Monte Cristo Breakfast Sandwiches

“Who is this Monte Cristo and why are you making breakfast for him?” inquired Jabberwocky.

It’s the name of a breakfast/brunch/lunch sandwich.  Since it is snowing outside, I decided that I’d make them—seems like a hearty winter-weather type of breakfast.

Besides, I had some leftover sandwich meats, some leftover slices of cheese, and I had never made them before, but I do like them very much.  I’ve had them at restaurants.  This ‘recipe’ is called ‘make it up as you go along’……….

Here is how I made them:

1.  Assemble bread, meat (I had slices of turkey and ham, the traditional duo for this sandwich), cheese (I used a variety since that’s what I had.)

2.  Beat some eggs and a little cream/milk/half & half or whatever you prefer in a bowl.  To this you could add a teaspoon of a flavoring—vanilla, orange, maple, whatever suits your fancy.

image  This is the remainder of the egg mixture I dipped the sandwiches in………….you can cook this up, too—sort of like scrambled eggs.

3.  Carefully lay the assembled sandwiches, one by one, in the mixture, leave for about 30 seconds and then carefully turn the entire sandwich over to soak the other side.

4.  Heat some very mild olive oil and a little butter in a flat skillet on LOW HEAT and then lay the sandwiches in the pan.

5.  Keep the heat on LOW and when you see the cheese melting on the bottom layer, you may flip the sandwich over—see if it looks like it is toasty on the bottom.


here are the sandwiches just turned over……..

6.  When done, remove to a plate, cut into squares or wedges, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with melted jelly or jam of your choice—this morning we had hot pepper jelly.