A Hunting We Did Go….

“A Hunting We Did Go, A Hunting We Did Go, Hi HO the Merry-O, A Hunting We Did Go!” Jabberwocky happily reminisced about all the fun things we saw today.  “Not to mention the treasures we got, too!” Jabber said, but she didn’t mention.

So I will….

Yes, Weeders–it was Saturday and two of our favorite community sales were held today.  We had to decide which one to choose…..it is always a difficult decision.  But since Sosew lived in one community, we decided to go there first.  Besides, she agreed to come with us if we would pick her up.  So we did.

Girlfriend found an area rug for under $10 (I don’t recall the exact amount); Thumper found a fun sign which said, “Kiss The Cat” and while I can’t explain exactly why anybodies would want to do such a thing, she knew.  (Thumper being a Bunny of the highest quality generally knows about these things.)

SOSew found two pairs of Coach tennis shoes which Jabber REALLY wanted, but they didn’t fit Jabber.  They did fit Sosew….Jabber still hasn’t gotten over it.  They were so cute!  Vanna found a Chico’s shirt which she promptly put on.


Oh yes, she HAD on a shirt before, but she liked the new one so much she just changed shirts.  The reason, she said, was that her first shirt was sleeveless and she wanted to cover up her ‘wings’.  I informed her that we ALL had ‘wings’ and we should really be proud of them as they showed we were angels.   Somehow this didn’t seem to make Vanna any more pleased.  The shirt did, however.

Cupcake was in a bossy mood today, too, telling everyone that she, and only she, would sit in the back seat.  She planted her water container there in the holder and got quite miffed if anyone else tried to take her spot.  Cupcake found some books which looked unread (but how does one KNOW they were unread I ask you) and some lovely pillows on which to lie while reading said books, unread or not.

And Jabber!  Well, Jabber found some wonderful treasures which began with:

Yes, Weeders, a gen-u-ine silver birdcage on a stand!  For $5.  It’s perfect in the mint garden.

“You don’t HAVE a bird!” Jabber declared, “but on the other hand, it looks big enough for TMWLH…if he could get through the tiny little door.”

Ignore Jabber.  That was meant as a Joke, Jabber.  We all know that a dog house is what a man is placed in should he misbehave.  I don’t have one of those, but I DO have a kennel….

But I digress….

What did you ask?  Oh….

Well, yes, it’s a mint garden.  I do have some pots with herbs scattered in there, but the mint has taken over and I’ve let it, so I just call it my mint garden.  Got a problem with that?  If you do, then YOU come pull up all that excess mint.  Besides, it does make a nice flavoring for iced tea.  When I think of it….

But I digress!

More about our travels:

We stopped at a house where we’d had great finds last year.  This year the sale was for the benefit of Happy Tails, a no-kill animal shelter.  And for the Brownies, too, evidently.  At this sale, the Brownies were selling cookies:

Aren’t they a cute bunch of little Brownies? (No, no!  The Brownies were not available for adoption–the animals at Happy Tails were available for adoption.  PAY ATTENTION!)

And guess what?  Cupcake was a Brownie and said her goal at that age was to grow up to be a Girl Scout!  Girlfriend, when she saw this photo, said, “Well!  You’d think she’d have BEEN a Girl Scout by now!”  But no, she is a Cupcake instead.

Yep, there is Cupcake still wanting to be a Brownie or a Girl Scout or something……

The Brownies were taking contributions for Happy Tails, selling cookies, and handing out goodie bags (for free!) for shoppers’ DOGS!  Poppy was so thrilled when I came home and told her I’d found some things for her.

  This bag contained six treats such as:


And then, Jabber found some other treasures including:

These were $2 total.  Two weeks ago, Jabber found another few of these, and then last week one glass, and this week four more.  It seems that people all decide to dispose of their old items–the SAME items–at about the same time.  Perfectly lovely summer glasses for fun.  And Jabber just loves to have fun.  And pretty things.  And to drink wine….   Well, yes, that too.

Three panels @ $10.  New.

Let me explain–Houdini made a portion of the drapes disappear in the office.

This she did a couple of months ago, whilst teething, by eating off one corner and the weight in said corner of said drapery.  Since then, the drapes have been gathered up and held above Houdini’s mouth grasp, but they really needed replacing.  (And I suppose I shouldn’t tell you how Houdini does her magic tricks, but in this case, we figured it out.)

We retired to Sosew’s for a lovely cup of coffee and bagels.

“What do you mean you ‘retired’?” Jabber  indignantly stated, “You retired YEARS ago!”

