Questions to ponder

So, whatcha’doin’ on a sunny Sunday afffernoon?  Yes, it is I, it is ME, it is JABBER.  Jabberwocky.  ‘member me?  Yes.  ‘course you do.  SPIT SPOT and all that…….

I have been helpin’ HER (you know her) make invitations.  For a Christmas party.  Yes, I know it’s only August, but she has a LOT of time on her hands.  As we have established elsewhere, else time, anyway, at some point we did. 

Whilst making said invitations—what do you mean, “what invitations?”  Hey, why is it that you can’t keep up when I WRITE ON THE BOG?  I mean THE BLOG?……..the invitations I wrote about a paragraph ago.  Reread if you have to, dimwit.  Then you maybe will retain it……

Okay, anyway, whilst making said invitations, I was thimkin’……I like to thimk….I came up with some questions for all you readers out there.  You ARE ‘out there’ aren’t you?  It is hard for Jabber to say, sometimes, when nobody comments nothin’ you know……..and doesn’t even so much as click “like”! If you are, then answer these for Jabber, will you?

K, I’m gonna’ type it in regular type type.  So you can read it.  If I can figure out how to get it to stop italicizing everything.  It always does it when I’m typin……….ok, here goes:

What does a stork have to do with delivering babies and who thought up THAT idea?Stork delivering a Baby

For that matter, why is a stork the spokesperson—or is it spokes stork—for pickles?

What does a lizard have to do with insurance?  And who thought that up?  Is he a chameleon?  Is that why he is green?  Then hows come he’s green when he’s not on the grass—why isn’t he black or somthin’ when he’s walkin’ on that bridge in the latest ‘mercial?  I thot that chameleons turned colors like their surroundings?

I know they SAY he’s a Gecko, but I don’t believe that.  ‘Cause I’ve known a Gecko or two in my life, and believe me, they aren’t so smart as to speak, and speak in British at that!  Chameleons I don’t know much about………..

And for that matter, why is it not easy being green?  He seems to do alright, has a billfold and pulls it out to pay for his and his boss’s lunch—recall? 


And where, exactly, does he keep such billfold?

And why is that somewhat strange woman


always comparing insurance rates and embarrassing the competitors in the insurance commercial?

In one, their pants are on fire.  I guess we are to assume they are “liars, liars, pants on fire!” but they don’t say so.  The guys just wind up without pants, in their under shorts.

She’s doing alright, too, having her own boat and everything……….you see that?  She also has a large HORSE-bird, depicted above—why is that?  I mean, why not a plane? It’s a BIRD!  It’s a PLANE!  No, no, IT IS A HORSE-BIRDThere is a woman on top–Her name is Flo.  Is that short for Florence?  Or is it short for “Flossie”?

Or are we supposed to just ‘go with the Flo”?  I don’t know.

Has anybody figured out why Miss Muffet sat on a Tuffet?   See, what if she wasn’t so cutesy?  Like this:

I know what curds and whey are, but I don’t know why she sat on that particular tuffet—was it prettier than other tuffets?  And what’s with the ‘pidey who sat down aside her?  Most ‘pideys’ I know woldn’t come close to a Muffet OR a Tuffet.  Specially not THIS Miss Muffet………..she’s pretty pudgy, looks sumthin’ like the child of the HULK, what?, and has a kitty there, too……..and ‘pideys do NOT like kiddites.

And that big egg that fell off the wall—why did someone put him up there in the first place?  That seems like a stupid thing to do with an uncooked egg.  If he’d a been HARD BOILED, he would have just cracked and not broken all to pieces.  ‘Sides, if he’d been hard boiled, somebody coulda washed him off and made egg salad and enjoyed a nice lunch.

Seems like a waste to Jabber.

So, k there are your questions to ponder for the rest of the week.  I ‘spect answers, too, and yes, there will be a pop quiz sometime.  If I told you when, it wouldn’t be.  A pop quiz.  What do you mean, “Why?”  ‘Cause, I’m writin’ this Bog!

An all this silliness  leads Jabber to ask, “If we are tellin’ ourselfs such gibberish (‘member, I SPEAK it!), then hows come we are ‘prised when our kids can’t figure stuff out in school?  And why are we ‘prised when people can’t figure out what’s goin’ on in the world?  You know, and make GOOD CHOICES?  Cluding our leaders?  (This does not refer to OUR “leader” who DOES make good choices.  Which is why we follow her, at least M,W,F from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.  In class.)

And that, my dear readers, is the real point of all this.  Asides, when one is helpin’ makin’ invites for a whole affernoon, one has to thimk ‘bout somthin’……


Ahem, Jabber!!  You might have warned them a bit!  Since I have the last say, not to ‘bog you down’ or anything, here is a real chart to ponder.  And, yes, this is political—but neither side or any slivers of sides is favored.  The point it:  without compromise and cooperation, we are doomed to the same end, regardless of which extreme is in charge.

So, compromise!  And Cooperate!  That goes for you, too, Jabber!  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE.

Functions of Fascism and Capitalism’s self-inflicted wounds.  (Excellent article, by the way.)