We try again….and will continue until the Cows Come Home!

The “we’ being me and Jabber.  You see, we’ve posted and yet again the photos DISAPPEAR.  Jabber and I can see them, but you can’t.  It’s quite disturbing.  So the last post was immediately removed and saved, and I’m trying to repost it here hoping that the photos will stay UP.  (I’m trying to do this sneakily, before the photo stealing gremlins realize it.)

I mean, come on, Weeders, I know you don’t want to read what I write!  You want to see where I’ve been, right?  Yes, I know you do.  Uh huh……


Oh, alright.  No, you are nice people.  Sorry about that.  That was Jabber calling you a name.  Please excuse her.  (Besides, who the heck is REALLY all that interested anyway!  I mean there are other more valuable things to do with your life than bother with yours truly–or Jabber for that matter–and I frankly don’t blame you!)


Here is the second attempt of a post:

“Good Gravy,” Jabber said being about as profane as is allowed here, “you don’t HAVE any cows.”

Oh, I know it’s shocking to hear her write that–errrr, READ her write that, but there it is.  She can become quite exasperated with me from time-to-time.

The thing is, however, I do happen to have a couple of cows.  Vanna provided them.  She was, after all, an Illinois Farm Girl in her prior life.  (Before Nashville).

I gave them both a sponge bath.  Here–I took a couple of pictures to prove it:

“Wait a min….” Jabber studied the picture and commented, “You’ve got a swan a swimmin’ too?”

Yes.  Do.  Washed as well.  She really enjoyed it, more than the cows.

Preparations for the upcoming Christmas tree decorating gala….I had thought about possibly Dryel-ing the cows, but I doubted they’d fit in the dryer.  Well, maybe they would have, dunno.  If any of you have Dryel-ed a cow or a swan, for that matter, would you  please let me know?

Meanwhile, yard sales continue with the Grand Finale of sales this past weekend we fear.  So we were off galavanting around, terrorizing sellers and other shoppers alike when possible.

“You seem to be caught up in the g words today,” Jabber noticed, “Gala and Galavanting and good grief, all that….”

Waxing poetic.  Getting the Holiday Spirit, you know.  First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then THE REAL HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR!  Christmas and then New Year’s.  Oh my, yes, I do get quite golly jolly ’bout this time of the year.

So, back to sales.  On a recent weekend, it was ALL of us–oh yes, the Brocanters were out there in the Brocanting van, terrorizing sellers and amusing other buyers as best we could.  Sometimes we don’t even try.  They just laugh.  I can’t explain why.

One of the Great Treasures we saw.  It needed a home, but not one of ours.

Thumper found one of the sweetest scrap books ever–it contained articles and photos from the 1800’s era when we were all young women……no, that’s not right….from the 1930’s and 1940’s I believe, collected by someone unknown–advertisements, mainly, not personal effects.

Then there were these:

Toby mugs.  Not to be confused with my son, Toby.  None of them look like him, anyway.

Well, maybe one does…..

There was a large and scary cabinet of some sort, very expensive.  I’m sure it was someone’s Gloat of Charms  no, no, that’s not right…..COAT of Arms, but it would not fit into any of our decor, so we managed to refrain from purchasing it.  Still, it was a sight to behold:


Unique paintings.  While this may have had some sort of amazing value and represented some important painter or era, we were buffaloed as to what it might be.

  “Man of La Mancha”?  “Man with two houses”?
“I Dream of munition factories?” Make up your own title……Certainly I dunno…

You’ve heard of a Bull in a China shop?  Well, this is a camel in a glassware cabinet.  I wouldn’t do that, but then, obviously the owners knew the camel better than I.  With no explanation!

A woman’s face painting without a head….this is a very difficult feat!  (Note the receding chin?  Oh, ok.  No chin.)


Thumper really liked the statue:

Okay, the above photos were from a couple weeks ago…..

In all fairness, sometimes the sellers will warn us of potential dangers–you know, things to be aware of:  steps, or something that goes BOO in the night, although to tell you the truth, we haven’t run across anything that goes BOO in the night,  But we might.  However, two weeks ago, we encountered this:


Answer:  not very, but it’s cute.

