Mother/Daughters Weekend

This year, instead of the Annual Longest Yard Sale trip, we decided we’d spend the weekend at the Hall Resort.  Located in beautiful downtown Atoka,  complete with pool and room service (if requested), this private full-service resort provides bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, individualized tours and, of course, a happy hour designed for each of its guests.

The Happy Three–CCQ Daughter’s, Jabber’s, and Racer Daughter’s special wine glasses, reserved for annual weekend get-togethers (above)

The Happy Trio (above)

                      Outdoor Tiki Bar on the covered patio

The two girls lounge around the pool

Covered patio with Tiki Bar

       A private tour was arranged for Sun Studios.

Above, a row of guitars used by famous singers–on the far left is one used by Johnny Cash.  To obtain his unique sound, Mr. Cash wrapped a dollar bill around the neck of the guitar, loosened the strings a bit, and developed his unique sound–similar to drums–for a ‘beat’ background to some of his songs.  Seems that drums were not allowed (at that time) on the stage at (I believe it was) the Grand Ole’ Opry.  The tour guide said, this is what is known as being ‘tight with a dollar bill.’

Inside the Recording Studio area, still used today

A photo of Elvis recording in the studio

A photo of the icons of Rock and Roll captured ‘jamming’ together in Sun Studio.

From Sun Studio, we ventured to the Blue Monkey, a mid-town (Memphis) eatery.


The weather forecast threatened storms, so we headed back to the Resort–where we found some evidence of high winds, but not much rain.  A relaxing evening was spent under the covered patio and watching fireworks!  Our hosts had thought of everything!  (There was a festival in Atoka that day and the culmination was fireworks which we could see from the pool area.)

We all had a grand time!  Wonderful resort, we’ll go again for sure.  (Thank you CCQ Daughter for the great weekend.)


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