How Yard Sales are Saving My Assessment

Or, perhaps the title ought to be, “Seeing is Believing.”

“Here we go again….” Jabber thought, but didn’t say.  “I mean, why say anything?  She’s just off the deep end, anyway, so let her go ahead and write whatever….”

So true.  So true.

Early this morning, I spotted a hummingbird paying a visit to the gazebo.  Alas!  No feeder was in sight.  It was still under the house, not ready at all!  “Note to self,” I thought, “Maybe you can find a better hummingbird feeder or some food for a feeder today at sales.”

I was asking the yard sale spirits to look out for the hummingbirds, but also me and my, ahem,  assessments this morning.  Although I didn’t exactly ASK the YSS, I did THINK about these things.

I needed a new desk chair.  Badly.  I was suffering from the chair we had at the computer desk–not enough padding.

“YOU have enough padding!” Jabber did interject now….

This is true.  But the chair didn’t.  And I love love love to be on the computer, sometimes for a long time, so truly the lack of padding was beginning to give me a pain.  Literally.

As we all know, it is imperative that one clearly states one’s desires before going to yard sales.  Nothing is promised, but it’s much easier if (1) you and your friends and ‘they’ (yard sale spirits YSS) have a clear understanding of what it is you need and/or want, and (2) you are diligent about the search yourself.

Again, nothing is promised.  But I’ll be darned if much of the time, the stuff you wanted to find, you do.  I can not explain this.  But my friends and I will verify that yes, it happens quite often….


I stated my problem clearly to friend Cupcake as we walked a neighborhood sale this morning…I think what I said was, “My sciatic nerve is beginning to really hurt!  I’m sure it’s from the chair I use at the computer.  I need a good, padded one.

Cupcake is a nurse.  (We like to travel with our own medical people, you know, at 111 anything can happen.  Sometimes we have two nurses with us…..Vanna and Cupcake.  But this morning, it was just Cupcake representing the medical team.)  But I digress.

Cupcake said, “Yup!  Sounds like your sciatic nerve.  You need an ergonomically correct chair.  Well, you never know, we might find…..” and we turned the corner to see…..


For $15 each.

Needless to say, we each bought one.

Not only that, as the yard sale spirits often do, they gave us many choices of well-padded, nicely cared for computer chairs at incredibly low prices this morning.  I counted 5 altogether at different sales…the others were brown or black, but ours!  Well, ours are teal and purple–we are nothing if not stylish.  One must keep up one’s appearances and, ahem, one’s ‘assessments’ too….Indeed!



At the very last sale, of course, we found:

  For $2

Both Cupcake and I bought one.

So now you know how the yard sale spirits are helping me help the hummers and saving my assessments.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.


Music City Half Marathon!

“A year since Jabber did it?” Jabber pondered the very idea that time had passed so fast!

Yes, the Music City Marathon and Half Marathon was Saturday the 25th.  Whilst Jabber and the Brocanters were out sailing yards, about 27,000 of their closest friends were running/walking the marathons, including some of the Y-Knots!

Here are the courageous and successful walkers/runners for this year!  We are SOOO proud of them all!

  Racer Daughter and Leader’s daughter did it together!

  With Elvis!

  Here’s Leader with her running partner, Mac.

Below is Racer Daughter’s ‘bib’ worn during the race–note that she added “YKnotWannaBe” to her bib in honor of us older women known as the Y-Knots who have run/walked in prior years.  (This brought a tear to our eyes, Daughter.  Thank you!)

And some Y-Knot Llamas did it this year too!

(An explanation:  if you are a ‘woman of a certain age’, come to our workout class consistently, you ARE a Y-Knot because we all figure, well, why not?  We are also a very “tight” group–a ‘knot’ at the YMCA, hence, Y-Knots.  If you walk or run a half marathon and are a Y-Knot, you are automatically a Y-Knot Llama.  Because as we all know, Llamas are very persistent.  They will also spit at anybody who tries to “put them in their place”.  We won’t be categorized like that; we’re very persistent and determined…..And we can spit too….  Don’t you DARE patronize us as little old ladies!  There, that ought to fully explain the title.)

“Did anybody ever tell you that you are crazy?” Jabber inquired.

Of course.  I pay them no attention.  That’s what Y-Knot Llamas do.  We just keep on keepin’ on….

Mavis (above)





Close up of the medals and shirts this year!


A marathon is 26.2 miles; a half marathon is 13.1 miles.  A half marathon must be completed in 4 hours or under–and they all did it!

Waking Up

It’s now 5:50 a.m. and I’ve been up for a while.  Friends of mine sometimes get up at 2:30–those of us over a ‘certain age’ seem to have this internal clock which doesn’t let us sleep a long time.  Maybe it’s because there is so much life to be lived and we don’t want to miss a moment of it.  As long as there is a nap in the afternoon (‘power naps’ they call them, which makes me laugh!), we seem to get along just fine with limited sleep.

But what does one do at such an early hour?

I have a large glass of water, make my coffee, and go to the computer–first up, check my email.  Hopefully somebody has thought to shoot me an email, or put up a new post on his/her blog, or there’s an interesting article sent to me from some website.  Mostly, though, it’s ads.  Ads for products, services, and political groups.

I’ve thought of deleting some of those, but then something will catch my eye or I’ll have an interest in one of those new fangled products–so I hate to remove myself from their mailing list.  Not that one can, anyway.  I think once one is on an email list, one is always on an email mailing list.

Checking my blog, I look for ‘likes’ or ‘comments’–both of which are enjoyed if there are any.  Most of the time, there aren’t.  But I keep posting, anyway–for the friends and family who read this and want to know what’s going on in our part of the world, with our circle of loved ones.

Then, it’s Lumosity games.  It seems to wake up my brain….my favorite one is “Trains of Thought”–where one is presented with different configurations of train tracks on the screen, and for me up to 52 trains in 2 minutes.  The idea is to switch the tracks for each train so each gets to the color-coded ‘house’ which matches each little train’s colors.  I’ve been trying to get all 52 trains into their respective houses for about a year now (working my way up from a few to 52 over time).  I’ve not succeeded yet.  Still I keep trying.  Why I don’t know.  They have convinced me it makes me smarter or keeps me sharper or something.  I think I have just gotten better at playing their games.

So, now I’m awake…..both the body and the mind….and looking forward to a new day (morning, early morning, is my favorite time of the day).  So much possibility!  So many things to do!  So many projects to consider, some to accomplish, some just dream about.  TMWLH will get up soon–whenever Poppy decides she wants out of her kennel which is located in our bedroom–she’ll alert him it’s time to get up and he will dutifully arise to take her outside for her “morning constitutional.”

It’s a good way to start the day.

It’s a good life.

When my children were very young, I relished the brief time in the early mornings when I could have my coffee in peace and quiet–but those days are long, long past.  It became a nice habit for me to arise so early, and now I find it’s a good time to reflect on life, sometimes accomplish a few things (quiet things–like ironing those few items, or organizing coupons, or planning for an upcoming event.  I  like to use paper and pencil when planning.  Seems to clarify things for me a bit better than typing them up on the computer or making lists on Evernote or whatever.  But I am ever so grateful for the internet!)  The early-to-bed, early-to-rise motto grabbed me in my 20’s and I’ve continued the practice for over 50 years.

The day is beginning.  The sun is coming up; so is the poodle!  Life will be a hustle and bustle likely today:  Friends to see, a workout to challenge my body, appointments to keep, plans to make, and the everyday activities which encompass our lives.

The birds are getting up, too–I hear them singing outside in the trees.  Spring is here, the tulips are coming up, the Red Bud and Bradford Pear trees are in bloom….a new dawn.  A beautiful time of the day.

I hope your day is beautiful and begins as enjoyably as mine.  Take time to notice life–even if it means you get up at 2:30 a.m.  Or 8 a.m.  Just take the time…..and notice.



Spring Fever?

“There is snow everywhere, half the USA is covered in snow and ice and cold, and YOU have spring fever?” Jabberwocky asked, rather perplexed.

Yep.  Do.  We’re all tired of winter.  And guess what I saw in my side garden?

See?  There are still leaves scattered in the bed from last fall, but the Daffodils are up!  Even a flower and a couple of buds are on the plants.  Made me perk right up to spy them as I looked over the deck.  So, of course, I had to take a picture.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in our yard, snow and ice are still around:

But the little plants poking through promise that spring is coming.

My thoughts immediately turned to having a garden of some sort this year–I always THINK that, seldom actually do much in the way of gardening.  However, this year I actually might plant a few vegetables along with some flowers in pots.  If you are interested in that too, you might enjoy this website I stumbled across yesterday:

With food prices increasing, it’s a good time to give some thought to growing some food of your own, isn’t it?  This can be done if you plan ahead and do a little bit of work right now, when you are stuck inside due to the snow.  Those little ‘k cups’ which so many of us use can be excellent seed starter pots, so can egg cartons.  It’s close to March, about the right time to start many early-spring seeds so they’ll be ready to plant in pots or in the garden a bit later.

And even if you don’t follow through with your plans, it’s still kind of fun to dream of spring.

Poppy dreaming of spring!


From one of the choice articles I read this past week:

Blue eyed people tend to be analytical, artistic and able to hold their liquor better than brown eyed people.  Brown eyed people tend to be stronger and more athletic but can’t hold their liquor as well.

So you could be an artistic financial analyst or an athletic alcoholic, depending upon your eye color?


Sorry, no link for that—I just recalled it because it was rather startling.  But you might like to know that blue eyes didn’t exist until about 6,000 years ago.  Gene mutation.  Now, eye color genes are linked to all sort of traits.  Or so they think.



It is only 83 days off.  Do YOU have your shopping done?


How Many Pushups are Optimal depending on sex and age?

Our workout class did a total of 33 this morning, give or take.   If you think that’s impressive, you ought to see our LEADER!  God knows how many she can do.  But only God.  She doesn’t show off in class.

(Hint:  None of us is under 55 and most are over 65.)

 Don’t mess with any of us, either!


Looking for purpose?  Here is a GREAT website for those of us who are older:

Ways to contribute to betterment of mankind—lots of ideas!  Help, too, if you want it.

Take a look!


Did I mention that Christmas is only 83 days away?

(This is brought to you on behalf of Mrs. Clause who frankly can’t wait for Santa to get outta’ the house for a few hours.  She’s ready for a break!)


That’s all I’ve got for today.  Have a great weekend!

Sunday Morning before the rain


Entitled, “Sunflowers and Roosters”

Brightening the kitchen counter—sunflowers from Vanna’s husband’s garden.  Thank you!

Outside, on the deck, plants are brightening the morning:




“Audrey III” still making her rounds!


She is still trying to reach either the deck or the house—and coming closer each passing day!  See here:

Security is out and about, chipmunk check in progress.  Glad to see her so inquisitive once again.  (Her front right leg was shaved to insert the IV last week.)


And now……………….the rain!


Have a pleasant Sunday.  Keep the sunny-side of life in view!


Llama Drama




Here she is modeling her Llama shirt.

You have to love Deborah—she’s fun, she is very perky, and she’s always ready to go into our ‘secret’ Llama gallop in class, making the rest laugh.  She, along with several of us, did the half marathon earlier this year.

This is what her shirt says:


Save the Drama for your Llama!

Thanks for the inspiration, Deborah!

Let’s do it again!


Llama Llama Ding Dong

“Really?” Jabber asked.  “Really?  Lookie here, I know you is a ding-a-ling or as our ol’ friend Pooh Bear used to say, ‘a bear of very little brain,’ but what’s with this llama llama stuff?”

It’s hard to explain, Jabber.  Unless you’ve been there.

Wait a minute, you WERE there!  You are me—sometimes.  (Score one for Jabber’s initial insight into…….oh never mind.)

