The Quarter Monty

For moi!  A surprise!  Oh yes indeedy, they—the Brocanters–did—and what a surprise, but first things first.

(“You are daft!” Jabber said, perplexed.  “What are you writing about now?  You make no sense!”

I never said I did, did I now, Jabber?  No.  So—if you want to know what I’m writing about, you’ll have to wade through all this stuff first.  It’s sort of an extension of going to yard sales wherein one wades through a lot of extraneous things to find the real treasure one is seeking.  Or something along those lines.  Oh never mind.)

We ventured out again this morning to a few sales—Thumper, Girlfriend, Cupcake and moi, Jabber, off for more adventures.  We found them and some incredible treasures as well…..let me show you a few of my treasures:

Three very nice storage baskets with lids, $3 each—these were found yesterday.


Below:  For Christmas trees—later, gator, as far as an explanation.  Suffice it to say, I’ve got plans.



Suede cape—it’s perfect! and I paid $1 for it.  But wait, there is more……….

image  Scarf and gloves for $1 each!

So for $3 I have a very fun, warm and stylish ensemble!  I am thrilled.

Also………a very ‘cool’ necklace with elephants.  $1


Another storage basket for $1:

image  image

And 3 Vogue patterns I’ve been searching to find all summer—these will be used on a craft project.  $.50 each.


You are looking at the real McCoy.  Bowl, that is, marked #8.  I paid $5 and did some quick research online to find that it is worth something around $10 to $11.  Now, if I wished to sell it, this would be a double-your-money deal.  But I don’t  I have plans for it as a gift.

(And some other wonderful things which I won’t show because, well, they will be given to people and I don’t want to spoil it!)

“What’s the surprise?  What’s the surprise?  You promised to tell us what the surprise was……..what was it?”  Jabber asked as she jumped up and down…….

Well, Jabber, the Brocanters found this whilst yours truly was taking her ‘summer break’—and decided that it definitely needed to come here.  A little background—you are all familiar with the movie, “The Full Monty” aren’t you?  If not, please look it up!  Here, my dear weeders, is  (scroll down)

Go ahead,

scroll down more……….

Okay, without further scrolling down—here ‘tis



image  image

and Back:


I can only just imagine how envious you must be knowing that I have, in my very own possession, a Quarter Monty!  Not to mention how overwhelmed I was when I received it.  Nor to mention how incredibly thoughtful the Brocanters were giving it to me.  (There are lots of things not to mention.)

Yes, well……..and it came with verbal instructions to ‘do something with it for Christmas.”  Um hmmmmm. 

Just you wait, just you wait!  I WILL!

Wedding dresses, Piggys, Exercise, Santa Fish and Stories from the Weird Side

The Brigade was in full force this morning after working out, ready to go find some bargains.  And so off we went, all six of us, chatting and laughing just happy to be together.

We found an excellent sale in a nice clean garage which had some perfect items for some of us. 

Below, the wedding gown and maid of honor dresses we chose for Cupcake. 


This sale had several bridesmaid’s dresses as well as a dress for the mother of the bride, all coordinated.  Alas!  No groom was located at the sale.  Cupcake indicated she really didn’t care for RED all that much, not her color of choice, so we reluctantly left the dresses there.

image  Cupcake secretly wants a groom from Maine.  (Even if she thought her sweatshirt said “Miami” before we enlightened her.)  Yep!  Any nice males from Maine reading this, you may apply.  But you can not have red in your wedding.  Blue is more Cupcake’s color.


This cheery fish Santa tempted us, but since it is almost July, we decided he really didn’t need to come home to celebrate the holidays with us.  It was a tough decision, however.

Because, next we saw a large collection of:



And other items relating to, well, pigs.  One is a feeding dish for a pet.  The dish OINKS!

“Well,” reasoned Jabber, “if you had a pot-bellied piggy you could feed it out of that bowl and it’d be very happy for the company I think.”

What can I say?


Above, Thumper and Vanna seriously consider which pig might be THE pig for them……….

image  Thumper chose THIS one!  And she loves him, yes she does.

Meanwhile, outside, this was going on:


“WHAT?”  hollered Jabber……”That’s Sosew.  Didn’t she get ‘nuf exercise in class this morning?  I, myself, was worn to a frazzle after all of it…….”

(Jabber is generally worn to a frazzle and dripping wet as well after class.  Today being no exception.  Sosew is very energetic.  And not drippy ever.)

image  “There she goes agin’!” Jabber pointed to Sosew as she resumed her exercise.

And so it went.  Let me assure you this sort of nonsense goes on all the time.  Sellers at first look surprised, then began to kid with us, and finally they are laughing as hard as we are.  Turns out sales are a great way to meet new people, find great finds, and laugh.

(Hint here:  ask the seller if he/she has something you are looking for.  Sometimes they do and will bring it out for you to consider.  We asked for a groom today, but the seller informed us she had none available and also no tuxedos, either, which, of course, blew any consideration about a deal.  Gotta’ have the tux.) 

And then we went to eat, as per usual.  It was, after all, Fajita Friday at Cancun and we had to go get our fajitas!

