View from the Edge (or is it Ledge?)

“You are always on the ledge, but seldom on the edge,” commented ever-sarcastic (and caustic) Jabberwocky.  Then she sauntered off to have lemon cupcakes.


I think that Jabber meant I’m seldom on the cutting edge, but I do try to keep up.  After having one of those ‘smart phones’ (“They are smarter than you are!” Jabber interjected.)

Ahem.  After having one of those ‘smart phones’ for only, oh, four years or so, I discovered one can zoom in and out with the camera function and also do a panoramic photo!  See?  Above—a panoramic photo of part of our exercise group this morning!  See how smart I are?!!  I am?!!  Oh, whatever………

We got together this morning, early but not necessarily ‘bright’, and did our workout routine joined by Sis and Twin!  (“You are tryin’ to wear them out so they have no strength to leave when it’s time for them to go home, aren’t you?” Jabber asked.)

We will worry about that when the time comes.  I have some ideas. 

Meanwhile, after class we downed some yummy lemon cupcakes.  And coffee.  And talked.  And talked and talked, and……….well, we had a good time.


Girlfriend, Sis, Twin, Jabber, Thumper, Maisie and Ruth (which is her real name because I don’t have a nickname for Ruth, but I should, so…….suggestions?)  Oh, and in the left upper corner of the photo is TMWLH’s thumb.  He took 3 pictures.  His thumb was in all three.  I don’t know why.  It just is.  I am not the only one who isn’t quite on the cutting edge……

Anyway.  See the cupcakes?  They were yummy!  We left the rest with Daughter.  Because she needed some “Evil” cupcakes, which is what Daughter said they were, and Jabber said the Y-knots were evil  sweet enough.  Or something like that………

For the Love of Brocanting


Yes, yes, my friends—this is Thumper who hopped out of the van and ran to the stop sign to check a fallen sign.  We were all hoping it said “Yard Sale” but alas, it did not!  Vanna captured this poignant photo on her iphone.  It is entitled, “Desperation 1”  Very aptly, I might add……………..



If They Have One, We Will Come!

(yard sale, that is)

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