What is in a name?

Girlfriend’s daughter sent this photo from Amsterdam–in case you think I make all this up!

Friday (and Saturday) Shopping

“What else would one do after an hour of working out?  Go shopping, of course…” Jabber wryly commented.

Yep, that’s what we did on Friday.  Only one sale, but Girlfriend, Thumper, Sosew and Jabber headed on over to it–it was a good one!

First, Thumper tried to tell what time it actually was…..

None of the watches had batteries.  But they  WERE cheap!

(No, she did not buy one.  She just likes to try them on to see how they’d look. Unfortunately, Thumper seldom knows what time it is, but that’s another story.)

Next, Sosew located SHOES.  Loads and loads of 3 and 4 inch high heeled shoes!  With platforms, no less.  They were beautiful and new–and $10.

Sosew modeling for us–the shoes are below:

Beautiful!  Unfortunately, Sosew couldn’t even stand on them.  Never mind, Jabber told her.  You could just sit and look lovely.  (She didn’t buy them, either.)

On Saturday morning, only Girlfriend and Jabber headed off–first back to the same sale where Jabber had been told there was…..not one, not two, not three….but EIGHT!  EIGHT! available!  (The lady had to get them out of storage, she said.)  Jabber was beside her very own self with excitement–she’d been looking for one of these for a very long time (at a yard sale, of course, and inexpensive, of course).  And now…EIGHT! to choose from!  Oh my….

But, the lady had forgotten to get them out of storage, so Jabber decided to get the one and only one right there at the sale!  Oh, my yes!  Jabber promptly named her “Isabella”…..she is now living in the garage momentarily.


“Oh.  You want to know what it was, don’t you?  What it was that was so exciting?  That I’d been looking for for many many years?  Hmmmm.  Ok.  I’ll show you…..”

Yes, my friends.  Living in my garage, now, as I write this is a ……

bare naked lady!

“What?  Oh, you want to know what in the world I’m going to do with it?”

Make her into a Christmas tree, of course.  Wouldn’t anybody?

…..oh go ahead.  Go to pinterest and look up “Christmas Tree Mannequins” and you’ll get the idea……

I’m not the ONLY crazy person on the planet!

Treasure Hunting AT a Good Cause

The Presbyterian Church hosted an all-day sale (indoors), petting zoo, baked goods sale today in Bellevue.  Of course the Brocanters went!  The proceeds were for Alzheimer’s research.

We parked our vehicle at a neighboring church lot and were transported across the street to the sale in this:

Cupcake was in one of her ‘bossy’ moods again and hopped right up in the front seat.  The littlest one of us!  The rest of us were forced to ride stuffed together like proverbial sardines in a can in the back.

What does that mean persactly? Jabber inquired, “that you were proverbial sardines?”

Well, sardines are fishes.  They are not, as far as I am aware, proverbial….but it might have to do with proverbs probably, although it could mean something like the proverb of the loaves and the fishes.  Maybe proverbial sardines offer some sort of a lesson to the masses–said lesson might be to eat less?

Oh I don’t know!  We were crammed together in the back of the golf cart, holding on for dear life, the three of us:  Thumper, Jabber and Vanna!

And wouldn’t you know it?  Jabber found the perfect embellishment to her outfit for the day–two boas, one in black and one in white.  Never one to pass up a bargain and especially such a bargain, she scarfed them up for $1 each (pardon the pun here….scarf….scarfed….they are boas?….oh never mind.)

Jabber shared them with Cupcake and Vanna, of course, but only for a little while:

Vanna wore the black boa because, of course, it coordinated with her outfit. She is our DIVA indeed.

And Cupcake….well, I’ll let the picture speak for itself:

“Wait!  Is she trying to impersonate Santa?” Jabber asked…..

No!  She was luxuriating in the luxury of the white boa, Jabber!

Meanwhile, Thumper had made a deal.  Thumper likes deals almost as much as Girlfriend likes deals–but Girlfriend and Sosew were out of pocket again, off on adventures of their own today.  We waited while Thumper negotiated the deal:

Finally, Thumper came out to talk with Vanna about including HER in the deal!  And she did!  Thumper and Vanna each purchased a purple Alzheimer’s T-shirt to benefit the charity.

  Thumper discusses the deal with Vanna and Cupcake.

Finally, we were done.  After our exciting ride TO the event, we decided to walk back to the car, which we did.

Oh….what’s that you ask?  The baked goodies that Vanna has in her lap?

Cupcake bought us some zucchini bread and we ate that YUMMM! and Vanna took home some homemade cinnamon rolls.

