“Yeah, yeah……you’re full of ‘em” Jabber sarcastically mumbled.

Yes, am.  Ma’m.  So there.

Here are a couple:


Get a couple of decorative bottles—these are from you-know-where—and fill one with liquid dish soap and the other white vinegar.  Place a stopper in each one so that they pour slowly.  Advantages to this:  you use less dish soap and the white vinegar is handy for cleaning/disinfecting things in the kitchen.  Plus, they’re pretty.


Above is a canister filled with baking soda.  Baking soda and white vinegar are exceptional cleaning products and I like to have them next to the sink for use.  Will save you bundles of moohla on more expensive (and sometimes less safe) cleaning products. 

Oh yes.  You can use them to cook, too……….

(Well, of course the canister came from a yard sale.  Whatdidya’think?  Use the scoop–enclosed in the large baking soda container you buy at the store–in the canister.)

“Never mind that.  What’s for breakfast?” Jabber demanded.


Isn’t it funny that we think getting a sandwich from a fast food place perfectly acceptable, but seldom think to make a sandwich at home for breakfast? 

Why not?

Especially when you may have some things which need to be used up in the fridge.  It’s Sunday.  I like to have a nice breakfast/brunch on Sunday and I have more time to cook/invent.

Here is what I had:  leftover deli ham slices, leftover cheese (in this case, I sliced up some from a cheese log, almonds and all), French bread, one hard roll, two jars of strawberry preserves with about 3 TBS left in each jar.  I assembled the sandwiches, heated up the skillet and made:


French bread, ham slices, cheese, strawberry jam sandwiches, fried in a bit of butter and topped with powdered sugar.

Serve whatever jam might be left on the side if you wish.  If you want a Monte Cristo sandwich, dip the sandwich in beaten egg and then fry in the pan.

TMWLH gobbled them up.  Security gobbled up what was left when we were finished. 


Cook over low heat and allow the cheese to melt and the French bread to toast nicely.  You can use whatever bread and jams you have on hand and you might try substituting turkey or chicken breast slices or combining with ham slices.  Use any type of cheese you have which would make a good combination.

This is also good for lunch or supper. 

Now, I’m out of ideas.  So I have to go find some more.

Hey, wait a minute!  HOW ABOUT YOU GIVING ME SOME!