A Hunting We Did Go….

“A Hunting We Did Go, A Hunting We Did Go, Hi HO the Merry-O, A Hunting We Did Go!” Jabberwocky happily reminisced about all the fun things we saw today.  “Not to mention the treasures we got, too!” Jabber said, but she didn’t mention.

So I will….

Yes, Weeders–it was Saturday and two of our favorite community sales were held today.  We had to decide which one to choose…..it is always a difficult decision.  But since Sosew lived in one community, we decided to go there first.  Besides, she agreed to come with us if we would pick her up.  So we did.

Girlfriend found an area rug for under $10 (I don’t recall the exact amount); Thumper found a fun sign which said, “Kiss The Cat” and while I can’t explain exactly why anybodies would want to do such a thing, she knew.  (Thumper being a Bunny of the highest quality generally knows about these things.)

SOSew found two pairs of Coach tennis shoes which Jabber REALLY wanted, but they didn’t fit Jabber.  They did fit Sosew….Jabber still hasn’t gotten over it.  They were so cute!  Vanna found a Chico’s shirt which she promptly put on.


Oh yes, she HAD on a shirt before, but she liked the new one so much she just changed shirts.  The reason, she said, was that her first shirt was sleeveless and she wanted to cover up her ‘wings’.  I informed her that we ALL had ‘wings’ and we should really be proud of them as they showed we were angels.   Somehow this didn’t seem to make Vanna any more pleased.  The shirt did, however.

Cupcake was in a bossy mood today, too, telling everyone that she, and only she, would sit in the back seat.  She planted her water container there in the holder and got quite miffed if anyone else tried to take her spot.  Cupcake found some books which looked unread (but how does one KNOW they were unread I ask you) and some lovely pillows on which to lie while reading said books, unread or not.

And Jabber!  Well, Jabber found some wonderful treasures which began with:

Yes, Weeders, a gen-u-ine silver birdcage on a stand!  For $5.  It’s perfect in the mint garden.

“You don’t HAVE a bird!” Jabber declared, “but on the other hand, it looks big enough for TMWLH…if he could get through the tiny little door.”

Ignore Jabber.  That was meant as a Joke, Jabber.  We all know that a dog house is what a man is placed in should he misbehave.  I don’t have one of those, but I DO have a kennel….

But I digress….

What did you ask?  Oh….

Well, yes, it’s a mint garden.  I do have some pots with herbs scattered in there, but the mint has taken over and I’ve let it, so I just call it my mint garden.  Got a problem with that?  If you do, then YOU come pull up all that excess mint.  Besides, it does make a nice flavoring for iced tea.  When I think of it….

But I digress!

More about our travels:

We stopped at a house where we’d had great finds last year.  This year the sale was for the benefit of Happy Tails, a no-kill animal shelter.  And for the Brownies, too, evidently.  At this sale, the Brownies were selling cookies:

Aren’t they a cute bunch of little Brownies? (No, no!  The Brownies were not available for adoption–the animals at Happy Tails were available for adoption.  PAY ATTENTION!)

And guess what?  Cupcake was a Brownie and said her goal at that age was to grow up to be a Girl Scout!  Girlfriend, when she saw this photo, said, “Well!  You’d think she’d have BEEN a Girl Scout by now!”  But no, she is a Cupcake instead.

Yep, there is Cupcake still wanting to be a Brownie or a Girl Scout or something……

The Brownies were taking contributions for Happy Tails, selling cookies, and handing out goodie bags (for free!) for shoppers’ DOGS!  Poppy was so thrilled when I came home and told her I’d found some things for her.

  This bag contained six treats such as:


And then, Jabber found some other treasures including:

These were $2 total.  Two weeks ago, Jabber found another few of these, and then last week one glass, and this week four more.  It seems that people all decide to dispose of their old items–the SAME items–at about the same time.  Perfectly lovely summer glasses for fun.  And Jabber just loves to have fun.  And pretty things.  And to drink wine….   Well, yes, that too.

Three panels @ $10.  New.

Let me explain–Houdini made a portion of the drapes disappear in the office.

This she did a couple of months ago, whilst teething, by eating off one corner and the weight in said corner of said drapery.  Since then, the drapes have been gathered up and held above Houdini’s mouth grasp, but they really needed replacing.  (And I suppose I shouldn’t tell you how Houdini does her magic tricks, but in this case, we figured it out.)

We retired to Sosew’s for a lovely cup of coffee and bagels.

“What do you mean you ‘retired’?” Jabber  indignantly stated, “You retired YEARS ago!”