It was a fun sale and a good cause.  We were glad we went.


I love to repurpose things which I can’t use as they were originally intended….don’t you?

I found this lovely belt at a sale yesterday for all of $1.  Obviously, the days of having a 17 inch waist are very long gone for me–but……the lady (who is a decorator) said, “I always thought it would look so pretty on a pillow.”

Ah ha!  Genius idea!

The Pillow was also from a recent sale–$4!

A Hunting We Did Go….

“A Hunting We Did Go, A Hunting We Did Go, Hi HO the Merry-O, A Hunting We Did Go!” Jabberwocky happily reminisced about all the fun things we saw today.  “Not to mention the treasures we got, too!” Jabber said, but she didn’t mention.

So I will….

Yes, Weeders–it was Saturday and two of our favorite community sales were held today.  We had to decide which one to choose…..it is always a difficult decision.  But since Sosew lived in one community, we decided to go there first.  Besides, she agreed to come with us if we would pick her up.  So we did.

Girlfriend found an area rug for under $10 (I don’t recall the exact amount); Thumper found a fun sign which said, “Kiss The Cat” and while I can’t explain exactly why anybodies would want to do such a thing, she knew.  (Thumper being a Bunny of the highest quality generally knows about these things.)

SOSew found two pairs of Coach tennis shoes which Jabber REALLY wanted, but they didn’t fit Jabber.  They did fit Sosew….Jabber still hasn’t gotten over it.  They were so cute!  Vanna found a Chico’s shirt which she promptly put on.


Oh yes, she HAD on a shirt before, but she liked the new one so much she just changed shirts.  The reason, she said, was that her first shirt was sleeveless and she wanted to cover up her ‘wings’.  I informed her that we ALL had ‘wings’ and we should really be proud of them as they showed we were angels.   Somehow this didn’t seem to make Vanna any more pleased.  The shirt did, however.

Cupcake was in a bossy mood today, too, telling everyone that she, and only she, would sit in the back seat.  She planted her water container there in the holder and got quite miffed if anyone else tried to take her spot.  Cupcake found some books which looked unread (but how does one KNOW they were unread I ask you) and some lovely pillows on which to lie while reading said books, unread or not.

And Jabber!  Well, Jabber found some wonderful treasures which began with:

Yes, Weeders, a gen-u-ine silver birdcage on a stand!  For $5.  It’s perfect in the mint garden.

“You don’t HAVE a bird!” Jabber declared, “but on the other hand, it looks big enough for TMWLH…if he could get through the tiny little door.”

Ignore Jabber.  That was meant as a Joke, Jabber.  We all know that a dog house is what a man is placed in should he misbehave.  I don’t have one of those, but I DO have a kennel….

But I digress….

What did you ask?  Oh….

Well, yes, it’s a mint garden.  I do have some pots with herbs scattered in there, but the mint has taken over and I’ve let it, so I just call it my mint garden.  Got a problem with that?  If you do, then YOU come pull up all that excess mint.  Besides, it does make a nice flavoring for iced tea.  When I think of it….

But I digress!

More about our travels:

We stopped at a house where we’d had great finds last year.  This year the sale was for the benefit of Happy Tails, a no-kill animal shelter.  And for the Brownies, too, evidently.  At this sale, the Brownies were selling cookies:

Aren’t they a cute bunch of little Brownies? (No, no!  The Brownies were not available for adoption–the animals at Happy Tails were available for adoption.  PAY ATTENTION!)

And guess what?  Cupcake was a Brownie and said her goal at that age was to grow up to be a Girl Scout!  Girlfriend, when she saw this photo, said, “Well!  You’d think she’d have BEEN a Girl Scout by now!”  But no, she is a Cupcake instead.

Yep, there is Cupcake still wanting to be a Brownie or a Girl Scout or something……

The Brownies were taking contributions for Happy Tails, selling cookies, and handing out goodie bags (for free!) for shoppers’ DOGS!  Poppy was so thrilled when I came home and told her I’d found some things for her.

  This bag contained six treats such as:


And then, Jabber found some other treasures including:

These were $2 total.  Two weeks ago, Jabber found another few of these, and then last week one glass, and this week four more.  It seems that people all decide to dispose of their old items–the SAME items–at about the same time.  Perfectly lovely summer glasses for fun.  And Jabber just loves to have fun.  And pretty things.  And to drink wine….   Well, yes, that too.

Three panels @ $10.  New.

Let me explain–Houdini made a portion of the drapes disappear in the office.

