seven of us, the Lucky 7, prancing around a community sale and you’ll sort of see what I’m talking about:

The above is from Youtube—looked up “Prancercise”

Below, Vanna loads a rustic ladder Sosew bought for her hubby, in the backseat.  This requires explanation:  Sosew bought the ladder because she knew that Hubby would NOT be able to use it, thereby discouraging him from climbing on ladders.   I know, I know.  Hey, we’re women of a ‘certain age’ and we can do what we want!



Above, Girlfriend with her Hat (it WAS ‘hat day’ for us, but only Girlfriend and Jabber wore hats.  The others had to buy them at sales.)  Also Vanna, striking a pose as always.


Take a good look at the hat below—Hat has a pineapple drink, glasses, flowers, everything one needs for a party in a hat ‘cept the liquor.  We can provide that.  (True confessions:  the hat went home with Jabber.  Don’t ask why. 

Okay, ask why.  It will be my hat on the upcoming family vacation.  I know my children will be thrilled.  Not to mention the Grands…….   Look at it this way:  you’ll be able to see me in a crowd.  And lose me.)


Vanna brought her “Damn It” doll with her.  Jabber was periodically hit on the back with the Damn It doll.  Useful instrument with which to take out aggression.  Vanna highly recommends it.  Jabber doesn’t necessarily.


imageGirlfriend shows off a T-shirt which seemed to be appropriate for Cupcake.  It says, “Don’s Driving School.”  This because Cupcake had a lil’ accident a while ago.  Just a suggestion, Cupcake!


This is a young seller—he was running a yard sale with his father and mother.  We were impressed with his prices and wares.  And his sunglasses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Cute little statue.  We often see unique items—this one seems to be missing something.  Like a leg. 


Speaking of missing something:  this seller had a cute bunny for sale, but missing some eyelashes on one eye.  So the seller placed a box of Latisse (which will help one’s eyelashes grow) next to the bunny:


Obviously, problem solved!

A great purchase below!  It was brand new, never opened, $10—a 13 X 10 foot tent standing 7 feet tall.  This for Leader’s daughter.  She requested we look for one on Thursday.  We found it, of course, on Saturday.  It’s beyond bizarre how items appear at sales once we focus our attention on finding them.


Guest Pat had to leave early, and we had to do a ‘drop off’ before we could continue on with our shopping.  We found treasures, but most of all we had a fun time together and, of course, we got our Prancercise workout in, too!

Yard Sale Treasures and Other Interesting Artifacts

“You n’ Cupcake n’ Girlfriend and you scared off  Thumper and Vanna, an’ Sosew, too, din’ you?” Jabberwocky said.

Vanna is out of town on her own separate adventure, Jabber, and Thumper was unable to join us this morning as well as Sosew who is, evidently, going to stay in her NEW home for while.  Her second new home, that is—and we are missing her!  So, yes, just the three of us today.

The first sale was the ‘winner’ for moi, however—and these are what Girlfriend found for me and I purchased:

image  image

A matching pair of French chairs, distressed wood, in beautiful upholstery—for $45 each.  I am lovin’ these!

Then, would you believe, the second set of these!


All  12 of these glasses, The Twelve Days of Christmas, for $5.  The first box I found a few weeks ago for the same price, but that set was missing two of the glasses.  I priced them online—to replace just one, the cost is $25.  They are so unique!  (But evidently not THAT unique since I’ve found two sets.)

image  This hat for a friend who is having a Great Gatsby party.  The hat was $1.


Two hats for moi who is NOT having a Great Gatsby Party.  I just liked the hats.  $1 each.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

image  A hatbox.  $3.  For hats, of course.

Six plastic bags of gold/clear ornaments with 3 to 4 ornaments in each bag—a total of $4.


“An’ what about ‘other interesting artifacts’?” Jabber wanted to know………….

Well, we saw this unusual mailbox—not sure I’d want to see this greeting me if I were the mail person, though:


And, of course, Girlfriend found this and we had to take a picture for Thumper—I hope it doesn’t frighten her:


It was a beautiful day and we had a great time, as always.

Back by popular request, “What’d find? What’d ya’ get?”

“Popular request?  Who asked?” said Jabber.  “An’ why would anythin’ you did be ‘popular’ anyways?”

Don’t you just love your imagination?  Mine is Jabberwocky and she’s always, forever, putting me in my place.