And, guess what?  Tim McGraw was waiting for us at one sale:

Cupcake, for whom we continually are searching for an appropriate groom–(we’ve GOT everything else, peoples!), looked him over fairly well, but decided he didn’t have enough personality for her boisterous lifestyle…

Alas, he’s not the right one, either.

Well, that catches all of you all (that’s plural) up on the Brocanter’s adventures for now.  I must be about tasks at hand.  Namely:  surgery.

“What?” Jabber was astounded as I know nothing about being a surgeon….

Well, yes.  Two maids a milking’ and a piper who needs to pipe will have difficulty in their present state.  I shall do what I can:


Oh my, it seems all the really IMPORTANT people have September birthdays!” Jabber stated, matter of factly. 

Then, again, it might just be that Jabber’s birthday is a September one– Along with Thumper’s, Bob the Painter’s, California’s husband (see a previous post from a while back), and of  course, TMWLH!

TMWLH had a birthday yesterday and his daughter from Sitka, Alaska (no less!) was here for a visit and a birthday dinner.  So that made his birthday extra special SPECIAL!

Here we are, the three of us above, about to devour a piece of Cheesecake.  TMWLH, His Daughter in center, and Jabber on the right.

Mother/Daughters Weekend

This year, instead of the Annual Longest Yard Sale trip, we decided we’d spend the weekend at the Hall Resort.  Located in beautiful downtown Atoka,  complete with pool and room service (if requested), this private full-service resort provides bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, individualized tours and, of course, a happy hour designed for each of its guests.

The Happy Three–CCQ Daughter’s, Jabber’s, and Racer Daughter’s special wine glasses, reserved for annual weekend get-togethers (above)

The Happy Trio (above)

                      Outdoor Tiki Bar on the covered patio

The two girls lounge around the pool

Covered patio with Tiki Bar

       A private tour was arranged for Sun Studios.

Above, a row of guitars used by famous singers–on the far left is one used by Johnny Cash.  To obtain his unique sound, Mr. Cash wrapped a dollar bill around the neck of the guitar, loosened the strings a bit, and developed his unique sound–similar to drums–for a ‘beat’ background to some of his songs.  Seems that drums were not allowed (at that time) on the stage at (I believe it was) the Grand Ole’ Opry.  The tour guide said, this is what is known as being ‘tight with a dollar bill.’

Inside the Recording Studio area, still used today

A photo of Elvis recording in the studio

A photo of the icons of Rock and Roll captured ‘jamming’ together in Sun Studio.

From Sun Studio, we ventured to the Blue Monkey, a mid-town (Memphis) eatery.


The weather forecast threatened storms, so we headed back to the Resort–where we found some evidence of high winds, but not much rain.  A relaxing evening was spent under the covered patio and watching fireworks!  Our hosts had thought of everything!  (There was a festival in Atoka that day and the culmination was fireworks which we could see from the pool area.)

We all had a grand time!  Wonderful resort, we’ll go again for sure.  (Thank you CCQ Daughter for the great weekend.)

News From the Front

Occasionally there are  events which warrant notice and some publicity.  This week has provided some such events noted here:

New Word!

Here is a new word invented by our very own Sosew.

Sosew modeling (shoes)


Pronunciation:  tee-dic-you-luss

Meaning:  a ridiculous and tedious process, event, or occurrence

Background:  Sosew is in the process of resolving an issue with her internet/TV provider.  This process is taking many hours.  Yesterday she was forced to stand in line to resolve a modem issue for 30 minutes.  All the  customers ahead of her were there for the same issue.  This, she deemed, was “TIDICULOUS’!

(Oh, alright.  She meant to text  ‘ridiculous’  but  I thought the new word was more appropriate.  Now, then, write it ten times, use it in three sentences, and practice this new word until it is in your own vocabulary.  I’ll bet you will have no problem doing this.)


