Music City Half Marathon!

“A year since Jabber did it?” Jabber pondered the very idea that time had passed so fast!

Yes, the Music City Marathon and Half Marathon was Saturday the 25th.  Whilst Jabber and the Brocanters were out sailing yards, about 27,000 of their closest friends were running/walking the marathons, including some of the Y-Knots!

Here are the courageous and successful walkers/runners for this year!  We are SOOO proud of them all!

  Racer Daughter and Leader’s daughter did it together!

  With Elvis!

  Here’s Leader with her running partner, Mac.

Below is Racer Daughter’s ‘bib’ worn during the race–note that she added “YKnotWannaBe” to her bib in honor of us older women known as the Y-Knots who have run/walked in prior years.  (This brought a tear to our eyes, Daughter.  Thank you!)

And some Y-Knot Llamas did it this year too!

(An explanation:  if you are a ‘woman of a certain age’, come to our workout class consistently, you ARE a Y-Knot because we all figure, well, why not?  We are also a very “tight” group–a ‘knot’ at the YMCA, hence, Y-Knots.  If you walk or run a half marathon and are a Y-Knot, you are automatically a Y-Knot Llama.  Because as we all know, Llamas are very persistent.  They will also spit at anybody who tries to “put them in their place”.  We won’t be categorized like that; we’re very persistent and determined…..And we can spit too….  Don’t you DARE patronize us as little old ladies!  There, that ought to fully explain the title.)

“Did anybody ever tell you that you are crazy?” Jabber inquired.

Of course.  I pay them no attention.  That’s what Y-Knot Llamas do.  We just keep on keepin’ on….

Mavis (above)





Close up of the medals and shirts this year!


A marathon is 26.2 miles; a half marathon is 13.1 miles.  A half marathon must be completed in 4 hours or under–and they all did it!


From one of the choice articles I read this past week:

Blue eyed people tend to be analytical, artistic and able to hold their liquor better than brown eyed people.  Brown eyed people tend to be stronger and more athletic but can’t hold their liquor as well.

So you could be an artistic financial analyst or an athletic alcoholic, depending upon your eye color?


Sorry, no link for that—I just recalled it because it was rather startling.  But you might like to know that blue eyes didn’t exist until about 6,000 years ago.  Gene mutation.  Now, eye color genes are linked to all sort of traits.  Or so they think.



It is only 83 days off.  Do YOU have your shopping done?


How Many Pushups are Optimal depending on sex and age?

Our workout class did a total of 33 this morning, give or take.   If you think that’s impressive, you ought to see our LEADER!  God knows how many she can do.  But only God.  She doesn’t show off in class.

(Hint:  None of us is under 55 and most are over 65.)

 Don’t mess with any of us, either!


Looking for purpose?  Here is a GREAT website for those of us who are older:

Ways to contribute to betterment of mankind—lots of ideas!  Help, too, if you want it.

Take a look!


Did I mention that Christmas is only 83 days away?

(This is brought to you on behalf of Mrs. Clause who frankly can’t wait for Santa to get outta’ the house for a few hours.  She’s ready for a break!)


That’s all I’ve got for today.  Have a great weekend!

Proud of my Friends!

This is friend Kaki who did a 5K just last night and CAME IN THIRD for her age group!  WOW!


She and friend Sandy both did it—and Sandy CAME IN SECOND! 

Amazing ladies!


Congratulations to both—and wait, there is more………

They are doing another one on Saturday.  





Llama Drama




Here she is modeling her Llama shirt.

You have to love Deborah—she’s fun, she is very perky, and she’s always ready to go into our ‘secret’ Llama gallop in class, making the rest laugh.  She, along with several of us, did the half marathon earlier this year.

This is what her shirt says:


Save the Drama for your Llama!

Thanks for the inspiration, Deborah!

Let’s do it again!


A Visit to Corinth, MS

Last week, friend “California” (below)


and her hubby (below)


were driving cross-country and stopping to see Shiloh.  We drove three hours to Corinth, Mississippi to meet them there.

Shiloh is the site of the most brutal battles of the Civil War.  Over 23,000 men lost their lives there.  The National Cemetery area honors those who fought, on both sides, and relates the history of the Battle of Shiloh.


Inside the small museum area on the grounds was a place to make donations.  We saw that one could make donations based on what area of the country one was from.  Ironic, I thought.


There are 600 monuments on the grounds, dedicated to those who had died.  The monuments are by states.  It is a very sad and eerie area to visit, but part of our American history.  One drives through the park to visit various battle locations.

