Wedding Weekend!

For lovely Granddaughter Amber and her handsome groom, Eric.

Rehearsal dinner was Friday night at Stoney River in Nashville–what a beautiful event that was!  Here are some photos:

The beautiful bride (left) and her equally beautiful mother, my Jenny.

The handsome Groom, Eric.

The Groom’s parents, hosts for the evening, Dan and Barbara.

Bridesmaid and one of the bride’s best friends, Jessica and her husband Adam.

A great photo of the groom, fourth from left; his brother-in-law and two sisters (bridesmaids) are to his left and his groomsmen are to his right.

TMWLH converses with Maid of Honor, Ashley’s boyfriend, Lucas.

The flower girl, Kylee, with her mother and Maid of Honor (and sister of the bride), Ashley.

The Bride’s paternal Grandmother, Cathy.

Bride’s maternal Grandfather and his wife, Alice.

Table decorations.

And the meal?  Oh my goodness!  I did not get any photos of the food presentations and I regret it.  Not only visually delectable, but also delicious.

Starters:  whiskey shrimp on country toast; vine-ripened tomato and mozzarella salad

Entrees (choice):  filet mignon, Oscar style; Scottish salmon, lime chicken

Sides:  au gratin potatoes, haricot verts, burgundy button mushrooms

Dessert platter:  white chocolate cheesecake and chocolate fudge cake

A wonderful event at the start of the wedding celebrations.


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