Deja vu all over again!

Déjà vu, (/ˌdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/) from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.

Yes, Yes, I know all the jokes about being a bit ‘long of tooth’ and all that.  You know the jokes, right?  About how an older person enjoys meeting you.  Over and over and over because to him or her, it’s the first time (again!).  That’s Deja vous, I suppose, to you of the younger generation.  But to us, well…….it’s not so funny…..and today we felt we were actually experiencing some deja vous.

First sale today where we patiently waited for a parking spot.  Pulled in.  Who do you think is parked ahead of us?  (She was there at one of our previous sales this year!)


Oh come on, Mr. and Mrs. Claus!  Leave some things for us to get at these sales.  You’re not the only ones who have toys and gifts to deliver on Christmas Eve, you know………..


We do too!

(Above, back left Vanna, right Thumper, front left Cupcake and right Girlfriend.)

besides, Mr. and Mrs. C, you supposedly have a lot of ELVES working for you.  Hmmmmmmm, makes me wonder if ol’ Santa has been paying the going rate for Elf Work here lately?

Maybe not if he’s got to get out there with the wife and find things at sales, eh?

And, hey, what about the car?  Where is the sleigh and the reindeer, anyway, ol’ Fat Boy?

Oh, I’m digressing again.  Never mind.




What does that mean?” inquired Jabberwocky as well she might. 

You might too–

“Does it mean you made a mistake?  As in oops?  You misspelled the word?” Jabber went on……..

No.  It stands for OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF.

Of which I seem to have acquired quite a bit, for better or for worse.  My children groan when they consider the stuff, thinking that should I suddenly keel over and be gone, they would be the ones having to dispose of OPS not to mention the stuff I actually acquired which is MINE.  Well, then again, since I acquired OPS by legal means, it’s all mine.  So there you have it………

I’m a frustrated interior decorator. 

And gardener

and cook


and a whole bunch of things I’m really fairly mediocre doing, but I like to do anyway.

And I do like stuff, all kinds of stuff.  This is not to say I am attached to it.  Nope.  No sentimentality with moi, when it comes to stuff. 

But I love to find new uses for old things.  That kind of love.  (Has something to do with old me trying to find new things I can be useful doing…….you know, it’s all Jean Paul Sartre existentialism stuff.  Or something like that.  Look it up weeders, should you be curious.)

So, I want to show you some new stuff I have acquired of late—actually two items which I love, love, love!  One is this:

image  image

An old copper campfire coffee pot. 

Did I mention it was copper?  I’m in love with copper.  My kitchen has a copper range hood, a large copper farm sink, a smaller copper sink in the island; the gazebo has a copper roof.  I have copper items over the kitchen cabinets on display.

No, it is NOT clutter.  It is ‘staging.’  With interesting objects d’art.  (Interior decorator terms.                        I think.  See how I’ve picked up the lingo?)

What’s that?  When do I polish it?  Oh, you know……….once in a while.  When I am in the mood. 

Oh alright, you are such sticklers for precision! 

I don’t polish any of it very often at all.  It has what is called ‘patina’ which means no one has polished it for a while and it’s gotten dingy and all.  We interior decorators refer to that as ‘patina.’  Satisfied?  


No, in answer to your question.

I have never polished the roof to the gazebo.  That was done once, when it was fairly new, but the polishing didn’t last. 


Wasn’t done again.  I’m not THAT crazy.

The copper campfire coffee pot will be put on display over the kitchen cabinets.  Not up yet, but it’ll get there.


The second item I have acquired is another old suitcase! 


The internets are full of ways to use these things—even recover them, attach them to walls as shelves, all kinds of creative geniuses out there! 

But I just clean them up, open them up to the sun for a while, then spray some Febreeze inside and throw in a good-smelling soap (one of those you brought back with you from some motel stay, so it’s free) and voila! good storage that looks interesting, and smells good too.  

Cheaper than all those baskety things in the stores so popular right now—hides clutter, easy to open and easy to move. 


Use them as display items, for interest as ‘objects d’art’ in a room (above).

Below, these are used to hide cords to the TV and DVD and all those other cables which I don’t know what they do, but seem to be necessary–


And of course,


storage in your closet for out-of-season clothing.

*Yes, one shoe CAN change your life—ask Cinderella.  I, myself, am still looking for that one shoe……….

What do you mean, “Why?” 

PAY ATTENTION HERE!  To change my life! that’s why………

(In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to have one’s suitcases packed and ready to go, right?)

Okay, so that’s some of my new OPS.  You been out there on the ‘circuit’ searching for OPS you can use, too?  Tell me what you found and how you’re repurposing it?  (“Repurposing” is a new bloggy term I see being used all the time.  I’m not original, I just pick up what more creative types write.)


first four pictures from here:


New Rugs!