This she did a couple of months ago, whilst teething, by eating off one corner and the weight in said corner of said drapery.  Since then, the drapes have been gathered up and held above Houdini’s mouth grasp, but they really needed replacing.  (And I suppose I shouldn’t tell you how Houdini does her magic tricks, but in this case, we figured it out.)

We retired to Sosew’s for a lovely cup of coffee and bagels.

“What do you mean you ‘retired’?” Jabber  indignantly stated, “You retired YEARS ago!”

Yes, yes.  I did.  What I meant was, Sosew hosted a little gathering at her house.  We’d all had ENOUGH treasure hunting for the day.  Besides, we’d already had to do a drop off earlier at Sosew’s as we’d filled up the van after only ONE BLOCK of shopping.  It was also very hot by  10:30 or so and getting warmer.

At the gathering, right in the middle of our very deep conversations about washing machines, Thumper put her hands up in the air, making circles with them as she is wont to do, and interrupted us for a word from our sponsor with a commercial.  Thumper is wonderful at impromptu commercials.  As we all know.  And which I DID get on video.  However, I regret to inform you that my very life has been threatened should I post such videos on this blog, so I won’t.

However, I will say that after everyone got home, we received this photo and a message which said, “This is what I was talking about!” via smartphone from Thumper:

How Yard Sales are Saving My Assessment

Or, perhaps the title ought to be, “Seeing is Believing.”

“Here we go again….” Jabber thought, but didn’t say.  “I mean, why say anything?  She’s just off the deep end, anyway, so let her go ahead and write whatever….”

So true.  So true.

Early this morning, I spotted a hummingbird paying a visit to the gazebo.  Alas!  No feeder was in sight.  It was still under the house, not ready at all!  “Note to self,” I thought, “Maybe you can find a better hummingbird feeder or some food for a feeder today at sales.”

I was asking the yard sale spirits to look out for the hummingbirds, but also me and my, ahem,  assessments this morning.  Although I didn’t exactly ASK the YSS, I did THINK about these things.

I needed a new desk chair.  Badly.  I was suffering from the chair we had at the computer desk–not enough padding.

“YOU have enough padding!” Jabber did interject now….

This is true.  But the chair didn’t.  And I love love love to be on the computer, sometimes for a long time, so truly the lack of padding was beginning to give me a pain.  Literally.

As we all know, it is imperative that one clearly states one’s desires before going to yard sales.  Nothing is promised, but it’s much easier if (1) you and your friends and ‘they’ (yard sale spirits YSS) have a clear understanding of what it is you need and/or want, and (2) you are diligent about the search yourself.

Again, nothing is promised.  But I’ll be darned if much of the time, the stuff you wanted to find, you do.  I can not explain this.  But my friends and I will verify that yes, it happens quite often….


I stated my problem clearly to friend Cupcake as we walked a neighborhood sale this morning…I think what I said was, “My sciatic nerve is beginning to really hurt!  I’m sure it’s from the chair I use at the computer.  I need a good, padded one.

Cupcake is a nurse.  (We like to travel with our own medical people, you know, at 111 anything can happen.  Sometimes we have two nurses with us…..Vanna and Cupcake.  But this morning, it was just Cupcake representing the medical team.)  But I digress.

Cupcake said, “Yup!  Sounds like your sciatic nerve.  You need an ergonomically correct chair.  Well, you never know, we might find…..” and we turned the corner to see…..


For $15 each.

Needless to say, we each bought one.

Not only that, as the yard sale spirits often do, they gave us many choices of well-padded, nicely cared for computer chairs at incredibly low prices this morning.  I counted 5 altogether at different sales…the others were brown or black, but ours!  Well, ours are teal and purple–we are nothing if not stylish.  One must keep up one’s appearances and, ahem, one’s ‘assessments’ too….Indeed!



At the very last sale, of course, we found:

  For $2

Both Cupcake and I bought one.

So now you know how the yard sale spirits are helping me help the hummers and saving my assessments.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.


The Mouse House

“The Brocanters decided to go yard sale-ing this morning?” Jabber mildly inquired.

Well…..yes, as a matter of fact.  Some of us did.  Some of us didn’t.  And all of us ate a beautiful breakfast at Sosew’s home which she had prepared for us.

“Well, what’d you buy, what’d you see?” Jabber was now a bit more interested….

Whilst on our journeys from one sale to the next, we viewed a most interesting home–with exquisite deck and furniture.

Yes, this is the house that Jack built:

Turns out that the owner has built all this by himself–it is a hobby of his!  I was amazed….it is truly beautiful work.

