Yes, another recycled craft–when will it end?

Wine bottles, leftover craft paint, and some yard sale candles.

Oh, and I didn’t write the heading for this post–Jabber did.  And the answer is:  NEVER.

(Idea from Pinterest)

The Laundry is DONE; On to Little Vegetables

And I’m the only one with the courage to share my ‘dirty laundry’?  Cowards!

Ok, enough of that topic.  It’s on to the next.  It’s the Thursday before Easter.  What else would I be doing but making little teeny, tiny vegetables?  I mean, what else do people do the Thursday before Easter?

These are for the Peter Rabbit cake I make every year.  Go here to see the recipe:

This year I used this to make the vegetables:

I was unable to locate the Marzipan, but this works very well.  One package made all the vegetables and some dough leftover.  I tinted it with food coloring.

So with the vegetables done, it was time to make the cake, which is cooling right now.  (The recipe and all the instructions can be found on the above referenced website.)  A trip to various stores to get in supplies, a few trips in and out of the house for Miss Poppy’s enjoyment, and that’s what I’ve done all day long.  How about you?

Meanwhile, the Poodlette is having a grand time now and again with her friends:

Above, entertaining Granddaughter

And, of course, TMWLH is back to his role as ‘dog walker extra-ordinaire” which makes him and the Poodlette very happy.


And  me too, by the way.

We are feeling more SECURE now as Miss Poppy has learned that if a strange person comes to the door, it is important to sound the alarm.  So she runs to the kitchen, far away from the front door, and barks.  Better than no alarm at all.  And, she’s not yet 5 months old.

Good Friday is tomorrow.  I do wish every one of you a very happy weekend and a Hoppy Easter.  I hope you spend your time with family and friends and that Mr. Rabbit delivers some Easter eggs and candy to your house.



Last Year’s Open House Invitations

I had promised to show you, then I think I got busy and forgot–so here they are with instructions.

The theme was Holiday Movies.  Since popcorn is one of the treats available at the movies, the invitations were popcorn boxes with faux popcorn and invitation tags.

Go to the internet and print out the popcorn boxes here:

Print out on heavier craft paper.  Cut out around the outside with an X-acto knife and then score all the places you will need to fold.  Using a glue stick, fold the tab and bottom portions, adding glue to adhere.  You will have a nice looking popcorn box!  Now, what do you do for the popcorn?

One idea is to use REAL popcorn and that would definitely work.  But I decided to use Styrofoam pellets and shape them into popcorn, secure them inside the container, and then lightly dab on some yellow craft paint as ‘butter.’  (Before you secure the popcorn, make sure that the ticket sleeves–see below!–will slip in and out of the popcorn box.  You will not want to glue the popcorn to one side of the box.)

“Popcorn” from Styrofoam peanut.

Box of Styrofoam peanuts–I made 50 invitations so I used up almost all of these.

I inserted some heavier cardboard in the bottom to hold the shape of the popcorn box so it would stand on its own.  Then, I stuffed in some newspaper and finally adhered the ‘popcorn’ in the top 1/3 of the box with white glue.  These take a while to dry, so I allowed them to sit overnight before dabbing on some yellow paint for the butter effect.

Popcorn box with drying ‘popcorn’

Be sure to leave one side of the box unglued so the sleeves will slip up and down into the box–see below!

Next, I made the tags I would attach with the invitation information.  I cut more craft paper into ‘cards’ about 4 by 5 inches, then strips of stripped paper to place across the tags.  I adhered these with a glue stick.

Next, I printed out small popcorn box ‘stickers’ and the actual invitation information on white paper.  (Each printed separately. You will want to adhere the white printed information onto a larger colorful piece and then onto the green 4 by 5 inch card.)  Finally, you will cut out and attach the popcorn box ‘stickers’ on the card for decoration.

Note the ‘tickets’ sticking out of the top of the popcorn box?

You can print out the ‘tickets’ which are blank from on line. Just look up movie ticket templates and you should be able to find them. I adhered them to heavier craft paper and cut them out together (I used craft scissors so they have a zig-zag edge). I included all the information for the invitation on these in the spaces provided. For the ticket sleeves, I measured the size of the tickets, then made them twice as wide and a little bit longer, folding them (and adhering them) with a glue stick. The tickets slipped inside the sleeves and I inserted them into the side of the popcorn boxes for a little more ‘reality.’

Popcorn boxes ready to be wrapped in cellophane. Note the ticket sleeves in each of the boxes.

Finally, wrap your boxes with clear cellophane,, secure at the top with a ribbon, and attach your tag invitation.  Hand deliver, of course!

For a little added ‘oomph’ to your Christmas Movie Trees decorations at the party, spray paint some old trophies gold and attach awards to each ‘Oscar.”

Here is one of the Oscars awarded last Holiday Season!

And, if you are really fortunate, you will locate a larger blow-up Oscar which you may place right next to your entryway!  (Mine was from a yard sale–where else?!)

Blow up Oscar!

Movie Themed Christmas Trees–Nutcracker Prince and Grinch


In one of the upstairs bedrooms…201412310704.jpg

201412310705.jpg 201412310707.jpg

The skirt to the Nutcracker Prince tree is a black crinoline edged with ribbon (crinoline found at a yard sale—where else?).


Christmas Movie Themed Trees–Frosty the Snowman and The Polar Express






In Which Yard Sale Treasures Are Named

Because I had to do something to make this post a little more interesting.  That’s why.

Here are some photos of yard sale finds (repeat the mantra, “You Can find ANYTHING at a yard sale.”)

Because my photos are such masterpieces, I have given them names.  You know, in case they wind up in some art gallery.  Somewhere.  On another planet.



This masterpiece is called “Yard Sale Seller with Large Head.”

The one below is called Urning for Coffee”—(get it?  “urning for coffee”?  Oh never mind.)


Actually, it’s a coffee server. It doesn’t actually make any coffee.  It holds the coffee.  Yours for only $10.  New!  Never used!  (There is a lesson here……)

Now, here is a find, a real treasure.  Or it will be when Racer Daughter gets through with it:



“Tool Box With Patina”

And, something for moi.  This will be hung over a small table on the deck.  Candles will be inserted and lit for ambience.  (Well, yes, it is nothing if it is not ambient.  I like big words.  What can I say?)



Two demitasse cups and saucers, Rose Minton pattern, $2 each.  Just so happens Racer Daughter has a set of Rose Minton.  These are very old dishes, from maybe the 1920’s or 1930’s.

  “Cups and Saucers”

(I am nothing if not creative.)

“You are not creative.”  Jabber interjected here.


Finally, a mystery find.  You WILL see her again at Holiday Time.  She cost $1.  And yes, she did have clothes, but I took them off.  She will have new clothes!


Isabella.  She will be playing the role of Natalie.

“Oh no,” Jabber groaned, “Another mannequin?  You haven’t even learned how to spell mannequin ‘cause auto correct always says your spelling is wrong.’

Yes.  This is true.  But I’ll continue to work on it.

Peter Rabbit Garden Cake this year

I made the carrot cake again this year and topped it with Marzipan vegetables and bunnies.  This year’s “Peter Rabbit” cake:






For directions, go here:

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