“An’ so the first thing you do when you get back is go to sales, an’ you find these new rugs, and they are nice and Security likes them, too, having had enough of hard hardwood floors (they are hard!) to lie on and being a Poodlette of a certain age, anyway, and so now she has softer places to lie while you are bloggin’” said Jabberwocky.

Yep, tis’ true!  NEW rugs!  One I especially like.   Here they are:


This one is in the office—colors are perfect!


This is a small one, but beautifully constructed.  For now, it is in the guest bathroom.


And this one is on TMWLH side of the bed as Security does like to lie on the floor next to him.



The cost for all three rugs was $180.  And, while I’m posting photos of my treasures found this Saturday at sales, I’ll also show you these lamps:


After being cleaned up a bit, they are located here:image

The lamps cost $10 for both.  It was a very successful brocanting day!

Inexpensive Draperies


Three $3 panels from Goodwill a while back.



$1 tassels

Yes, I am pleased with my $11 investment.  (By the way, the drapes were dry cleaned in the dryer with “Dryel”.)


What is a ‘snippet’?” asked Jabberwocky.

A bit of information about something, that’s what a snippet is.  I am going to post some snippets about various things.  Right now, it’s a snippet about dishes.

snippet Part of Speech:  noun                           Definition:    particle                                                        Synonyms:
bit, fragment, morsel, part, piece, scrap, smidgen, snip

I have an addiction—to dishes!  Despite being warned, via text message from Girlfriend (out on her own expedition in another city no less!), to ‘step away from the dishes!’ I didn’t.  I had to have them.  They were a bargain.  I don’t have any like them.  I had a small dinner for friends that evening.  What other excuse does one need?


So, I did.  Buy them.  And use them.  That night.




Almost everything you see in the photos is from sales, with the exception of the silverware and glasses, which I inherited from my Mom.

The table itself is from a sale and I paid $25, came home and had a marathon painting the border on it!  I mean I really did—as I recall, I spent a solid 36 hours doing that border and no, I did not sleep that night!  I got so into the project that I wasn’t even tired.  (“Yeah, but I was!” interjected Jabberwocky.)

The chairs were purchased about 10 years ago at a second hand shop,  and I slipcovered them in the yellow with blue polka dot fabric a couple years ago.  The fabric was purchased retail online, but I believe it was $5 a yard.  And that project took a couple of months, on and off, to complete, but I’m happy with the results.



It’s the Little Things

“Yep, always is—the ‘straw’ that breaks the camel’s back, the ‘last word’, the ‘last straw’—what’s with all this straw stuff anyway?–that sort of thing—it’s always the little things,” commented Jabberwocky.

No, No, No!  This isn’t a complaining post, Jabber!  Nope, this is a HAPPY POST!  These have made me HAPPY!  Oh, not in the way of rejoicing happy like Snoopy stomping his feet around doing the Snoopy dance with a big smile on his doggy face, nor in the way of swooning happy like movie stars used to do when they were overcome with happy emotions, nor even in the way that Rocky Road Ice Cream with chocolate sprinkles can make me happy.  Nope.  This is one of those, “make you smile, even if only to yourself’ happy things.

“I would like the Rocky Road Ice Cream please if it is all the same to you……” said Jabber…..

Well, can’t have it.  We are on a healthy eating routine for the duration, Jabber.  So, get back to the topic here—things that make us happy.

Last weekend, while brocanting with the Brigade (you recall them, don’t you?),

Yes, well, anyway, one brocanter pointed out these cute little pewter cabinet knobs to me—and I had to HAVE them! 


So, for the princely sum of $1 each, I bought them.  They are living in the laundry room—a room which has always made me smile (it is a happy room).  Here are the knobs photos:


Several coffee cups


Toasters with toast—several of these


Multiple teapots


Peas in a pod with tomatoes, four of these

There are many cabinet doors in my laundry room (which is one reason I like that room so much—loads of storage), so I did not have enough of these darling knobs for all the doors.  No matter, I thought.  I’ll just order some online—wow!  Was I ever shocked to see the prices.  I did find the teacups (or maybe it was the teapots, I don’t recall) online, but I did not find any of the others.  I found myself looking at $25 per knob! 

So, after some research, I located these and ordered enough to re-knob (is that a word?) the rest of the cabinets:

For $1.29 each, they were a pretty good buy—the best I could find at the time.  They don’t ‘match’, but that is the idea—they are amusing and fun to look at, like the others, but they won’t ‘scream’ at one when one walks into the room.  Just a fun detail.

And, I got to thinking about ‘thrifting’ or ‘yard sale-ing’ or whatever one wants to call what I have done to decorate my home with OPS—other people’s stuff.  There is no way I would pay $25 per knob to replace my somewhat outdated and worn plain gold cabinet knobs—but for $1 or so each, yes, it’s an affordable luxury.  The yard sale finds were new, never used.  They would go to Good Will or someplace like that had I not purchased them.  The owner had tired of having them around, not using them, and so wanted to simply dispose of them for much less than they could be purchased retail.  I find this true for most items at sales. 