Farming Frustration!



and her Hubby, The Engineer/Farmer,

The Engineer/Farmer

plant a large garden which he tends.  When he is home.  Unfortunately, last week whilst they were off vacationing with family, the wild turkeys which inhabit the area around their home noticed the Farmer was not present and helped themselves to the ripening corn.    This, despite the fact, reported Vanna, that he had judiciously and carefully installed many “Sponge Bob/Square Pants” helium balloons strategically around the corn.


What’s that?


Well, no.  I don’t know what the turkeys thought seeing these.  Evidently encouraged their feast, however.

Thankfully, the the tomatoes and potatoes were not bothered and we are the grateful recipients of some of those jewels!


Appliance Wars

Well, first it was those new-fangled, no-agitator washing machines and now it’s the water/ice dispenser on the kitchen fridge.

Along with most of my friends, we are the none-too-happy owners of a no-agitator washing machine.  Turns out these things don’t dispose of all the water and will form mold underneath and inside the machine itself.  This causes them to smell, especially if they are left closed (whether front loading or top loading) and/or in an area like a garage or small laundry room.   And where do most people house their washing machine?  Right.  In a small laundry room.

No amount of cleaning with any brand or non-brand product seems to get this smell out of the machine.  I have faithfully cleaned this machine every month  since it arrived here!–as directed in the instructions. I now have taken to cleaning the washing machine when I’m done with it each time, wiping it down inside, removing the soap and softener tray to clean them, and wiping all around the upper rim of the tub.  The bleach dispenser has actually RUSTED (ever heard of that?!).  Still, there is no way to get underneath the drum where water stands and will, over time, form mold.

We discovered there are several class action lawsuits surrounding these machines–but alas! I don’t know how we’d join one.  (If you do, please let me know!)  These machines can cost upwards to $1,000–a major expense for many households–and they are a huge disappointment to most of us.  I can tell you this:  the next time I purchase a washing machine, it will be one with an agitator.  I never had a problem with them smelling!

(And, full disclosure:  I have a very large laundry room, well-ventilated, and so my issue  isn’t nearly as dire as some who have those closet arrangements or garage space for their laundry.  But it still emits an unpleasant oder!)


This morning, the refrigerator water dispenser was dripping and a puddle had formed on the floor.  Thankfully, the model and serial number of the fridge is located where I could actually see it, so I quickly wrote down the numbers and called the appliance store from which we purchased it.  Turns out they are open at 9 a.m.–banker’s hours?–and so I left my information on their answering machine voice mail (whatever happened to the term, “answering machine” anyway?).  Since it’s now just 8:32 a.m., I have not yet received a call back.    I will report on the outcome of this, yet another great adventure in living.

Turns out our helpful appliances have now become so advanced they take up much of our time (and money) just to maintain.

TIDICULOUS, isn’t it!

Looking for Lincoln

And…..we were off!

Girlfriend, Thumper and Jabber took off for the Land of Lincoln in search of…..Lincoln!

Springfield, Illinois is located smack-dab in the center of Illinois, so it was a day-long road trip to get to our destination.  Jabber’s son lives there.  First on the search was a trip through the Illinois State Capitol building.

  The Senate Chamber.  Not meeting today.

The building has recently (and is currently) undergone renovation.  This is where our current President worked prior to becoming the President of the United States.  Son pointed out his seat, in the back row.

Son explains some of the history of the building to the girls (above).

But….pretty soon…..

Thumper and Girlfriend took their seats–Presenting The Honorable Girlfriend and Honorable Thumper of the Illinois State Senate.

Thumper looks pretty comfortable in that seat, doesn’t she?

The ceilings were as gorgeous as the walls.

 One of the statues of former notable politicians in Illinois history.

Girlfriend and Thumper contemplate the history of Illinois, but they are in search of Lincoln!

Above, the outside of the building and the dome….inside the dome below.

This is the dome in the center of the Capitol building–it is magnificent!

Looking down from the second floor of the rotunda under the dome (above).

Girlfriend decided to google where Lincoln might be while Thumper has decided that, no, Lincoln definitely is not here.


We tried looking in the House of Representatives in the Capitol building, but no one was there, either.

To get to the building, Son had taken us underground, through the tunnels and Rathskeller–what an amazing walkway it was, too!

View of one side of the Illinois State Capitol Building.