Yes, yes.  I did.  What I meant was, Sosew hosted a little gathering at her house.  We’d all had ENOUGH treasure hunting for the day.  Besides, we’d already had to do a drop off earlier at Sosew’s as we’d filled up the van after only ONE BLOCK of shopping.  It was also very hot by  10:30 or so and getting warmer.

At the gathering, right in the middle of our very deep conversations about washing machines, Thumper put her hands up in the air, making circles with them as she is wont to do, and interrupted us for a word from our sponsor with a commercial.  Thumper is wonderful at impromptu commercials.  As we all know.  And which I DID get on video.  However, I regret to inform you that my very life has been threatened should I post such videos on this blog, so I won’t.

However, I will say that after everyone got home, we received this photo and a message which said, “This is what I was talking about!” via smartphone from Thumper:

Saturday Morning Brocanting and Brunch

“Now there is a table full of trouble” Jabber stated emphatically.



Left to right:  Girlfriend, Cupcake, Jabber, Vanna, Sosew, Thumper

We aren’t trouble.  We just get INTO trouble–and make a lot of noise and say outrageous things and have a good time.  Like today when a seller said to one of our Brocanters downstairs, “It sounds like they are having a PARTY up there,” referring to other Brocanters upstairs.

We were.  Sosew found a book with the title, “Sex for One”–we all burst into laughter.  (No, we did not look at the book.  And no.  We didn’t buy it either.)  One never knows what a sale will have to offer–sometimes treasures and sometimes just a good laugh.

Girls just wanna’ have fun, right?

It’s the first time in quite a while that all the Brocanters have been together–so we had to celebrate and have brunch at Crumb de la Crumb after sales.  Vanna joined us for brunch, but didn’t make it for the expedition which took us to several locations.

Once in a while, it’s just appropriate to show all the Brocanters together.

“Oh, come on….once in a while you just like to see yourselves.  Am I right?” Jabber asked.

Of course.



Deja vu all over again!

Déjà vu, (/ˌdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/) from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%A9j%C3%A0_vu

Yes, Yes, I know all the jokes about being a bit ‘long of tooth’ and all that.  You know the jokes, right?  About how an older person enjoys meeting you.  Over and over and over because to him or her, it’s the first time (again!).  That’s Deja vous, I suppose, to you of the younger generation.  But to us, well…….it’s not so funny…..and today we felt we were actually experiencing some deja vous.

First sale today where we patiently waited for a parking spot.  Pulled in.  Who do you think is parked ahead of us?  (She was there at one of our previous sales this year!)


Oh come on, Mr. and Mrs. Claus!  Leave some things for us to get at these sales.  You’re not the only ones who have toys and gifts to deliver on Christmas Eve, you know………..


We do too!

(Above, back left Vanna, right Thumper, front left Cupcake and right Girlfriend.)

besides, Mr. and Mrs. C, you supposedly have a lot of ELVES working for you.  Hmmmmmmm, makes me wonder if ol’ Santa has been paying the going rate for Elf Work here lately? 


Maybe not if he’s got to get out there with the wife and find things at sales, eh?

And, hey, what about the car?  Where is the sleigh and the reindeer, anyway, ol’ Fat Boy?


Oh, I’m digressing again.  Never mind.


Oh! The Places We Go, The Things That We Do………..

With apologies to Dr. Seuss who wrote this brilliant book (his last)….

“Was he writing ‘bout the Brocanting Brigade, by any chance?” Jabber thoughtfully inquired……

Well, perhaps he was!  I don’t know, but we surely go wonderful places and do, well, things….wonderful or not. 

“Oh! The Places You’ll Go!
by Dr. Seuss

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!”


And so we were off and away at 7 a.m., to various sales.  We discovered not just one, but TWO, two, 2, count ‘em, TWO! gliders!  One for Vanna and one for Vanna’s daughter.  At bargain basement prices, too. 

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the gals who’ll decide where to go.

You’ll look up and down streets. Look’em over with care. About some you will say, “I don’t choose to go there.” With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down a not-so-good street.”

“Well, o’course not!  You Brocanters never go down not-so-good streets.  Not ever!” Jabber remarked………

At the first sale, we were all thrilled by…………the bags the sellers put our purchases in!  Yep, that’s right, the bags (it does not take a whole lot to thrill the Brigade, but you knew that..)


Girlfriend had a blue polka dot bag and see the cute white one, too?


Thumper had a bag which said, “STYLE” and of course, Thumper is ALWAYS in style.  Today she had on pink toenail polish to match her pink flip flops and her pink purse with her pink and white shirt.  We Brigaders like to stay in style.


