About Time (repost)

“It’s about time for what exactly?” Jabber, slightly interested, inquired. “Time for what?”

For Fall. Autumn. It’s the most dreary weather here–overcast, gray, chilly, not pretty autumn weather at all. Feels more like Winter, but it isn’t time for winter yet, I don’t think.

But, also, it’s almost time for The Spicy Royal Red Paprika (aka Poppy) to begin her side career as a Security. Since we are not capable of doing the job. That’s what I’m really referring to.

“A Security Analyst?” Jabber asked a question again, “She don’t know nuthin’ ’bout finances!”

No, no, Jabber. That’s TMWLH’s job. And Jabber’s job is to disperse said finances, as you know. I’m doing a pretty fine job of it, too!

No….I’m referring to a side career as our protector, defender, and alert specialist!

Oh yes, I know, the original Security did an exemplary job at this–we could always count on her to alert us when people came to the door–and I always knew by her distinctive, individualized alarm ….oh alright, by her BARK…… which was individualized, Weeders, it really was… if they were friends and family or if the approaching person was a deliveryman or someone she did not know. Yes, Security had turned security into a fine art indeed.

And now, since Poppy is approaching a year old, she has been practicing BEING the Security. (She’s been reading Oxanna’s Manual again. I tell you, these Poodlettes pass on such knowledge and information, it’s astounding to me. I mean, I didn’t even know she could read!)

Anyway, I’ve had a glance at said Manual, myself, from time-to-time and the chapter on “Security” doesn’t say anything about individualized barks for different visitors to the house. It simply says, “ONE can decide for Oneself whether or not a unique announcement shall be made for different visitors to One’s Abode.” Our Security took it to heart. (And I must say that Mr. Peroit has been most silent on the subject.)

Henri Peroit, our Butler, who is silent on the subject.

I am not sure whether or not The Spicy Royal Red will do the same, but of course, it’s been discussed amongst the household members and she’s listened. She is a quick learner, and I do believe she, too, will decide to announce visitors appropriately so that Jabber will know if it is friend or foe. Or family which might be either. Depends……

As it is, right at this moment, she’s begun practicing surveillance at the front door. She does this without being noticed by the outside passersby simply by moving the curtains ever so slightly so that she can peek out the base of the window.


Or, at times, she moves the blinds so that she can peer through them to see what is happening outside.

Arising BEFORE dawn most days, Miss Poppy heads for the front window/door to check on the surroundings. Noticing that it is DARK OUTSIDE (OMG!) and the lights have obviously been turned out by Whomever, she alerts the rest of us. This is at maybe 4:30 or 5 a.m. It is so nice to have a built-in alarm clock in the household. I just wish we could reset the time it goes off a bit.

This causes TMWLH to arise, dress in his finest robe and slippers (he has only one of each and both are in the neighborhood of 30 years old, give or take–and I do wish someone would take), and slide outside, Poppy leading the way. I must admit this is an improvement over the 2 a.m. walks and feedings which we were subjected to in her early months, but nonetheless 4:30 a.m. is DARK OUTSIDE. At least we don’t have much traffic at that time of the day. For which I, at least, am grateful.

This gratitude for little traffic is because The Spicy Royal Red has a penchant for simply plopping down on the ground and waiting and watching to see what is going to occur in the Great Outdoors. This, of course, leaves TMWLH holding a leash and waiting, in his robe and slippers at 4:30 a.m., with her.

Generally, nothing happens. And so, after 10 minutes or so, TMWLH is successful in tugging/dragging her (all 55 to 60 pounds of her) back into the house. Where she has a drink, and then promptly returns to her bed to sleep another 3-4 hours.

TMWLH is, of course, up.

For the day. (As is Jabber. Which is why you get these posts periodically. What ELSE is there to do at 4:30 a.m.?)

I mean, it’s just the way Miss Poppy has decided to implement security in and around the house. It does work. She sleeps quite securely once everyone else is up and alert. Should anything dangerous actually occur, she knows The Authorities will instigate some sort of defense, so it’s a good system, she reports.

Besides, a girl needs her beauty rest.


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