Bunny Cake**

**(NOTE:  The first posting of this indicated a Malware attack.  I am so sorry!  Evidently the link to the online pictures was a ‘bad’ link.  I sincerely hope that I did not involve anyone reading the blog with such!  My computer blocked access to this post previously.)

This year I wanted to make a bunny cake, so I searched on the internet for ideas for a simple design.  I ran across one and decided to make it.

Pretty simple—two round cakes, frosting, coconut, and some candy for the face and bowtie.  (I will show you the design in a later post when I actually decorate the cake.)

What I have discovered, however, is that the details of baking a layer cake are not included!  Again, everyone assumes that we know HOW to bake a cake and all the tricks of the trade so to speak.  After 50 years of baking cakes, I do think I FINALLY have some techniques mastered. 

Here is how I bake a cake:  (Preheat oven while you get these prepared)

1.  I used two round pans which I sprayed with cooking spray.


2.  Cut out wax paper circles to place in the bottom of the pans and strips of wax paper to go around the sides.  The cooking spray will hold these in place.


I cut slits all along the top of the strips of wax paper so these strips will lay flat against the sides of the pan.

3.  Lay the wax paper in the pan carefully.


4,  Lightly spray the wax paper-coated pans and then sprinkle with flour.  Turn upside down over sink and gently tap out excess flour.


5.  Next soak these insulated strips in water.  I do this in a bowl in the sink—warm water.  You want them saturated.  (I do not know what they are called, but I bought them at a baking supply store many years ago.)


6.  While the strips are soaking up the water, prepare your cake batter.  This time I used cake mix—just add oil, water and eggs.

image                image


7.  When the cake batter is ready to be poured, quickly take the insulated strips and wrap around the outer edge of the empty cake pans.  Secure.  Handle very carefully or the strips will fall off!

image  The strips come with long straight pins which one inserts through both layers of the strips to secure.

8.  Pour batter into the pans.

image  Try to pour equal amounts into each pan so that your layers will be even.

9.  Carefully transfer to preheated oven.   (I place one hand on the bottom of the cake pan, fingers spread wide apart to hold the strip in place as I transfer to the oven rack.)   Bake as directed.  Insert a toothpick in the center of each pan to ensure your cake is done.

10.  Cool 10 minutes, then invert and slip pan off of cake layer.






Remove the wax paper carefully from the cake.  You should now have two fairly level cake layers.  Let them cool completely, then I wrap in foil and freeze prior to decorating.  Freezing allows me to handle the cake layers easily.  They will thaw rather quickly, too.

Wash your cake pans, quickly place upside down in your still-hot/warm oven to dry.  They will not rust and by the time your oven is cool, the cake pans can be put away.  (By the way, I dry any all-metal kitchen utensil which may rust in this manner—strainers, graters, etc.)

Now, the fun part:  decorate your cake! 

Mine is still in the freezer, so after I decorate it, I will post a picture on this blog.