For the Love of Brocanting


Yes, yes, my friends—this is Thumper who hopped out of the van and ran to the stop sign to check a fallen sign.  We were all hoping it said “Yard Sale” but alas, it did not!  Vanna captured this poignant photo on her iphone.  It is entitled, “Desperation 1”  Very aptly, I might add……………..



If They Have One, We Will Come!

(yard sale, that is)

In Which there is a Commercial!

“The time has come, the Walgrus  Catnip Platypus Poodle said, to talk of many things,

Of flutterbyes and buttercups and dragonflies with wings.

To speak of many incidental items that you do,

You know of which and what about, I really have no clue……..”

Jabberwocky!  What are you doing?

“Oh, just making up stuff to talk about with Security.” replied Jabberwocky.  “YOU have not been very talkative here lately, so I have to talk to myself and Dog.”

Oh, is that so?  Well, I’ll have you know I’ve been busy!  And actually accomplishing some important things!  Oh, well, not really that important, but this morning was another Brocanting Brigade expedition and we covered three subdivisions and had loads of fun.

“An’ did you think ‘bout inviting ol’ Jabber?  NO!  You didn’t!  You just go gaily off, trippin’ down the trail, and I’m left here to make stuff up!”

Which is not to say that Jabber isn’t with us in spirit anyway.

So, this morning, once again, off we went.  We acquired some interesting items—see for yourself here:


“Good grief!  You bought children?  And Girlfriend has a kid in one arm and a weapon in the other!” exclaimed Jabberwocky.

Jabber, we know better than to buy children.  Believe me, we know better.  No, those are mannequins.

Many treasures were found and some even useful! 

“Not useful!” said Jabberwocky.

Yes, they will be, you just wait, Jabber!



A vintage man’s hat reminiscent of “The Untouchables”

“What do you mean, ‘untouchable’?  I can touch it!  What does that mean?  And why would someone make a hat which was not touchable?  Sounds absurd to me……”

Never mind, Jabber.

“An’ it’s not useful either!”

Oh alright, on to the rest of my morning’s adventures. 

As sometimes happens, one of us had to leave early—this time it was Thumper.  BUT she allowed us to do a “drop off” at her garage AND she fed us!


image  Cupcake and Girlfriend ‘chow down”

while Vanna strikes a pose:  image

And………it was Commercial Time With Thumper!

Yes, Thumper gave us a great commercial on some Butter Bread she just happened to have in her pantry.  (From time-to-time, when we are visiting Thumper, she will take something out of her pantry, laundry area or refrigerator, and we are treated to a riveting commercial on the benefits of said product.  We do believe the corporations are missing out on  great testimonials!  Or, Thumper may have been watching too much television…or maybe it’s a bunny thing?….we do not know…..I digress……)


“Oh whatever,” remarked Jabberwocky who is, herself, into commercials, “What else you all get?”

Well, I bought a new rug for the living room! 


“Yeah, and I see Security has already taken it over in the corner there…….”

And a new bedspread, pillows and so on for the upstairs bedroom:


And lots of other stuff which you will, eventually, see—but not right now because…………I have to go do some other chores around here!

“Well, wouldn’t you just know that.  I’m going to go lay down with Security on the new rug or maybe the new bedspread upstairs!  An’ next time, I want to go!”