Eggs in a Basket—for Breakfast

“I always heard, DON’T put all your eggs in one basket, whatever that means…..” commented Jabberwocky as I began this post, “But then there is the Easter Rabbit who does.”

Well, true enough, Jabber.  Just one egg in one ‘basket’ for this recipe.  But they’re yummy!


I’ve been straightening out the pantries—yes, I have more than one.  Making lists, organizing and cleaning each one, one at a time.  This past weekend, I organized my spice pantry, finding I had duplicates of some spices, so I made a list.  And alphabetized them.  Because, well, you know how it is:  you go to the store, have a recipe in mind, can’t recall if you actually have a certain spice on hand, so you buy another.  When you get home you see that you already HAD that spice (or sometimes you don’t run across it for a while). 

image  image

The little white plastic trays were all acquired at yard sales for pennies, but they are perfect on this particular shelf.


I also made a list of the spices on each shelf for easy referral.  I just leave the list on the shelf so I can check it to see where a certain spice is located.  I loaded the list onto a new computer program called Evernote ( which I can pull up on my phone when I’m at the grocery store. is a free software program.  You might check it out for yourself!

Sunday morning I fried up bacon—a whole pound of it, then stored in the fridge.  Four slices I partially cooked, not until crisp, for this morning’s breakfast.

It’s easy to make this—and fast, too, if you have the bacon partially prepared.  Here is what I did:

Cut off the crusts of four pieces of bread. 

image  Go ahead and cut up the crusts, you can make croutons for your dinner salad at the same time.

Spray muffin tin with baking spray and press the bread into the cups.  Wrap a piece of bacon inside the bread, then place some shredded cheddar inside the bread cup.  Place an egg on top and bake at 400 degrees for approximately 15 minutes.


Before you put the muffin tin in the oven, place your bread cubes on a foil-lined tray, use a little olive oil and some type of seasoning and toss.  You can bake the bread cubes at the same time, but they will be done before your eggs are.  Watch them!

I happened to find some Ms. Dash seasoning while cleaning out the spice cabinet, so I used it—they turned out quite good!          image




The muffins were made with this:

image  to which I added about 1/3 cup of frozen berries I had in the freezer.  They needed to bake a little bit longer than the package said.  This makes 6 muffins, just enough to last the two of us a couple of days.


These were tasty—the cheese ‘disappeared’ into the nicely toasted bread, the bacon was perfectly done and the eggs were as well.  They were easy to remove from the muffin tin.  You could also make these in ramekins.  You could prepare them in advance except for the eggs, and bake them the next morning.  I found this recipe here with a link to the original post: