Repost of Up to Some Good

“As opposed to no good,” Jabber remarked.

Yes. Some good. Or I could entitle this, “What I did On My Summer Vacation” except I had no summer vacation other than a couple of trips with Girlfriend and Thumper which WERE fun (see previous posts), but that didn’t exactly take up the entire summer.

No, there was a good deal of down time. So I decided to fill it up….Maybe the title ought to be, “Filling UP the DOWN time”?

Okay, this is what I did:

Eleven years ago, or so, I purchased two chairs which were blue upholstered and fruitwood finished. My intent was to reupholster them. I finally got around to it this summer. Because, Weeders, redoing chairs takes a very long time, much patience, and a vision.

Oh, I had the vision alright, but I didn’t have the ambition. Took me 11 years to work that up. But, finally, I did. And I chronicled it for YOU! Yes, just in case you wish to redo something yourself. (Advice: don’t.)

It can be done in a few simple steps (she said, tongue in cheek):

Take the entire chair apart. Save all the pieces. Mark them. Try to avoid allowing any stray Poodlettes to eat the stuffing out of the chair. The Spicy Royal Red devoured one large piece, so I had to remake that. Also, it was a rather large vet bill. But I digress….

Remove said chair to garage and proceed to refinish the wood. This may or may not involve consultation with one’s daughters and friends, much sanding, painting, glazing, waxing, whatever. Anyway, do it now. Let it dry.
Place chairs in a room where small Poodlettes (and stray ones as well) do not have access. The stuffing is still at risk.
Select fabric. Decide how much you may need. Order more than what you think you’ll need.
Cut out the fabric pieces using the original pieces as patterns.
Reassemble the chair beginning with the last thing you removed from the chair.
Remove what you just assembled and start again.
So far, you have been at this for approximately 2 months. Set it aside for a couple of weeks to regain your composure.
Slowly and with much patience, sew, glue, staple and reassemble the chair.
Improvise new attachment techniques–staples, hot glue, spray glue, fabric glue, whatever works.
Complain to whoever will listen.
Finish the project–at least one of the chairs so you can take a picture and get some praise from somebody or another.

See? How easy was that!


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  1. Judy Bentley
    Oct 13, 2015 @ 13:57:02

    Hi there Marilyn! Just exploring your blog…impressive!


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