Vanna was going to steal confiscate Jabber’s bag, which was the best bag of all—here is Jabber with her bag:


Yes!  It had Jackie and Jack Kennedy on the bag!


At another sale, Vanna got all happy again as she acquired an owl rug.  (As mentioned previously, Vanna and her husband have owlets at their house!)


Not to mention the tote bag she found with ducks all over it—for her Duck Dynasty trips, I suppose.   She does not have a duck caller, however, which gives rise to ideas about what to get Vanna for her birthday, now, doesn’t it?

SHHHHH!  Don’t tell her!

Below, Cupcake shows off her prize purchase of the day—a chip and dip bowl set and a new clutch purse:


Meanwhile, Girlfriend discovered a book all about her!  Yes, indeed:


Girlfriend considered this book as a guide to her future career:


She decided against purchasing it.

The Brigade van was full, we were tired, and so we did what all Brocanters do—we went to eat.  At Athens. 

“Good Grief!  You went to Greece AGAIN?” an exasperated Jabber exclaimed.

Well, why not?  I mean, if you wish to believe that, go right ahead. 

Plenty of Time


“Huh?” Jabberwocky looked at the picture, perplexed….”What are those large things on your wrists?”

Watches.  We all got matching watches.  Thumper found ‘em.  They are all brand new!  And they don’t work, but we don’t care.  Gives us plenty of time.  Oh, and they were free, to boot!


Thumper got a lime green one for Cupcake, a darker green one for Jabber, a turquoise for Vanna, a lemon yellow for herself!  Oh, and Girlfriend got the brown.  ‘Cause she couldn’t make up her very own mind about which one she wanted. 

These fashion statements say, on the face of the watch, “HELLO SOMEBODY”.  I mean, what more could a girl want?

(You shoulda’ seen the sellers, two little girls about 11 or so.  Jabber saw they were selling jump ropes, so she tried one out, but it wasn’t long enough.  And then Thumper got the watches from their ‘free box’.   I have a feeling the little girls were very happy we were not their grandmothers.  But I digress…….)

The last sale we attended had this guy available for a small fee:


A brief meeting was called, right there on the spot, to determine whether or not this guy would go home with Vanna (for her maid).  Ultimately, he was rejected, left to hang there, alone, waiting for another potential gullible  interested customer.  As we departed the sale, he looked very crestfallen, wistfully gazing out the window, dreaming of his potential exciting life with the unknown maid, but rejected, once again.  Poignant moment, indeed.


At least we had plenty of time!image

A Garden Tour and Treasures

“What?” asked Jabberwocky, “were you doing snooping around in other people’s gardens?  And they LET you?” she finished incredulously.

Uh oh……..there’s another big word, the kind that Thumper is ascared of.  Thumper seems to have a lot of phobias  errrrr, fears—big words, which always cause her eyes to get large with wonderment, clowns, and, of course, Black Forest Cake.  Of which we found several today.

“You found several Black Forest Cakes today?” asked Jabber, heading to get a plate and fork from the kitchen, and wondering why she didn’t get any and where they were hidden…….

No, no, NO! Jabber, no Black Forest Cakes.   Clowns.  We saw several clowns today………..

But nobody took them home.  Couldn’t.  Thumper had to ride in the van and they are scary (as she let us know).

“Well!” Jabber commented, “Clowns ARE pernicious!”  She paused a moment and added, ‘Uh oh…I shudn’t a said that word!”

Thumper.  Scared of big words.

Clowns of which she was afraid:

image  image


And, of course, Black Forest Cake—we established her fear of this last week.

Girlfriend, below, taking her own sweet time digging out coins to pay the seller at a sale. 


Girlfriend is notorious, I mean, Girlfriend is known to take her own time to pay for items.  Often it is a diversionary clever tactic which allows the seller to come down on his/her price.  I’ve known Girlfriend to get things for free!  (There’s a tip for yard sailing!)  Just today she got a large plastic cake cover (bottom not around) for free.  The seller said, “Oh just take it!” in exasperation

“Quit using all those big words or Thumper will have one of her scared moments again!” Jabber cautioned me.

Okay, Jabber, you’re right.  We found several fun sales but the most funnest was in Cupcake’s neighborhood where the owners had a fantastic, terraced garden—front and back!  After admiring the front yard, one of the owners offered to show us the back and side yards—it was magical!

image  image


Above are pictures of the front yard terracing—colorful, lush, well established now, even though it is just mid-May.  The  frequent rains have encouraged beautiful growth for the flowering plants and greenery.