Okay Jabber, TWO people asked.  For me, that’s popular in my book.  I mean, come on’ gimme’ a break!

Thank you, you Two people.  For asking.  At any rate, if nothing else, it will allow me to put up a blog post.  Which I haven’t done for a few days.  And all my many readers are missing them.

“All your MANY??” said Jabber.  “Who’re you kidding?  You don’t have many.  You’re lucky if you get one or two—and I ‘pose they’re the ones who asked, right?”

I am ignoring Jabber for now.

This morning, Girlfriend (aka Foxy Lady—oh yes, she really is aka that!!!) took off for parts unknown, after workout class of course. 

“Evidently not too unknown, Realtor and Teach showed up as well…….” commented Jabber.

Yes, they did.  Anyway, we went to sales.  These are the treasures:


New, never used!, picnic backpack for our annual Longest Yard Sale Trip complete with dishes, utensils, glasses and napkins AND a place to keep our wine.  $8



25 cents each—nice cups for coffee!


Square baking pan, glass, for $1.50


NEW!  $8  A nice Christmas present for someone!

Tomorrow we hope the other members of the Brocanting Brigade will join us.  It’s always a surprise and a treasure hunt. 


A Garden Tour and Treasures

“What?” asked Jabberwocky, “were you doing snooping around in other people’s gardens?  And they LET you?” she finished incredulously.

Uh oh……..there’s another big word, the kind that Thumper is ascared of.  Thumper seems to have a lot of phobias  errrrr, fears—big words, which always cause her eyes to get large with wonderment, clowns, and, of course, Black Forest Cake.  Of which we found several today.

“You found several Black Forest Cakes today?” asked Jabber, heading to get a plate and fork from the kitchen, and wondering why she didn’t get any and where they were hidden…….

No, no, NO! Jabber, no Black Forest Cakes.   Clowns.  We saw several clowns today………..

But nobody took them home.  Couldn’t.  Thumper had to ride in the van and they are scary (as she let us know).

“Well!” Jabber commented, “Clowns ARE pernicious!”  She paused a moment and added, ‘Uh oh…I shudn’t a said that word!”

Thumper.  Scared of big words.

Clowns of which she was afraid:

image  image


And, of course, Black Forest Cake—we established her fear of this last week.

Girlfriend, below, taking her own sweet time digging out coins to pay the seller at a sale. 


Girlfriend is notorious, I mean, Girlfriend is known to take her own time to pay for items.  Often it is a diversionary clever tactic which allows the seller to come down on his/her price.  I’ve known Girlfriend to get things for free!  (There’s a tip for yard sailing!)  Just today she got a large plastic cake cover (bottom not around) for free.  The seller said, “Oh just take it!” in exasperation

“Quit using all those big words or Thumper will have one of her scared moments again!” Jabber cautioned me.

Okay, Jabber, you’re right.  We found several fun sales but the most funnest was in Cupcake’s neighborhood where the owners had a fantastic, terraced garden—front and back!  After admiring the front yard, one of the owners offered to show us the back and side yards—it was magical!

image  image


Above are pictures of the front yard terracing—colorful, lush, well established now, even though it is just mid-May.  The  frequent rains have encouraged beautiful growth for the flowering plants and greenery.


Above, Cupcake walking up the railroad tie steps, stopping to view some beautiful plantings.  Note the chandelier hanging from a tree in the top of the picture.  Photo below shows how beautifully landscaped the steps are.


image  Landings are formed with stones.

And interesting ‘creatures’ dot the terraced areas:


Purple Calla Lilies waiting to be planted on the hillside.


There are two levels to the deck.  Note that the hillside you see in the picture (below) SLID INTO THEIR HOME when the flood of 2010 occurred.  A large tree began to slide and one of the owners ran to the other side of the house to get out of the way.  The mud slid down all the way to the roof of the house, completely covering the decks and some of the windows.  The sliding tree landed on their roof.  The entire hillside was re-terraced, rebuilt and now is very lush and green.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The work to rebuild the back and side terraces has been non-stop, but the results are truly beautiful.  I thank the owners for sharing their lovely gardens with us this morning!

And that is one of the most fun things about sales—you never know what you will find nor who you will meet nor what you will see.  People are so very nice and generous, willing to show us their lovely homes, gardens, sometimes artwork and other fun finds we encounter along our weekly trips.

