Why did the chicken……..

“Another chicken joke?” Jabber asked in a tired manner, “didn’t those go out way back in the 80’s?”

No.   It’s a story Leader told the other day after class.  That happened to her.  About a chicken…..

Leader telling the story.

I’ll do my best to repeat it here:

Leader was at the end of a very long hallway at the YMCA, with her back to the longest portion of it when she saw a staff member she knew and said hello.  The staff member responded.  Then the staff member stopped and said, “A chicken just went into the men’s bathroom.”

Leader stopped what she was doing, looked straight ahead (again, not looking down the hallway) and said, “Do you realize what you just said to me?”

“Yes.  A chicken just went into the men’s bathroom.”

“Are you awake?” asked Leader.


Leader turned around but saw nothing.  The men’s bathroom door was closed, several feet down the hallway, so she walked in that direction.  A young pre-teen boy walked towards her and entered the men’s bathroom.  She waited.  Fairly soon, a senior gentleman emerged from the bathroom.

Leader stopped him and said, “Did you see a chicken in the bathroom?”

The man looked at Leader, slowly shook his head, and then rather quickly walked away from her.

She waited.

Soon, the young boy emerged.  He had a backpack on, she noted.  Stopping him briefly she asked, “Was there a chicken in the bathroom?”

He walked away after looking at her as though she had lost her mind.

She knocked on the door.  Nobody answered, so she peeked in.  No one was in there.  And no chicken.

People being people come up with explanations for sightings like this:  obviously the child must have had a remote controlled chicken.  Right?


Where does one get a remote controlled chicken?

I have no other explanation nor does Leader.

She can only imagine what the elderly gentleman is thinking.


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