Now they will add a bit of sparkle and interest to a room where I spend time, and they make me smile.

Other People’s Stuff = opportunity for you!

Magazines often feature stories about antiques and the decorators who use them.  Antiques are Other People’s Stuff!  They simply represent something of quality, once purchased new, which the owner has passed down to his/her next generation and so on or items which have been sold and are OLD and generally rare.  Quality comes into play here, of course, and I don’t pretend that everything I own has ‘quality’—everything doesn’t HAVE to. 

But, it’s a real pleasure to find someone else’s items they no longer want or use and be able to purchase the items at such a reduced price—and, yes, occasionally, one will find something of both quality and value which is OLD—an antique! 

Buying new is fun if one has the money, the ‘eye’, the time to research for quality at good prices, and especially if one wants to ‘be current.’  (That’s a nice way to say, ‘keep up with the Jones’s’.)  But I have found that good quality items which I love will stand the proverbial test of time.  They become even more interesting, and sometimes more valuable.  Mixing them with some new items very often will yield great results.

Shopping on a weekly basis at individual sales (sometimes at church sales, too) will give one time to incorporate each new treasure into one’s home, and it won’t break the bank, either.  Your home will be unique and often you will have items which could not be found at a retail store.  If you buy something you find you don’t like or can’t use, you have not invested much!  Flexibility for decorating at a very low price. 

So, it’s Saturday morning and time for another adventure.  I wonder what we will find today?

Here are some more items from last week’s Brocanting adventure:


Vietri Platter—I paid $5, but this china retails for considerably more online!


I paid $2 for this Jim Shore Santa and found him on ebay for $45.



Large platter and matching bowl, CIC International, $15 for the set. 


This is a lamp which I will place in the little boys’ Cowboy Room.  For $5.  I have never seen one like it.


Brocanting Brigade

“Good grief, these Saturday adventures sure do come around fast!” observed Jabberwocky.  “I suppose you found a lot of treasures AGAIN, right?”

Yes, we did, as always.  We were out in full force today, with the full complement of  the brigade—Sosew, Girlfriend, Cupcake, Thumper, Vanna, and Jabberwocky!  And, we once again ran into Serious Leigh and Baker who were out scouring for treasures, too.  They went in one direction, though, and we in the other, so our paths did not cross again.


“Hey!  That’s Girlfriend!  Got ANOTHER new shirt on?  Wow!” commented Jabberwocky.  “I suppose she found that one, too, at a sale.” 

In a word, yes.  And she wore it too, not wanting to have her photo taken once again in the purple shirt.  Becoming quite a clothes horse, she is………..


Thumper and Sosew do their best to keep Girlfriend away from the lamps for which she has an addiction.  

“Wait a minute!  What’s in the background on the right?” inquired Jabberwocky.  “Is that what I THINK it is…….good grief, where did you GO yard sailing?”

Well, they are unaware of the giant bear behind them.  Otherwise, I suppose they would not be so nonchalant about shopping.  I didn’t tell them, either.  Hee hee…….


Vanna is the clothes consultant for us—here she is viewing selections and making suggestions.


Cupcake selects yet another very cute skirt.  She says she is now the envy of everyone as she has been wearing her ‘new’ and unique skirts and getting lots of compliments.  Her response, when asked, is “$1.  At a sale.”  And she literally picks up her skirt and leaves the room!  What an attitude!   This may alienate her from ‘normal’ people, I don’t know.  We are not normal.


A delightful setting for a yard sale this morning!

Uh oh…….Girlfriend is at it again………


Not to mention this!  (Okay, I won’t mention it.)


(She declared that though it was the right size, it was the wrong color.  Girlfriend does not ‘do’ yellow.  We, as fashionistas, must be very careful in our wardrobe selections.)

And then there is price negotiation!  Well, let me tell you that Vanna really drives a hard bargain!  Ummmmmm, well, even with quarters, which is what this vase and the flowers cost, and she had a difficult time letting that quarter go.  Here she explains the negotiations (with herself, I think):


Obviously, very happy with the outcome (below):


We took a break at Sonic.  Cupcake had interesting and profound information, but I forget what it was……..


And then, Vanna’s daughter came to pick her up. 


Not having had enough of going to sales, Vanna and daughter and Thumper decided to head off to the flea market and to Habitat Stores.  I understand.  It can be habit forming.  (Also Vanna’s daughter has just purchased her first home, so it will require treasures, too.  If it was not that, I’m sure they could find some excuse.  The rest of us sure could!)

Until next week, when the Brocanting Brigade once again roams in search of the find of the century! we wish YOU much luck and great finds! Smile

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