Thumper, Vanna and Jabber’s Walk in the Park Adventure

Yesterday morning, at the break of dawn….oh, alright, it was 8:30 if I HAVE to be honest about it,






and Jabber


took a walk in the park.

Not just any park, mind you.  The dreaded ‘mountain’ walk. 

Oh, alright….it isn’t actually a mountain, but if one is of a certain age, it seems like a mountain with its 10% grades and I swear it is uphill both going and coming…..but I digress…….on with the story.



as encouragement, said, “Walk for something………”  Leader runs for coffee. (Leader ought to be called Tigger because she bouncy-bouncy-bouncy jumps and lightly bounces all around us, back and forth, just like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh when she is with us.) Today we were on our own.  We, of course, walk for muffins.  We have our priorities……….

So, Leader had said, “do the usual route……” assuming that we KNEW the ‘usual’ route and once up could get down. “Oh, and do the upper loop at least twice,” she added.

We are dutiful followers.  We did the upper loop twice.  We were proud of ourselves!  Okay, now down the mountain we galloped. 

Oh, alright, not really. (You are such sticklers for the truth!) 

We walked down the hill which was, as previously mentioned uphill all the way, too.  (The waiting muffins were looming large in our minds about now……)

During the course of our trip down the mountain, we met Sadie, the three-year-old Golden Doodle who was busy searching for moles.  She was taking her person for a walk.  We stopped and talked with her which is how we found out how old she was, what breed she was, and that she enjoyed finding moles.  She has rabbits at home which she carries about in her mouth, not hurting them, and has been known to carry a mole back to the person’s car—still living, mind you, she just wanted to bring it home to play with.

But, I’m digressing again……….

Sadie WAS busy, and so we parted ways and proceeded on down the hill.  We came to a fork in the path—there are MANY forks in the paths on the mountain.  Jabber said, “Leader told us to always go down and to go west!” and so we proceeded, after a brief discussion of which way WAS west, and on we went.  We repeated this decision-making process several times.

I pointed out what I thought was Peagram or maybe Kingston Springs, only about 8 miles from our home, and on the horizon, I thought I saw Dickson?  (This was in jest, my friends, not really.  We had not gotten off the darned mountain!  But it sure seemed like it……..)

About 30 minutes later, we found we were in an area which did not look familiar.  It didn’t take 30 minutes to get UP the mountain, but it was taking a long time to get down……hmmmmmm?

Were we LOST? 


No.  Couldn’t be.  We saw signs of civilization—there was a rest area marked, ‘Closed for the Winter’ but we rested there anyway, closed or not.  And regrouped.

Just then, we spied Sadie driving home with her person.  Vanna flagged them down.  Admitting that we were lost, we asked directions.  Sadie seemed to pity us and conferred with her person…………or maybe she asked if she could take us home to play with, I don’t know.  (We would not have fit into her mouth, anyway, and she was not of the temperament to do that………..)

So we hitchhiked with them as Sadie and her person drove us to familiar territory, still a bit of a hike back to the parking lot, but at least we knew where we were.

And then we went for coffee AND muffins which Vanna had provided.  And from there to a yard sale.

(I know what you are thinking—WERE the muffins worth walking for?  Answer:  yes!!)

We had lots of fun!  And we had lots of exercise. 

Which only goes to prove that the Y-Knots can make an adventure out of anything, and brings me to the poem running about in my brain……….with apologies to John Lennon…………

Throg hilly grove and burly ive,

Big dailies, grass and tree,

We clobber ever gallop,

Vanna, Thumper and me.

(and sometimes Sadie)