Yes, yes.  I did.  What I meant was, Sosew hosted a little gathering at her house.  We’d all had ENOUGH treasure hunting for the day.  Besides, we’d already had to do a drop off earlier at Sosew’s as we’d filled up the van after only ONE BLOCK of shopping.  It was also very hot by  10:30 or so and getting warmer.

At the gathering, right in the middle of our very deep conversations about washing machines, Thumper put her hands up in the air, making circles with them as she is wont to do, and interrupted us for a word from our sponsor with a commercial.  Thumper is wonderful at impromptu commercials.  As we all know.  And which I DID get on video.  However, I regret to inform you that my very life has been threatened should I post such videos on this blog, so I won’t.

However, I will say that after everyone got home, we received this photo and a message which said, “This is what I was talking about!” via smartphone from Thumper:

A Rainey Adventure

“So, did ya’ get wet and all?” asked Jabberwocky who had stayed home because it looked threatening.  “You look unstarched!”

Which is to say, a bit damp around the edges, but not too bad……and we had fun, although we only had Thumper, Vanna, Sosew and me on the morning’s capers this week.  Girlfriend is off on her own adventures as was Cupcake—something about food involved for her!

So off we went, to two community sales, the one here in our area was super with Vanna locating a wonderful shop vac for a wonderful price and many other assorted treasures found.

I got so excited that I had to break into song and dance with one of my finds:


“Strike Up the Band!”

Girlfriend was not there to regale and delight us with her antics, so SOMEBODY had to do it.  Besides, I forgot my camera this morning so Vanna took the shot with her iphone.

Meanwhile, I received some, ahhh, interesting photos from Girlfriend, off on her own adventure on the East Coast:


She said that they thought it was a woodchuck.  Keep in mind that these folks are, well, city-dwellers, not country folk.  I, myself, am quite sure that it is one of Santa’s reindeer—this could be dire news for most of us who depend upon his bringing gifts on December 24.  I surely hope it is one of his spare, backup reindeer………

Meanwhile, I suppose you want to see what I found today, eh?

Well, here are a few loot shoot shots:

image  image


image  image

image  image

When we were finished with almost all the sales at the two communities, the rain came down—and we drove back to our area for coffee and rolls. 

Another fun morning spent with some of my favorite ladies who make all our adventures memorable!


Loaded to the ‘gills’

The van was, yes indeedy, when we got through this morning. 

Expecting to be overwhelmed with the number of sales advertised, the group headed off at 7 a.m. and immediately was rewarded with lots of OPS!  (Other People’s Stuff)  It is now OUR stuff and we’re thrilled, let me tell you.

Vanna was chief organizer in the back, loading more and more and MORE AND MORE into the van, cramming it into every nook and cranny, every bit of available space until finally she could not stuff any more stuff.  And Vanna was having a difficult time getting OUT of said vehicle, climbing over games, flowers, baskets, clothes, flower pots, blankets, candlesticks, lamps and shades, wreaths, and her only reward was cookies and a thank you from the rest of us.  Poor Vanna at one point had to literally slide out of the van in order to get out at all. 

Would you believe one sale gave out free Mimosas to their customers?  Well, believe.  And another sold delicious lemon cookies which we devoured, giving us the much needed boost to carry on about our appointed rounds.

At some point, someone lost her marbles.  Possibly this was caused by silliness and laughter, but more likely there was this vase which held faux flowers secured at the bottom of the vase with marbles.  I heard what sounded like a running faucet and an, “Uh oh……….”  We are not sure which one lost her marbles, actually, all of us being a bit, well, addled, but it didn’t matter.  We collected them.  (There are still extra in the van in case I need some, which is a possibility.)

Alas, finally there was no more space.  And we had to go acquire food at the local Sonic.  YUMMM!  And Vanna was the hostess this morning, so we were all very well fed and watered.  Thank you Vanna!


Cupcake (who used to be ‘nurse’ but isn’t any longer since her cupcake addiction has been exposed), Vanna, Thumper and Girlfriend at Sonic.


Thumper is very tickled about something.  Don’t you like her new shirt?


Girlfriend orders at Sonic.  (I don’t now how they get the little person inside the box, but they seem to–even though we were sitting at a table, we had to order through the box.  The little person was very soft-spoken, I suppose because she is very little.  Next thing we knew, a big person came out and served us our meal.)


Vanna is happy she is about to be freed from the very far back of the van.


Thumper is shy sometimes.  Being a bunny, she can’t help it, I suppose.


Girlfriend and Cupcake put things into Cupcake’s car.


This could possibly be a docu-drama—Freeing Vana!  She may become a prisoner yet again next Saturday, we aren’t sure……..

Oh, and as a reminder, I now have this sign in my van,  as though any of us would forget: