A Bunny’s Tale

The Brocanters were chatting–oh, alright, they are Modern Brocanters, they were texting–to each other this afternoon.  Vanna sent a photo of her father-in-law who they helped move into a new apartment.  In the course of the move, he’s had some emergency health issues, so it’s been a great relief that he is now in his new apartment.

Here is the conversation upon receiving the good news:

Eggsellent!  Hoppy Easter!  He does look good!”  Jabber sent them all good wishes.


“Thanks for your support–we hope everyone has abunnydunce of fun this weekend..” Vanna….


“You are too clever, I’m going to steal this for the blog….” Jabber stated.

“Go ahead…you won’t have/hear any “Peeps” from me!” Vanna said.

“…Where are ya getting the puns?” Thumper inquired….


“The Either Bunny?” Jabber responded, who knows a lot about mythical creatures, sometimes being one her very own self.  But then, so does Vanna.  And Thumper.  And Sosew.  And Cupcake.  And Girlfriend.

They KNOW a lot about mythical creatures or they ARE mythical creatures?” Jabber inquired….

Well, yes.




And Thumper added, “Google–they have everything!  Even eggstreme Easter puns!”

Good Hoppin’ along the Abunnydunce Trail my Weeder friends!  Hope the Eggstreme Eggs and the Chocolate Bunny hop right out of your Either basket with barely a Peep and onto your plates!