In Corinth an interactive museum is most interesting and beautiful.  Here are some scenes from the interactive museum:

image  Metal sculptures of items which soldiers might have dropped along the way are scattered on the sidewalk leading to the interactive museum.

image   image

At the entrance is this almost life size plaque:


image  TMWLH stands by the entry donation sign.


Above, a display.  Below, a large room with sculptures depicting an early classroom with a young girl talking to her instructor.





Outside a beautiful water feature detailing which various cities and towns ‘fell’ each year during the Civil War.  The large blocks represent towns and cities and each block has a name on it.




We enjoyed spending the day with our friends, later having a nice dinner.  After an overnight stay in a motel, we bid them safe journey home.

If you are close to Corinth, Mississippi or within driving distance, go spend the day.  Well worth the time and effort!


Llama Llama Ding Dong

“Really?” Jabber asked.  “Really?  Lookie here, I know you is a ding-a-ling or as our ol’ friend Pooh Bear used to say, ‘a bear of very little brain,’ but what’s with this llama llama stuff?”

It’s hard to explain, Jabber.  Unless you’ve been there.

Wait a minute, you WERE there!  You are me—sometimes.  (Score one for Jabber’s initial insight into…….oh never mind.)

(And no, this is NOT about the Dali Llama, who I think is a pretty fine guy.  He laughs a lot too, and so should we.  Go ahead, channel your inner llama—Dali or otherwise.)

This is how llama obsession all came about:

Prior to the half, we all ‘did’ twelve miles on the marathon route—for practice.  I sent out this video along with a note which said I KNEW everyone felt just like this! 

One week and ready to  go!!


So then I was committed. 

“No, you weren’t.  Shoulda’ been, but you weren’t.  You were runnin’ free..and people were unawares………” Jabber commented.

Which is true.  I was committed, obsessed some might say, with llamas.

So, a while later, I sent out this:


Keep channeling your inner llama.

I’m hung up on llamas at the present time.  Sorry to inflict them on you.  Can’t help it.

Half-crazy………….(half marathon………get it? Huh?  oh, never mind………)


Followed by this:

First 17 seconds—You may THINK these are llamas, but they are really us channeling our ‘inner llamas’.  It’s ALL OF US!  And somebody just said they didn’t believe we did the half marathon—go get ‘em llamas!

Okay.  I’m done with my obsession with llamas.


P.S.  The rest of the video is kind of funny at times, too—but it’s the first 17 seconds that really illustrates us!

P.P.S.  Well, no I’m not done with my obsession with llamas.  This is my llama love song to all of you!  Smile


And so now, of course, I have found out that Cupcake’s daughter lives next door to a bunch of llamas! and Kaki’s brother actually lives WITH llamas.  Who knew?* 

Everybody has a llama but Jabber, who obviously loves llamas.   Well, actually, I rather prefer Alpacas, but llamas will do in a pinch.  There aren’t many videos on youtube about Alpacas.  Or Llamas, either, actually.  I have more or less exhausted the supply of readily available youtube videos of llamas which were to the point, more or less.

Likely less.

Llama Llama DUCK!


*Oh, alright.  Cupcake’s daughter’s neighbor doesn’t actually live with llamas that I know of.  Might, but I doubt it.  I think he just HAS llamas.  And Kaki’s brother doesn’t live with llamas, either, at least not inside his house, as far as I know.  He has some, though, and he raises them I’m told.  And guess what?  SOMETIME SOON I’LL GET TO GO VISIT THE LLAMAS.

I just hope they don’t spit at me.  I’ve been giving them pretty good publicity here lately………..




More pictures—Winners Circle


(L to R):  Jabber, Kaki, Deborah, Leader, Maisie, Marcia, Vanna and Sandy  (All of us are actually smiling in this one!)


Above Deborah and Jabber (Jabber would–well, Jabber would jabber, in answer to her question—“How did I get talked into this?”—just kept jabbering, “You can do it.”  Leader told her that too.  And she DID!  She’s our ‘baby’—young ‘un in the group–and really a great runner.)

Balloons from Girlfriend—THANK YOU!  And thanks to Cupcake who made us—no, not cupcakes, but delicious apple bread. 

More Photos from the Race

Below, Leader with Deborah who both ran/walked the half marathon on Saturday.  This is the first half marathon for Deborah—and she came in at about 3 hours!  This is the 9th or 10th marathon and half-marathon for Leader!  What fantastic women!