Above, Cupcake walking up the railroad tie steps, stopping to view some beautiful plantings.  Note the chandelier hanging from a tree in the top of the picture.  Photo below shows how beautifully landscaped the steps are.


image  Landings are formed with stones.

And interesting ‘creatures’ dot the terraced areas:


Purple Calla Lilies waiting to be planted on the hillside.


There are two levels to the deck.  Note that the hillside you see in the picture (below) SLID INTO THEIR HOME when the flood of 2010 occurred.  A large tree began to slide and one of the owners ran to the other side of the house to get out of the way.  The mud slid down all the way to the roof of the house, completely covering the decks and some of the windows.  The sliding tree landed on their roof.  The entire hillside was re-terraced, rebuilt and now is very lush and green.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The work to rebuild the back and side terraces has been non-stop, but the results are truly beautiful.  I thank the owners for sharing their lovely gardens with us this morning!

And that is one of the most fun things about sales—you never know what you will find nor who you will meet nor what you will see.  People are so very nice and generous, willing to show us their lovely homes, gardens, sometimes artwork and other fun finds we encounter along our weekly trips.

“An’ tell’em the rest of the story ‘bout Thumper!” Jabber reminded me….

Oh yes, I almost forgot:  Thumper momentarily forgot all about clowns and big words and Black Forest Cake—she was a very happy bunny when she saw the flowers!


Notes from the Universe

I have mentioned this before—I get an email from the Universe every single morning!  You can, too, if you sign up at http://www.Tut.com.

I just had to post this one—it is so good! 

“To clarify, the primary roles of

LOVE are not to heal, fix, or mend. Not

to soothe, cure, or ease. Not even to

refresh, rejuvenate, or restore. Hardly.

The primary roles of LOVE, are to "Yahoo!" "Yeehaa!" and "Whoohooo!"

Get your love on,
The Universe”

And this morning, Girlfriend, Vanna, Thumper and Jaberwocky walked 3 1/2 miles and did a lot of the “Yahooing”, “Yeehaaing!’ and “Whoohoooing!”

(I’m serious—we really did! Smile)

Here we come again…….

If it is Saturday, it is brocanting time! 

Yes, off we went:  Girlfriend, Cupcake, Sosew, Thumper and me.  There were a huge number of sales this Saturday.  We tried but we could not get to all of them! 

Here are some of my finds:


Storage containers for $8 total.  Of course, they came with food—so they’ll be emptied and cleaned!


The basket, croquet balls and the very unique Circus juggling sticks were a total of $3.

image         image

For projects, batting, new for $2 and a roll around laundry cart for $6.


A cute plaque for the bathroom, 50 cents.


Set of new picture frames—these are very pretty, $5


Angel tree-topper for $1


$3 total as the seller marked them down.


$2.50 for the finial.  The bottom is marked, “$19.99.


Woody and Buzz for the Toy Story Tree.  And this purchase has a story!  I had inquired if the seller had any Toy Story toys to sell.  The little girl said, “Yes!” and she said, “Wait!” as she ran into the house, returning triumphantly with Buzz and Woody.  She said, “These are my brothers’.”  I hesitated and asked her Mother if the boys would be upset.  “No” was the answer.  So I gave the little girl $2 and said, “You ARE going to share this with your brothers, aren’t you?”  She just laughed and skipped off.


50 cents for each item.


A small rug for $1


$1 for $20 earrings and $1 for a unique bottle.

Thumper found some collector plates which she bought for her sister—they were $8 each.  Their value is close to $100 each.

And Cupcake found a lovely Lladro figurine of a bride and groom for $5!!

I am not sure who had the buy of the day, but certainly one of those qualify.

We had a lot of fun! Here are some views of our travels:

image  image

Cupcake and Sosew consider some name-brand clothes at a bargain and Girlfriend prepares to pay for a purchase—she keeps her money in her pants pocket, how clever of her!


This is Issac, the Parti-Poodle.  He also likes to yard sale as we see him quite often.  His people report that he knows when it is Saturday and can’t wait to get in the car and go shopping.  Meanwhile, Sosew and Cupcake are considering MORE clothes.



While Thumper guards our goodies at the van……


We move on to another sale—and this dog seems very HAPPY TO SEE US!  He is smiling.


Clearly, it doesn’t take a BIG thing to make Girlfriend happy!


And Sosew seems pretty pleased, too!


image  image

It was a beautiful day and we all had a grand time. But wait, there is more!  Yes, next post will be a tour of Sosew-s home.