Poppy Models

At 8 1/2 months of age, Poppy is growing into her looks and like all teen Poodlettes, concerned about keeping up appearances.  The weather has been very muggy and hot and she’s spent several days at Kindergarten meaning that it was time to refresh her outfit for school.

To her great relief, she seems to be very popular with the other kids canines and comes home from school each time with an A+ except for one day….she only got an A.  She was sorely disappointed, but she explained she had been having an ‘off day’ what with the weather and all.

So for the coming month or so, she’s selected again a short-cut velveteen Copper-colored coat and she just CAN’T give up the fur cuffs, so those, too.  But she did ask for a blunt haircut around her ears–a sort of Poodlette ‘bob‘ look which is attractive on her.  Her only accessory is a polka-dot scarf with assorted colored polka-dots.  This because, as she explained, “It’s much too hot for bows in my hair and besides the other kids just try to steal them from me!”

Below are some photographs which she allowed me to snap.  She now weighs over 50 pounds and as such, could be considered a ‘plus size’ model in the Poodlette world.   (I really think she is pretty good at modeling.  But she’s told me many times that her career choice is going to be in the geriatric care field.  I don’t know why.)

Note the ‘bangs”?  She wanted to try them out with the ‘bob.’

  Fur cuffs, nails au natural

Poppy turns her head as she’s seen other models do….”fetching’ look!

A quick snapshot of her lovely coat and she was off.  Other things to do, she said…..


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Bobbie
    Aug 20, 2015 @ 10:34:28

    She’s a very pretty Poodette


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