“An’ tell’em the rest of the story ‘bout Thumper!” Jabber reminded me….

Oh yes, I almost forgot:  Thumper momentarily forgot all about clowns and big words and Black Forest Cake—she was a very happy bunny when she saw the flowers!


A Rainy, Cold Day

“But………but it’s raining!  IT’S RAINING!” hollered Jabberwocky* as I pushed her into the driver’s seat of the van.  “It’s cold and it’s raining! and the Brigade won’t go today………”

Shows what you know about the Brigade, Jabber!  We drove over to Girlfriend’s house and there they all were, sans Vanna who had a previous engagement with a party (yes, Vanna IS a party girl—not all of us paint our toenails silver or blue!) and they all piled in.  Clad in their plastic, pleather and whatever rain gear and eager, as always, to hunt for treasure.


Thumper and Girlfriend………a much-coveted dish drainer had just been found!  Seems that each had wanted one and Thumper found one earlier and there was ALMOST a fight over it.  I told them to calm down.  There’d be another one found.  Sure enough……….

Off we went into the wilderness………oh well, not REALLY the wilderness, no.  No, no no…….It was to the next subdivision.  It was raining there, too, but nevermind…….

“Nevermind…….” Jabber said sarcastically.  To me!

Well, let me tell you, we are the die-hards of all brocanters in these here parts.  Weren’t many out and about.  Good!  We had no competition!


One person had placed an empty garbage can in the alley to catch rain water—it is ALMOST FULL!  And you can see that it is really raining hard.  Temperature this morning when we left was 41 degrees—and it seemed to get colder and colder.  THIS IS THE SOUTH!  AND THIS IS MAY!                                                                                                               A bit later, we all decided we’d had enough shopping for the day, so we headed to the local Corner Pub for soup.  I had ordered chicken and sausage gumbo which arrived whilst I was in the ladies’ room.  When I returned to the table, Cupcake and Thumper had decided to try MY SOUP!  Sosew said, “Jabber, you’re too late……..”


And then she and Girlfriend decided to help them out!  Deciding it was very good (and their soup arrived), they allowed Jabber to eat her own—that’s how thoughtful they are!


It was a wet and wild day, but we all had a lot of fun.  And here is the sign which I’m going to hang in the Brocanting Van on sale days—Sosew got it for us!




Abbreviated Brocanting

“How would your crew EVER abbreviate brocanting?” inquired Jabberwocky.

Well, fewer sales that we’d hoped for, but as always, we persevered and found some treasures.

A few photos for today:

At a sale, Sosew examines binoculars……….


Thumper and Cupcake take a moment for a smile while searching for treasure:


And, Cupcake finds a new hat! and takes a nap—a nap in a hat!  (I think there is a Dr. Seuss rhyme in there somewhere…….)  Not really.  Cupcake discovered TMWLH’s hat and decided it looked good on her!  (And it does!)


We had fun and found a few treasures.  Mostly, though, we had fun!  Which is the point, after all, isn’t it?

Seeing Double and Other Adventures of the Brigade


“What?  There are TWO of Girlfriend—what’s going on?  And there is another lady who looks a LOT like Girlfriend….and Thumper, Vanna and Sosew are in there, too……..Wow, you gals’ made a haul!” exclaimed Jabberwocky when she saw the picture.

Jabber was most excited because, as you can see from the above photo, the Brocanting Brigade had added some Brocanters, at least for this Saturday.

And, that’s not all—my friend from California was visiting and she, too, went to sales with us.  We were an entourage indeed!


The Guests above as we begin our adventure……

Want to see some of our adventures?  I took some photos, just for you (and Jabberwocky, too, of course):

image  Girlfriend’s Twin holds up an appealing find at one sale.


Above is “California”—she isn’t used to sailing, at least not sailing in this manner.  She was astounded at the treasure hunt!  (And a good sport about it, too.)


“Girlfriend?” asked Jabber……………


“Girlfriend?  And Sis?” asked Jabber……                    

No, it is TWIN AND SIS!  It seems the penchant for finding bras runs in the family!  Oh my, can you believe it?  Now there are three bra-seekers!

