Saturday Morning Brocanting and Brunch

“Now there is a table full of trouble” Jabber stated emphatically.



Left to right:  Girlfriend, Cupcake, Jabber, Vanna, Sosew, Thumper

We aren’t trouble.  We just get INTO trouble–and make a lot of noise and say outrageous things and have a good time.  Like today when a seller said to one of our Brocanters downstairs, “It sounds like they are having a PARTY up there,” referring to other Brocanters upstairs.

We were.  Sosew found a book with the title, “Sex for One”–we all burst into laughter.  (No, we did not look at the book.  And no.  We didn’t buy it either.)  One never knows what a sale will have to offer–sometimes treasures and sometimes just a good laugh.

Girls just wanna’ have fun, right?

It’s the first time in quite a while that all the Brocanters have been together–so we had to celebrate and have brunch at Crumb de la Crumb after sales.  Vanna joined us for brunch, but didn’t make it for the expedition which took us to several locations.

Once in a while, it’s just appropriate to show all the Brocanters together.

“Oh, come on….once in a while you just like to see yourselves.  Am I right?” Jabber asked.

Of course.



In which much is revealed…….

“Jabber found two purses, one red, one white and blue,                                                                Thumper found a picture frame, a cap and video, too…..                                                            Girlfriend found some sweaters, neither one of them is green,                                                                     And Vanna found a treasure, too, a nice ice cream machine.                                                                 Cupcake found a brand new Pot in which to make a stew…………..                                                            In fact, Cupcake found a lot of things and her Pot is new!’

Jabber was at it, rhyming to beat the band, (although there was no band involved), but happy as she could be with her treasures and lunch and a fun brocanting day.

“An’ so we got up and went!  To lots and lots of places and found lots and lotsa’ treasures! An’ then we ate lunch……..” Jabber was reminiscing already………”An’, NO RAIN!”

Yes, did.  Missing Sosew today, as she is off on a separate adventure as she is wont to do occasionally, but we still missed her.  Nonetheless, the five of us (“the Frivolous Five!” Jabber opined…..)  Yes, yes, the ‘Frivolous Five” of us terrorized shopped at assorted neighborhoods in the area where community sales were being held.

After all that shopping, we thought about eating, because, of course, that’s what Brocanters do.  Today we decided upon Mexican food.  So we went to……..”Mexico?” asked Jabber……”I remember you went to Athens, one time.  Athens is in Greece.”

Athens is the name of a Greek restaurant around these here parts, Jabber.  No, we went to Nachos.  “You can’t go to Nachos,” Jabber corrected me, “Nachos is food, it’s a dish, it’s chips an’ stuff on top of it, it’s a treat…not a place.”

A Mexican restaurant by the name of Nachos.  That’s where we went.  And we had Mexican food.  But no margaritas, although they have been promised to us by Vanna, along with ice cram just as soon as she figures out how to make ice cream in her new machine.  And Cupcake regaled us with her recipe for Corn Chowder, her favorite, but only made by her, and so it is decided that Cupcake shall make Corn Chowder, by her, and Vanna shall serve us margaritas and ice cream and we’ll have a party.  Although neither one of them knows, until this very moment that they read this, that this is the plan.

But there will be no Black Forest Cake.  None at all.  This because, as we all know now, Thumper is scared of Black Forest Cake.  Do not ask why.

“Why” Jabber inquired.

Because she is ascared of it, that’s why!  It’s a furin food and she’s scared of it, but she did eat Weiner Schnitzel once. 

“Well, the name of Weiner Schnitzel is ‘nuf to scare anybodies off!” commented Jabber, “So hows come she’s not scared of that?”

She was, she was, until she tried it.  And now she’s very proud of her very own self!  But no Black Forest Cake! 

Thumper and Cupcake nibble on chips and salsa, below.  This prior to Thumper revealing her fear of Black Forest Cake.


Thumper explains her fear of Black Forest Cake while Vanna seriously considers what to do, what to do…………


Girlfriend and Cupcake nibble while considering lunch selections.  (None of us ordered Black Forest Cake.)


“Wait a minute!” Jabber interjected, “They didn’t HAVE any Black Forest Cake on the menu!”

Below, Vanna strikes a pose.


In This Chair!  Which had a sign that said, “Do not sit, stand or play on this chair.”  So, of course, she did.



The restaurant has so much “atomosphere”…….oh well, maybe not ‘so’ much, but some………..


Okay, it has a little.  But…….we provided the entertainment!  Just for us!  As you can see, we had the entire room to ourselves.  I can’t imagine why……..


Above, Thumper is reenacting her experience with Weiner Schnitzel.  (It was a long time ago.  Which explains nothing, of course.)


Until next time…….hope you had some fun in your Saturday adventures, too!