And this is the man (I have named Jack) who lives in the house that Jack built:

And this is MOUSE who lives in the house that the man named Jack lives in too–the house that Jack built:

Amazing house–amazing dog and amazing man!  Turns out he does all this woodworking in his spare time, for relaxation.  His real day job is being a computer technology consultant.  And he named his dog ‘Mouse.”  Mouse is a 5 month old St Bernard–a real sweetie.

When we had gone to all the sales we could get to (and some we could not get to), Sosew called and said, “Come over here for breakfast!  I have biscuits…and jam….and coffee.”

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Cupcake, (spoiled as she is), demanded eggs Benedict.  Sometimes we don’t know what to do with Cupcake.  I mean, just yesterday, not knowing what to do with her,  we s t r e t c h e d her, but even THAT didn’t make her happy.  Nope.  She wanted eggs Benedict, of all things……(go ahead and figure out what I mean by ‘stretched her’!  Read on, I’ll tell you at the bottom of this.)

Ignoring her, we contacted Vanna to meet us there, and off we went to Sosew’s.  Guess what we had when we got there?

“Eggs Benedict?” Jabber guessed.


She did serve delicious scrambled eggs, biscuits, sausage and coffee.  It was very good and very fun.  Even Cupcake ate some!

Following that, discussion ensued on various issues of the day:    how was everyone feeling?  What was going on in various households?  How was Girlfriend’s trip?  that sort of thing….

Whoops!  Thumper just realized her PEOPLE were behind her…..

  Thumper and her Musical Group

After that shock receded, Thumper said it was time for a commercial break–from her of course.  This time it was on grout cleaner.

Vanna allowed as how Thumper didn’t really clean, she just bought stuff to clean WITH and told us about it.

Commercial done, time to  leave, and so off we went, happy and full!  Another exciting morning spent at yard sales and bringing home some good treasures!


Stretching Cupcake:  Seems she has a back issue.  Leader suggested that she lay down whilst Leader pulled her from the top and I pulled her by her ankles.  As hard as we could.  Cupcake said it felt good.  )Jabber thought she’d actually grown about 2 inches taller.)

Now, I suppose, we’ll have to be stretching her all the time….but this morning she declined.  I do not know why.

Community Sales Have Begun!

Yes, yes, YES! cried the Brocanters….along with a complaint (from Jabber) that there seemed to be three community sales all the same day.  This meant, of course, we would be unable to get to all of them.  So we settled on one near Thumper’s house because Thumper had offered coffee and treats later.  We never turn down treats.  Or coffee.

Off we went!

Thumper takes a look at some items for sale.

We saw some beautiful tulips in bloom–had to get some shots of them….

As always, we were surprised at some things we saw along the way:

  The jumper house was in someone’s backyard–maybe for a party later?

Another innovative seller had put up a huge stand advertising the shirts, lemonade. water and other items they were selling.  Their sale’s proceeds were for an adoption.

  Another big sale….

After several hours of searching for treasures, it was time to take a rest at Thumper’s house.  And have coffee.  And treats!

Raisin Bran muffins which Sosew provided for us along with some raspberry cookies and coffee from Thumper.

  Girlfriend sampled first and declared them delish! although she also asked Jabber, “What are you doing taking my picture?” in a challenging voice.  Jabber moved on to photograph….

Vanna patiently waited, refined lady that she really is, all alone, at the table–the kitchen table…..

She had to sit at the kitchen table because, as Thumper explained, the dining room table belonged to Scout.

Scout’s table.

Scout is a cat.

Scout is the only cat I’ve ever known who has his own table.  I wonder if he requires wait service?  I expect he does.

How very civilized!

Moving along in our visit, Sosew showed us her latest sewing creations!  How beautiful!

  But wait, there is more!!!

A beautiful purse to match!

  Very professionally done, too, I must add!  It was lovely…..

Then it was time for a brief pause for a commercial.

Provided by Thumper.

Who always has such personal and interesting commercials.

 This was all about her brand new Bissell floor cleaner!

Thumper missed her calling as a television advertising personality.  I am sure of it.  I mean, wouldn’t you buy a Bissell floor cleaner from her?  Look at that expression on her face!

‘Twas time to leave and take our treasures home.  We’d had a good time visiting, ‘scored’ some treasures for ourselves, enjoyed delicious treats and coffee, and of course, a wonderful commercial, too.

For a Saturday morning, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Saturday Morning Brocanting and Brunch

“Now there is a table full of trouble” Jabber stated emphatically.



Left to right:  Girlfriend, Cupcake, Jabber, Vanna, Sosew, Thumper

We aren’t trouble.  We just get INTO trouble–and make a lot of noise and say outrageous things and have a good time.  Like today when a seller said to one of our Brocanters downstairs, “It sounds like they are having a PARTY up there,” referring to other Brocanters upstairs.

