The Cracker Caper

“See?  This is what happens ’round here when you leave Poppy in charge.  She’s just not grown up ‘nuf to be in charge, I tell you.  She’s just NOT!” Jabber exclaimed, exasperated at what had happened.

I just wanted a couple hours out to meet my friend for a long-delayed dinner to catch up.  So, with TMWLH’s approval, I left about 4:15 to drive over to the restaurant.  Miss Poppy had ‘recharged her batteries’ by this time, having had a full night and day to rest up after her first kindergarten attendance the day before.  It had been unusually quiet around the house, with Miss Poppy dozing all day.  She was absolutely exhausted from her day-long adventure, too tired to get into trouble.

Before I left, however, I noticed she was being playful…..and I warned TMWLH to ‘watch her’!

One of Miss Poppy’s favorite things to do is to reach items up on the counters in the kitchen, especially lately, a plastic zip lock bag holding some Ritz crackers.  She’d gotten a taste of said crackers some time ago when she successfully knocked down a TIN (in which I’d neatly stacked them), tossing the crackers out of the tin and onto the floor.  Thankfully, Daughter was here and we’d quickly scooped them up, thrown them out and rescued the few remaining in the tin before Miss Poppy managed to gobble too many.

She liked them.  (We don’t give her human food, so the only way she has a ‘chance’ is to steal a taste here and there, which she will do if we aren’t careful.)

That was a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, I’d decided to place some additional remaining crackers in a plastic zip-lock bag and put them far away from Poppy’s reach on the back corner of the counter.

I thought.

Poppy had been eyeing those crackers, waiting for the opportunity.  Which came last evening whilst yours truly was not at home.

TMWLH decided to make himself something to snack and the crackers and some leftover spread (in the refrigerator) seemed appealing.  He made the snack, but forgot about putting the crackers way back on the counter…..and left them at paw’s reach….his first mistake.

What’s that?

No, no, not ever.  He’s made mistakes before; he just doesn’t admit to them.  This time there was no denying it.

Bam!  She grabbed them.  But since she couldn’t open the bag (no opposable thumbs, don’t you know), she simply decided to chew holes in the bag to get to the crackers.  And she did…..chew holes in the bag…..

but just then…..

TMWLH heard her.

Running back into the kitchen, he yelled, ‘DROP IT!”

And Miss Poppy, sensing that her prize was about to be taken away, quickly ran into the family room, wildly shaking the now-holey bag, filled with cracker CRUMBS.  TMWLH chased after her, but she then ran evasion tactics, back into the kitchen, into the living room, under the dining room table and finally relinquished said bag.  Her job, now, was to clean up the crumbs–and they were EVERYWHERE!

Mission accomplished, she declared to herself.

TMWLH surveyed the mess.  While he went to get the vacuum cleaner, Poppy helpfully ‘vacuumed’ what crumbs she could find–the largest ones first, of course–and tracked more small crumbs around the area as she lapped up.

Then came the great vacuum battle which ensues every single time the vacuum is brought out.  TMWLH valiantly vacuumed all over whilst Poppy alternated between running, lapping up crumbs, and barking at him.

Finally, he finished.  He turned around and looked into the living room.

Miss Poppy, needing to relieve herself, had decided she’d waited long enough and was, at that moment, making her ‘deposit’ on the living room rug.

TMWLH, having lost the battle with his puppy, was in a state when I arrived home shortly thereafter.

Poppy, however, had enjoyed the adventure and was very glad to see me.

We are sending her to kindergarten for the entire day today.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pat
    Jul 09, 2015 @ 06:42:08

    Joe was probably worn out. What a stinker she was I guess going to school she had to be good. so when she got home she had to be bad.


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