Below, Deborah with Mac, Leader’s running partner for years.  Deborah is really truckin’ below!

A group shot below!  At one point where orange slices were being handed out, Deborah thought they were handing out Taco shells!  (She forgot her glasses, so she could not see ahead.)  Yes, she did eat one when she realized what they were, said she was getting delirious at that point.

(Sorry for the lack of brightness in these photos—picked them up from Facebook and could not adjust the light intensity on them.)

Below:  Before the race—Sandy (left) and Maisie


Sandy, below, at mile 10—why we are all STILL  smiling 2/3 of the way through that half marathon is beyond me, but we did!


And after with their Medals!


Marcia ready to Rock and Roll!


Maisie, Marcia and Sandy ready to go!


Sandy (below) before and when she got home!    image


13.1 miles DONE!

I thought this was interesting:  66 women between the ages of 65 – 69 were entered in the half marathon.  (There were a total of approximately 35,000  women in the entire full and half marathon.)  We group of Y-KNOTS are a total of 7, making us more than 10% of women 65-69 doing the half marathon.  (Note:  Deborah is still a youngster, under this age group–and, of course, she beat us!)  And all of us finished in under 4 hours.


Who said anything about GETTING OLD?!

A very special THANK YOU to Leader!  She trained us well.


(L to R both  photos above):  Jabber, Kaki, Deborah, LEADER, Maisie, Marcia, Vanna, Sandy

Race Day Report!

The day, April 26, 2014, began with wonderful 50 degree temperatures, sunshine, and about 50,000 of our closest friends showing up for the party race!  (Well, yes, it was sort of a party!)

Here a view of some of the crowd as we waited to be ‘waved off’……



Above, some of the women who will be walking the half marathon from our group:  Marcia, Sandy, Jabber, Vanna and Kaki.  Missing from the photo:  Leader, Deborah and Maisie (of tree-trimming fame!)

ALL of us finished under the 4 hour ‘time limit’—this is 13.1 miles, Weeders!  That’s a long, long walk through the streets of Nashville! 

image  Maisie, Vanna and Kaki

Not too many photos along the way—we were too busy trying to keep one foot in front of the other and keep movin’!


A large blow-up ‘balloon’ under which we walked.

There were lots of bands and musicians playing for the walkers/runners—not only is that festive, it does make one move a little bit quicker. 

Tons of supporters with signs, clapping and encouraging everyone, even those of us who were definitely at the back of the crowd of participants—THANK YOU TO ALL OF THEM! 

There are always volunteers who offer water and Gator Aide, plus sometimes snacks along the way to keep everyone moving and hydrated.  The temperature rose to around 80, so the last hour was very challenging for many of us.

Some of the supporters stood at the curbs with hoses spraying in case a walker/runner wanted a brief cool-off!  THAT was a welcome bit of relief, too.

CCQ Daughter, two Granddaughters and Great Granddaughter were at mile 8 to cheer us on—almost didn’t recognize them nor them us—the crowd was so large!  And they appeared again at the finish line to cheer our success.  Racer Daughter, who did not race this time, kept in touch with them and us via text messages.  Racers can be tracked online and that is what they did—track us!  So they knew exactly where we were at all times.



My dear friend Vanna and me (Jabber, R) after we had finished!  (Let me assure you, we ached all over, but we were very glad to have finished!)

When I receive more pictures of all of the WINNERS in our group, I’ll post them.



I have to mention the following:  Everyone in the group is mid to late 60’s and we’ve trained intensely for 4 months.  We have overcome physical obstacles—every single one of us—which would stop many.  We trained in sun, rain, snow, cold (very cold) weather six days a week.  This is one incredible group of courageous women! 

Registered and Ready!



Vanna, Jabber and Deborah have officially entered the Music City Half Marathon for Saturday, April 26, 2014.

We had a fun morning/afternoon viewing the Music City Convention Center, lunch at the Omni Hotel (!), and going through the registration Expo today.  While there, we saw some others from our group who were there to register as well.   Thanks to Girlfriend who came with us, too, for the photo above.

Below some of the wonderful BIG CITY sights to see in Nashville at and around the Convention Center!  Nashville is all grown up, a real big, sophisticated city now.  Twenty years ago when I worked in the area, all was very different.  I marvel at the changes!





Interactive displays where one can select the country music artists and listen to songs sung by each.


Entering the Expo below:


We’re excited!


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