We were.  Sosew found a book with the title, “Sex for One”–we all burst into laughter.  (No, we did not look at the book.  And no.  We didn’t buy it either.)  One never knows what a sale will have to offer–sometimes treasures and sometimes just a good laugh.

Girls just wanna’ have fun, right?

It’s the first time in quite a while that all the Brocanters have been together–so we had to celebrate and have brunch at Crumb de la Crumb after sales.  Vanna joined us for brunch, but didn’t make it for the expedition which took us to several locations.

Once in a while, it’s just appropriate to show all the Brocanters together.

“Oh, come on….once in a while you just like to see yourselves.  Am I right?” Jabber asked.

Of course.



Girls Running Amuck!

“Seems to me that you are ALWAYS running amuck!” Jabber commented.

Oh yes, Weeders!  We did!  We did!  Some of us, anywho….others of the Brocanters had other ‘irons in the fire’ as they say…

“Who says that?  What irons?  What the heck are you talkin’ ’bout?” Jabber asked, frustrated at the lack of clarity.

Well, I say that and the “irons” were other things to do.  It’s a manner of speech, it’s a colloquialism–oops–I should not have said that.  I forgot Thumper is ascared of big words and I went and used one.

“No,” Jabber said thoughtfully, “She gave up bein’ ascared of big words an’ clowns an’ foreign food like Black Forest Cake.  Don’t you remembers?”

That’s right.  Did!  So, as I was saying…..

WHAT was I saying?….

Oh yes, Thumper, Girlfriend and Jabber took off for The Goodwill in Franklin since almost no sales were to be found.  We looked; we searched online, in the newspaper, and all the other logical places like signs on major roads.  Alas, no sales.  So what were we to do?

But first, it was a trip to Meridee’s for breakfast.  That’s in Franklin, and it’s a fun place to get sandwiches or breakfast or sweet rolls.  Yes, we did.  We had breakfast and sweet rolls.  And coffee.

And THEN we were off…….

“You are always ‘off’…” Jabber remarked under her breath…

Yes.  So at The Goodwill, a good time was had by all.  But only Jabber came home with stuff.  Good stuff, mind you, but alas, she was the only one to find said stuff.

Here are some photos of the stuff:

  “So that’s how come YOU came home with stuff?” Jabber asked…

No.  It’s for You-Know-Who….



Actually, some consideration was given to this pillow (below)–

The other side of the pillow….

Which looked something like a flattened Poppy.  The color was tempting, being the same color as Poppy, but in the end, Jabber decided it would be too depressing to have around.  And Poppy would likely just eat it, anyway.  The Princess pillow was selected instead and placed on top of Poppy’s house/kennel.

Additional grand finds are:


Blue enamel cookbook stand, $1.99

  Photo book for $.99. This will be used for holding coupons, not ‘vacation memories.’ We don’t have a vacation planned!

Sandals, $4.99

And it’s Saturday which means some items I purchased (not shown) were 50% off and a senior discount was applied to all items.

Well!  Time to rock and roll and off we went towards home….but then we remembered there was a consignment store sale in Bellevue.  So we hurried on over to Tickled Pink where 50% markdowns were offered on a variety of nice clothing.  Again, Jabber was the only one to come home with anything from there.  However, Thumper is credited with locating this (brand new, by the way) for a total of about $5.50:

So now we were hungry.

“Wait a min!” Jabber stopped me from continuing, “Were you?”

Was I what?

Tickled Pink?”

Oh nevermind, Jabber………

Thumper suggested we go to the Pizza place, just down the way from Tickled Pink, and have a pizza.  Once again, we stumbled into a GEM!

Outside of Sir Pizza

This has been in the same location for a long, long time–but it’s the first time Girlfriend and Jabber had been there….




Obviously, Thumper had been there before.  Look how she cozied up to the Knight!  I don’t know for sure that THIS is her knight in shining armor, but it is somebody’s.

  “Thumper is looking unusually pleased with her very own self,” Jabber commented.  As well she should.

And the pizza was good too–it was a throwback to neighborhood bars and pizza ‘joints’ which were prevalent back in the dark ages when I was young.  Just loved it!

“So….did you have beer, too?” Jabber inquired.

Nope.  Didn’t.  But next time we will!  Turns out one can get a bucket of beers (6) for $7.  Next time, we’ll have Girlfriend drive and the rest of us will swizzle beer as we gobble pizza.

Hope your rainy day included some fun, too!



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