We had a private, wonderfully educational tour of the building–but we didn’t find Lincoln!  Tomorrow we would search elsewhere.

The Cracker Caper

“See?  This is what happens ’round here when you leave Poppy in charge.  She’s just not grown up ‘nuf to be in charge, I tell you.  She’s just NOT!” Jabber exclaimed, exasperated at what had happened.

I just wanted a couple hours out to meet my friend for a long-delayed dinner to catch up.  So, with TMWLH’s approval, I left about 4:15 to drive over to the restaurant.  Miss Poppy had ‘recharged her batteries’ by this time, having had a full night and day to rest up after her first kindergarten attendance the day before.  It had been unusually quiet around the house, with Miss Poppy dozing all day.  She was absolutely exhausted from her day-long adventure, too tired to get into trouble.

Before I left, however, I noticed she was being playful…..and I warned TMWLH to ‘watch her’!

One of Miss Poppy’s favorite things to do is to reach items up on the counters in the kitchen, especially lately, a plastic zip lock bag holding some Ritz crackers.  She’d gotten a taste of said crackers some time ago when she successfully knocked down a TIN (in which I’d neatly stacked them), tossing the crackers out of the tin and onto the floor.  Thankfully, Daughter was here and we’d quickly scooped them up, thrown them out and rescued the few remaining in the tin before Miss Poppy managed to gobble too many.

She liked them.  (We don’t give her human food, so the only way she has a ‘chance’ is to steal a taste here and there, which she will do if we aren’t careful.)

That was a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, I’d decided to place some additional remaining crackers in a plastic zip-lock bag and put them far away from Poppy’s reach on the back corner of the counter.

I thought.

Poppy had been eyeing those crackers, waiting for the opportunity.  Which came last evening whilst yours truly was not at home.

TMWLH decided to make himself something to snack and the crackers and some leftover spread (in the refrigerator) seemed appealing.  He made the snack, but forgot about putting the crackers way back on the counter…..and left them at paw’s reach….his first mistake.

What’s that?

No, no, not ever.  He’s made mistakes before; he just doesn’t admit to them.  This time there was no denying it.

Bam!  She grabbed them.  But since she couldn’t open the bag (no opposable thumbs, don’t you know), she simply decided to chew holes in the bag to get to the crackers.  And she did…..chew holes in the bag…..

but just then…..

TMWLH heard her.

Running back into the kitchen, he yelled, ‘DROP IT!”

And Miss Poppy, sensing that her prize was about to be taken away, quickly ran into the family room, wildly shaking the now-holey bag, filled with cracker CRUMBS.  TMWLH chased after her, but she then ran evasion tactics, back into the kitchen, into the living room, under the dining room table and finally relinquished said bag.  Her job, now, was to clean up the crumbs–and they were EVERYWHERE!

Mission accomplished, she declared to herself.

TMWLH surveyed the mess.  While he went to get the vacuum cleaner, Poppy helpfully ‘vacuumed’ what crumbs she could find–the largest ones first, of course–and tracked more small crumbs around the area as she lapped up.

Then came the great vacuum battle which ensues every single time the vacuum is brought out.  TMWLH valiantly vacuumed all over whilst Poppy alternated between running, lapping up crumbs, and barking at him.

Finally, he finished.  He turned around and looked into the living room.

Miss Poppy, needing to relieve herself, had decided she’d waited long enough and was, at that moment, making her ‘deposit’ on the living room rug.

TMWLH, having lost the battle with his puppy, was in a state when I arrived home shortly thereafter.

Poppy, however, had enjoyed the adventure and was very glad to see me.

We are sending her to kindergarten for the entire day today.

Why did the chicken……..

“Another chicken joke?” Jabber asked in a tired manner, “didn’t those go out way back in the 80’s?”

No.   It’s a story Leader told the other day after class.  That happened to her.  About a chicken…..

Leader telling the story.

I’ll do my best to repeat it here:

Leader was at the end of a very long hallway at the YMCA, with her back to the longest portion of it when she saw a staff member she knew and said hello.  The staff member responded.  Then the staff member stopped and said, “A chicken just went into the men’s bathroom.”

