First Day of Real “Night” School!

Or is it the first night of real day school?  I dunno….doesn’t matter.  Poppy was off to her new class Tuesday night.  Her chauffeurs, Jabber and TMWLH, drove her.  She was MOST excited!

Poppy in the van being chauffeured.

See the smile on her face?

And so we were off to  ‘real’ NIGHT school!

She was prepared.  She’d rested most of the day, storing up much needed energy and enthusiasm to use at school.  She’d had a light supper, saving the rest for when she returned from class.  She had washed her face and brushed her hair fur, and she was ready to go.   She knew her teacher, Miss Marisa, of Greymont Kennels, and was quite fond of her.  Miss Marisa had already taught Poppy some necessary skills in Kindergarten, such as how to properly say hello to another kid canine, how to leave another child  puppy alone when they asked to be left alone, how to politely go into and come out of a kennel with respect, and how to properly interact with others.  So far, Poppy works and plays well with others, at least most of the time.

There were four other children canines in her class, most of them close to Poppy’s size and weight.  However, there was a range of up to one year between the five in class–this because some had been held back so that they would be mature enough to participate  no, that’s not right–because some of the parents had only now chosen to send them to formal school.  At least one or two were adopted, and so had only been with their legal parents for a short while.

Above, you see Poppy on the right, Delilah who is Black and Cedar (or Skeeter, unsure which is his proper name).

In Middle School, Recess comes first.

And Recess comes middle, too.

Clearly, Delilah and Poppy are the best of friends–she and Delilah decided to do a little dance for the rest of the class and the parents:

It was sort of a Fox Trot with a “Latin” bent to it.

A lesson was presented on properly walking one’s person errr, one’s puppy, and the proper way to get into and out of a kennel–the puppy is the one who is supposed to get into the kennel, by the way.

And, of course, the final ten minutes was spent with RECESS again!  Recess is the most important class in Middle School.

Poppy definitely likes Middle School and we will  return for additional parental training next week.  Meanwhile, Poppy is to practice with her parents so that they can learn the proper way to communicate well with her.

I don’t like to say that Poppy is disrespectful of her parents; however, she does think she knows more than they do some of the time, especially when it comes to what she likes to eat and when she likes to go to bed.  It’s important that Poppy learns to be respectful of them as they only have what is best for her in mind.  (She is a very smart puppy,  but bragging about it is not attractive.)

And as for her parents?  Well, we are trying……….



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. marisa leonetti
    Sep 30, 2015 @ 09:20:11

    LOL!!! I love the pics and the posts! I am sure Poppy thought a lot of what we were doing was just absurd! haha She may be too smart for us! We all love her so much and she is a wonderful addition to our class at Greymont and our Day School during the week. She has come so far since her first day. You should be very proud parents…but stop letting her boss you around!! 🙂


  2. harpethview
    Oct 01, 2015 @ 14:49:31

    Uh huh. Well, Miss Marisa, I understand and appreciate what you are saying, but then again, try living with her 24/7! She’s definitely the Diva…..and has a doting father. I’m not responsible! LOL……


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