Tips and Tops (and pants)

“What are you talkin’ ‘bout this time?” Jabber jabbered.  “Be PLAIN about it, would cha’?”


Here is a cooking tip: Easiest BBQ pork ever

1 pork butt, place in Crock Pot.  Add 2 cups Coca Cola; cook 6 to 8 hours on high until meat easily pulls apart with fork.  Drain juices, serve with BBQ sauce.  This thanks to CCQ Daughter.  Serves a crowd, is inexpensive and oh! so easy to do!

Now for more tips (“arguably” you may already know about these, but if you don’t—and I didn’t—and you don’t want to “argue”–they were very useful to me—from the Internets, where else?)

“Why would anybodies want to argue ‘bout that?” Jabber was truly confused. 

Don’t know, Jabber.  It’s just a saying.

Now, as I was saying…………

How to organize


your underwear drawer!  Fold panties in thirds length-wise and then thirds width-wise so there is now a small and neat ‘packet’ of each panty…..and neatly fold bras—store stacked in your ‘narrow’ (the drawers are not high) chest of drawers.  You can see what you have immediately, no digging through to find the right underwear!  If you have different types or styles, they could be organized in sections.

And…………to organize your T-shirt tops and workout pants:


Pants on right, tops on left—but WAIT!  There is more!

Go here to find out how to fold your T-shirts (or any shirt) in two SECONDS!

Then, fold each shirt over in thirds and stack in your (narrow height) chest of drawers.  Believe me, this is much easier than the other method I used of  laying the shirts and pants flat in the drawer.  Another plus is that they do NOT wrinkle as much folded and stored in this way. 

(Other organization tips are from other Youtube videos.)

There you go!  Tips and Tops (and pants).