Leader stopped what she was doing, looked straight ahead (again, not looking down the hallway) and said, “Do you realize what you just said to me?”

“Yes.  A chicken just went into the men’s bathroom.”

“Are you awake?” asked Leader.


Leader turned around but saw nothing.  The men’s bathroom door was closed, several feet down the hallway, so she walked in that direction.  A young pre-teen boy walked towards her and entered the men’s bathroom.  She waited.  Fairly soon, a senior gentleman emerged from the bathroom.

Leader stopped him and said, “Did you see a chicken in the bathroom?”

The man looked at Leader, slowly shook his head, and then rather quickly walked away from her.

She waited.

Soon, the young boy emerged.  He had a backpack on, she noted.  Stopping him briefly she asked, “Was there a chicken in the bathroom?”

He walked away after looking at her as though she had lost her mind.

She knocked on the door.  Nobody answered, so she peeked in.  No one was in there.  And no chicken.

People being people come up with explanations for sightings like this:  obviously the child must have had a remote controlled chicken.  Right?


Where does one get a remote controlled chicken?

I have no other explanation nor does Leader.

She can only imagine what the elderly gentleman is thinking.

Granddaughter’s Wedding at Terian Farms

The beautiful couple, Amber and Eric Martin

Best friend of bride, Bridesmaid Jessica, and Mother of the Bride, my beautiful Jenny.

Grand Entrance into the Reception!

Maid of Honor and Sister of the Bride, Ashley

Niece of the Bride and Flower Girl, Kylee

Father of the Bride waits for the ceremony to begin.

  Centerpieces were lovely!




Bride with her Daddy dancing.

Sister, Mother and Niece of the Bride

Aunt and Uncle of the Bride (Jessica and Andrew)

Uncle and Aunt of the Bride, Toby and Mandy

Buffet table

Buffet table at opposite end

Cousins of the Bride

Cousin of the Bride

The weather was perfect–cool and clear–the Bride and Groom were simply lovely. The wedding and reception were elegant and the food was delicious. What a wonderful event. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple. I love you.

Wedding Weekend!

For lovely Granddaughter Amber and her handsome groom, Eric.

Rehearsal dinner was Friday night at Stoney River in Nashville–what a beautiful event that was!  Here are some photos:

The beautiful bride (left) and her equally beautiful mother, my Jenny.

The handsome Groom, Eric.

The Groom’s parents, hosts for the evening, Dan and Barbara.

Bridesmaid and one of the bride’s best friends, Jessica and her husband Adam.

A great photo of the groom, fourth from left; his brother-in-law and two sisters (bridesmaids) are to his left and his groomsmen are to his right.

TMWLH converses with Maid of Honor, Ashley’s boyfriend, Lucas.

The flower girl, Kylee, with her mother and Maid of Honor (and sister of the bride), Ashley.

The Bride’s paternal Grandmother, Cathy.

Bride’s maternal Grandfather and his wife, Alice.

Table decorations.

And the meal?  Oh my goodness!  I did not get any photos of the food presentations and I regret it.  Not only visually delectable, but also delicious.

Starters:  whiskey shrimp on country toast; vine-ripened tomato and mozzarella salad

Entrees (choice):  filet mignon, Oscar style; Scottish salmon, lime chicken

Sides:  au gratin potatoes, haricot verts, burgundy button mushrooms

Dessert platter:  white chocolate cheesecake and chocolate fudge cake

A wonderful event at the start of the wedding celebrations.

Baby Sitting

I know you have pondered, often, the origin of the term ‘baby sitting.’  Likely spent hours thinking about it, haven’t you?


Well, you need to get a life…..but other than that, I’m going to tell you where the phrase arose:

Bird update:  Two or three little ones have arrived.  I can’t quite see to count.  (Yes, I can count.  At least to three, but I’m digressing here.)  Both Mom and Dad are busy feeding them.  Fun to watch.

After the little ones are full and Mom is tired, Dad takes off (likely to cavort with the other new fathers) and Mom SITS on the kids!  This is called……BABY SITTING.

So now you know.  Ponder no more.

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