Points of Interest

“WHAT points of interest?Where have you been?” inquired Jabberwocky who I seldom, if ever, leave at home. 

Visual points of interest, Jabber.  I’m adding a few to the house. 

Last year I collected several old rolling pins—yard sales, a sale at a local antique mall, various places.  There was a very interesting display on Pinterest which caught my eye and I wanted to replicate it. 

The rolling pins sat in the laundry room, on the counter, for many months.  I had not figured out how to display them.  Until Bob, of course. 

“Until ‘Bob’?” asked Jabber.  “Is that an event or a celebration or somethin’?  How come I didn’t know about it?”

No, no—until Bob came to do some work here and I inquired if he might make something to display them.  Of course he did!

They make me happy and I’m really enjoying the display  in the kitchen.  Want to see?  Alright………


image  side view



The upper ones are larger than the lower ones—and so Bob graduated the sides ever so slightly.  They fit perfectly.  The little one at the top I just set there—I found two of them last weekend at a sale for 25 cents each.


I believe they are recipe card holders as one side is flat and the other has a slit to hold the recipe card.  Aren’t they cute?

On another, more elegant note, Bob made a beautiful display case for a beautiful bowl from my son last Christmas.  It is not yet up on a wall, but will be soon—here it is:



The case is black, with a black background and a beautiful edge.  The front has glass to protect the lovely bowl.  It will hang in the living room—and the colors are perfect.  I’m so pleased with the results!

Soon, I will be hanging my ‘art gallery’ in the hallway—still working on it!  I will show you the final results when it is finished.

It’s fun to have new ‘points of interest’ at home—have you changed anything on your walls lately?