(And no, this is NOT about the Dali Llama, who I think is a pretty fine guy.  He laughs a lot too, and so should we.  Go ahead, channel your inner llama—Dali or otherwise.)

This is how llama obsession all came about:

Prior to the half, we all ‘did’ twelve miles on the marathon route—for practice.  I sent out this video along with a note which said I KNEW everyone felt just like this! 

One week and ready to  go!!


So then I was committed. 

“No, you weren’t.  Shoulda’ been, but you weren’t.  You were runnin’ free..and people were unawares………” Jabber commented.

Which is true.  I was committed, obsessed some might say, with llamas.

So, a while later, I sent out this:


Keep channeling your inner llama.

I’m hung up on llamas at the present time.  Sorry to inflict them on you.  Can’t help it.

Half-crazy………….(half marathon………get it? Huh?  oh, never mind………)


Followed by this:

First 17 seconds—You may THINK these are llamas, but they are really us channeling our ‘inner llamas’.  It’s ALL OF US!  And somebody just said they didn’t believe we did the half marathon—go get ‘em llamas!

Okay.  I’m done with my obsession with llamas.


P.S.  The rest of the video is kind of funny at times, too—but it’s the first 17 seconds that really illustrates us!

P.P.S.  Well, no I’m not done with my obsession with llamas.  This is my llama love song to all of you!  Smile


And so now, of course, I have found out that Cupcake’s daughter lives next door to a bunch of llamas! and Kaki’s brother actually lives WITH llamas.  Who knew?* 

Everybody has a llama but Jabber, who obviously loves llamas.   Well, actually, I rather prefer Alpacas, but llamas will do in a pinch.  There aren’t many videos on youtube about Alpacas.  Or Llamas, either, actually.  I have more or less exhausted the supply of readily available youtube videos of llamas which were to the point, more or less.

Likely less.

Llama Llama DUCK!


*Oh, alright.  Cupcake’s daughter’s neighbor doesn’t actually live with llamas that I know of.  Might, but I doubt it.  I think he just HAS llamas.  And Kaki’s brother doesn’t live with llamas, either, at least not inside his house, as far as I know.  He has some, though, and he raises them I’m told.  And guess what?  SOMETIME SOON I’LL GET TO GO VISIT THE LLAMAS.

I just hope they don’t spit at me.  I’ve been giving them pretty good publicity here lately………..




Hotlanta Hugs!

All good things come to an end and our Hotlanta! trip had to come to an end, too.  Which is why I’m here, at home, writing this blog entertaining all of you Weeders.  Otherwise, I’d be there.  Still. 

You ARE entertained, right?

Okay, never mind…….

The last day of our Hotlanta trip began with hugs.  From the most amazing lady we’ve met in a long, long time.

We decided to try this place for breakfast:


Daughters had oatmeal with all kinds of luscious toppings and Jabber had an omelet.  Of course she did.  And we all got HUGS from this lady:


Her name is Yvonne.  She MAKES the Corner Bakery joyful.  She gives hugs to EVERYBODY to enters. 


This is a woman who has adapted her career into her life’s work—making other people happy, showing them some ‘sugar’ and some unconditional love.  If ever you are in Hotlanta, go see her!  You will be very very happy you did.


Thank you Yvonne!  You made our day and our weekend in Atlanta something wonderful to remember!

Every time you get knocked down

Either the Devil laughs and you’re done, or the Angels sing and you get back up and try again.

Wonderful quote from a young boy in the program, “The Address” on PBS just now.

The boys memorize the Gettysburg Address, a real triumph for those who manage to do it, understand it, speak it in front of others.  Learning this address requires diligence, discipline, determination, especially for them.  These boys learn in ‘alternative’ ways which is to say they have physical, emotional and mental challenges others do not. 

What courage.  And from this I took the quote—from a young boy who was angry and frustrated with the world and others in general.  Yet he is the one with the wisdom:

“Every time you get knocked down, either the Devil laughs and you’re done, or the Angels sing and you get back up and try again.”

And yes, he recited it.

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