Poppy is going to Finishing School

Mother said, ‘Well, dear Poppy, it is time we made plans for your finishing.  I have made reservations for you to go July 18 for a two week period, here in Nashville, but it will be ‘abroad’ and not at home.”

And so it has begun–the preparations.  First, and most importantly, a proper wardrobe had to be selected.  This morning, Poppy went to select her everyday attire.  She selected a closely-cut copper/red velveteen-like coat with real fur cuffs and pink accessories.

She did have her nails done, but prefers them ‘au natural’ especially for this adventure.

Of most concern, of course, is Rush….the sororiety rush!  Oh my, she so hopes she will be a popular girl at finishing school!

REAL fur cuffs

Pink accessories.

So as a little practice, The Spicy Royal Red Paprika will spend two overnights with her friends at the vet kennels.  A houseful of company will be visiting here, and she agreed it was a good time to spend her first nights away from home.

But she is so excited about her upcoming finishing education!


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