A final lil’ story for all y’all: 

“Why you talkin’ so funny like you be Suthren’ which you are not?” interjected Jabber.

Because I am telling a story about Thumper who IS Suthren’ born and bred.  And she told US a story which was pretty funny:

Her husband was sayin’ somebody was crazy and Thumper and her husband were havin’a disagreement-like discussion. 

“Was he sayin’ THUMPER was crazy?” asked Jabber.

No.  Well, maybe.  Doesn’t matter.  At any rate, Thumper raised each of her palms and made circles with them in the air, sayin’ to him, “LOOKIE HERE!  Anybody who spends BIG money to go to a green field and chase a lil’ white ball all over the place just to hit it into a tiny lil’ ol’ hole….” and with this she gestured making a tiny lil’ circle with her fingers….back to the palms circling in the air……”an’ he does this whether the temperature is 109 degrees or 42 degrees, he does this every week.  Now, THAT is crazy!”

Thumper won the argument, of course.


A Rainy, Cold Day

“But………but it’s raining!  IT’S RAINING!” hollered Jabberwocky* as I pushed her into the driver’s seat of the van.  “It’s cold and it’s raining! and the Brigade won’t go today………”

Shows what you know about the Brigade, Jabber!  We drove over to Girlfriend’s house and there they all were, sans Vanna who had a previous engagement with a party (yes, Vanna IS a party girl—not all of us paint our toenails silver or blue!) and they all piled in.  Clad in their plastic, pleather and whatever rain gear and eager, as always, to hunt for treasure.


Thumper and Girlfriend………a much-coveted dish drainer had just been found!  Seems that each had wanted one and Thumper found one earlier and there was ALMOST a fight over it.  I told them to calm down.  There’d be another one found.  Sure enough……….

Off we went into the wilderness………oh well, not REALLY the wilderness, no.  No, no no…….It was to the next subdivision.  It was raining there, too, but nevermind…….

“Nevermind…….” Jabber said sarcastically.  To me!

Well, let me tell you, we are the die-hards of all brocanters in these here parts.  Weren’t many out and about.  Good!  We had no competition!


One person had placed an empty garbage can in the alley to catch rain water—it is ALMOST FULL!  And you can see that it is really raining hard.  Temperature this morning when we left was 41 degrees—and it seemed to get colder and colder.  THIS IS THE SOUTH!  AND THIS IS MAY!                                                                                                               A bit later, we all decided we’d had enough shopping for the day, so we headed to the local Corner Pub for soup.  I had ordered chicken and sausage gumbo which arrived whilst I was in the ladies’ room.  When I returned to the table, Cupcake and Thumper had decided to try MY SOUP!  Sosew said, “Jabber, you’re too late……..”


And then she and Girlfriend decided to help them out!  Deciding it was very good (and their soup arrived), they allowed Jabber to eat her own—that’s how thoughtful they are!


It was a wet and wild day, but we all had a lot of fun.  And here is the sign which I’m going to hang in the Brocanting Van on sale days—Sosew got it for us!




View from the Edge (or is it Ledge?)

“You are always on the ledge, but seldom on the edge,” commented ever-sarcastic (and caustic) Jabberwocky.  Then she sauntered off to have lemon cupcakes.


I think that Jabber meant I’m seldom on the cutting edge, but I do try to keep up.  After having one of those ‘smart phones’ (“They are smarter than you are!” Jabber interjected.)

Ahem.  After having one of those ‘smart phones’ for only, oh, four years or so, I discovered one can zoom in and out with the camera function and also do a panoramic photo!  See?  Above—a panoramic photo of part of our exercise group this morning!  See how smart I are?!!  I am?!!  Oh, whatever………

We got together this morning, early but not necessarily ‘bright’, and did our workout routine joined by Sis and Twin!  (“You are tryin’ to wear them out so they have no strength to leave when it’s time for them to go home, aren’t you?” Jabber asked.)

We will worry about that when the time comes.  I have some ideas. 

Meanwhile, after class we downed some yummy lemon cupcakes.  And coffee.  And talked.  And talked and talked, and……….well, we had a good time.


Girlfriend, Sis, Twin, Jabber, Thumper, Maisie and Ruth (which is her real name because I don’t have a nickname for Ruth, but I should, so…….suggestions?)  Oh, and in the left upper corner of the photo is TMWLH’s thumb.  He took 3 pictures.  His thumb was in all three.  I don’t know why.  It just is.  I am not the only one who isn’t quite on the cutting edge……

Anyway.  See the cupcakes?  They were yummy!  We left the rest with Daughter.  Because she needed some “Evil” cupcakes, which is what Daughter said they were, and Jabber said the Y-knots were evil  sweet enough.  Or something like that………

For the Love of Brocanting


Yes, yes, my friends—this is Thumper who hopped out of the van and ran to the stop sign to check a fallen sign.  We were all hoping it said “Yard Sale” but alas, it did not!  Vanna captured this poignant photo on her iphone.  It is entitled, “Desperation 1”  Very aptly, I might add……………..



If They Have One, We Will Come!

(yard sale, that is)

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