Spring is in de air, La Da De Da da…..Spring is in de air…” Jabber gaily sang this morning. 

Not that it is, it’s just that she’d LIKE for it to be.  Occasionally, these past couple of weeks, we’ve had a whiff of spring.  Yesterday was perfect for a, oh well, you know……7 and a half mile walk downtown, which is what Vanna


and I did (doesn’t everyone?)…….but today it’s overcast, looks like rain and the forecast is for……colder weather.  Two weeks ago it snowed, but who is looking backwards? 

(How, you might ask, could a 110 year old and her friend do that—walk 7 and a half miles?  Well, we PLANTED one foot in front of the other!  I don’t think I’ve ever walked that far in my life.  Vanna has, though, so she led the way.  The other question might be why?  Half Marathon coming up.  That’s why.  I make no promises.  Just keep tryin’.)

What to do, what to do?  I have spring fever!

“I am NOT taking another 7 and a half mile walk with you today!” grumbled Jabberwocky.  “You guys can’t even count stop lights or read street signs like you’re told to do an’ you get lost all the time.  Never mind being lost in the park, you get lost on the streets!  Lost in translation!”

Which is sadly the truth, even if there is no translation.  Evidently neither Vanna nor I can count stop lights.  Too busy jabbering away…..

So today, with a spurt of energy this morning, I dutifully put the corned beef and potatoes and carrots and onion in the crock pot for tonight and roasted a bunch of vegetables I’ve been meaning to do and made breakfast.  (I’ll post the roasted vegetables recipe in a moment.)  And now, I’ve STILL got spring fever, but less energy.  So……..

I planted the lettuce. 

image       image

Thing #1 is almost going to bolt and I’ll need to cut off the offending sprout.  The others were looking like they want to be planted, so they got put into a pot of soil and watered and fed, too. 

Noticing packets of lettuce seeds lurking about in the basement, leftover from previous years no doubt,


I put together another pot and lightly sprinkled the lettuce seeds into it.  It is covered with plastic wrap (after watering) and slid under a glass-topped table on the deck.  We’ll see what grows, if anything!~

image  The seed packet DOES say “guaranteed to grow”………

Here is an update photo of the onion pot:


Do you think I should leave the tops or cut them back?  I don’t know.  Help me out here!

I’m a lazy gardener.  It has to be easy, it has to be quick and it can’t ever get my little paws too dirty.  Amazing that things want to GROW any way—like people, I suppose—just give ‘em a chance.  And so I have.  Grow little seeds, grow!  As for you, bigger plants-from-cuttings, I’m amazed at your progress.

And I have to say, frankly, I’m amazed at my progress, too.  Mostly it’s due to my friends, like Vanna and the rest of the Y-Knots, who keep me going—even if we are lost, we just keep on keepin’ on and sooner or later, we find our way.  And even when we ARE lost, we have a good time.

What about your spring fever?  Are you planting—either seeds or one foot in front of the other or both?