Having exhausted our yard sale list, we were (of course) hungry, so we went to eat.  Here we all are at the restaurant:


(Left to Right):  Vanna, Thumper, California and Sosew

and on the other side of the table:


(Left to right):  Twin, Sis, Girlfriend, Cupcake

And I sat next to Cupcake, but, of course, someone had to take the picture.


Sosew, Twin and Sis


Thumper and Vanna, old pros at this!


We had such a good time!  More adventures this week, I’m certain, involving Sis and Twin too!

Private Pre-sale!

Just for us—what a treat! 

My friend who lives in Mt. Juliet, TN, allowed the Brocanting Brigade to come to her pre-sale.  We were the only shoppers and shop we did because, of course, shop we must!

Besides, the weather only just turned nice in Middle Tennessee, including around the Harpeth here, and we were all itching to get out and go!  Sales have been slim- to-none for a while—and it’s our form of recreation, an excuse to get together, go around the town in Jabber’s van, and generally terrorize any and all those holding sales.

You really should see the seller’s faces when we ALL pile out of the van.  Pretty hilarious.

But Friend was waiting for us, having arranged this special pre-sale just for the Brocanters.  And boy, did we have a good time and find a lot of great treasures!


From back to front:  Thumper, Girlfriend, Vanna, and Cupcake.  Note:  Thumper, Girlfriend and Cupcake are traveling incognito with their dark glasses. 

(Everybody knows who they are anyway, but they evidently THINK they’re in disguise.  Don’t tell them differently as they do believe they are quite unrecognizable.  “An’ I think they’re delusional,” commented Jabberwocky.)

“Jabber!  One has to be delusional to be talking to you!” I replied…………..

After scarfing up the very BEST treasures from our Friend, she escorted us to a really wonderful consignment boutique, Dragonfly.  Here are the Brocanters as they are about to terrorize enter the boutique:


And Friend let them in! 

image  She held the door.

A beautiful store, the Dragonfly!  Here is a photo of one of their beautiful pieces along with some accessories they have available:


Some things were purchased at the store—and we highly recommend it to you if you are in the area.  Take a look at their website for information.

After shopping ‘til we were literally dropping, we stopped for some refreshments and headed back to our ‘neck of the woods’ satisfied with another great afternoon.

Oh, and I learned a new term:  HALF CUT TEA!  “Yes,” Thumper said, “they’ll understand it.  Just order half-cut tea.”  “They” were the people taking the order at the drive-through McDonald’s.  I inquired, a bit later, what precisely, half-cut tea was?

Half cut tea is 1/2 sweet tea and 1/2 half unsweetened tea, mixed.   It is an iced tea mixture.  Well, I ask you,  WHO knew? 

“Evidently, Thumper and the rest of the world ‘round here knew,” Jabber said to me, somewhat sarcastically.

For the Love of Brocanting


Yes, yes, my friends—this is Thumper who hopped out of the van and ran to the stop sign to check a fallen sign.  We were all hoping it said “Yard Sale” but alas, it did not!  Vanna captured this poignant photo on her iphone.  It is entitled, “Desperation 1”  Very aptly, I might add……………..



If They Have One, We Will Come!

(yard sale, that is)

Here we come again!


Well, ‘course you went to sales.  It was sun shiney, it was crisp, but not cold, and there WERE sales!” chuckled Jabberwocky who has, too long, been forced to be silent. 

She always gets a laugh out of the Brocanting Brigade, as do I, myself.  And maybe you do too?

Yep, we were all there—Thumper, Vanna (in her stylish Panda Sweater), Girlfriend, Cupcake, Sosew and yes, even Jabber.

Starting later than usual, because sales started later than usual, we did find several treasures—everyone found something!

Here is my ‘loot shoot’ of the day:

image  image

The basket and everything in it for $5.  How cute are the utensils?!


image  New wastebasket for the office, $5


                                                                                                                                                                                     Small box, free!                                                                                                                                                                         image  Zipper-enclosed case with new scrapbook supplies, colored pens, scissors, $3


Four boxes of ornaments and a Sorcerer nutcracker, $2 for all.


Yes, I confess, I did.  I bought more Christmas.  This, after having my family invade the attic, decide what they’d like and take many ornaments home with them.  I am a Christmas addict.  I’m beyond redemption, I fear.

And, besides, it’s only 332 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes and 32 seconds until Christmas!       

But……..we all had a grand time!  And really, that’s the only thing that matters.


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