The “Cone of Shame”

You do know what the ‘Cone of Shame’ is, don’t you?


Well, that phrase was made famous by Doug the Dog, in the animated feature film, “UP”….

Indeed, most dogs do not like the Cone of Shame.  The Royal Red barely escaped such a fate herself this past week.  Only drugs helped her avoid the same.  This meant we had a sleepy, loopy, large poodlette wandering around the house, sometimes staring into space and sometimes just collapsing and falling asleep almost on her feet  BUT we avoided the Cone of Shame.

A small rescue dog in our neighborhood, however, did not avoid the Cone of Shame.  He came walking his person past our home this morning.  His person explained that it was because he’d had fleas prior to his rescue and kept biting at said spots.



Not the man.

He hadn’t had fleas.

The dog had had fleas……..goodness Weeders!

I mean, otherwise, the man would have been wearing the Cone of Shame.  He was not.

So, his man initiated the Cone of Shame.  The man mentioned he’d not ever heard that term before–actually there was a little bit of umbrage* in his tone when he inquired.

The two dogs sniffed each other and the small one attempted to remove his Cone of Shame with both paws… wasn’t coming off…..

I explained this was a reference to an animated cartoon (and that I had grandchildren–I didn’t bother to explain that it was actually my grown children who used that term more than once), he was somewhat relieved to hear the explanation.  I said that the Royal Red avoided this because of drugs–she’d had her major surgery last week….

Incredulous, the man’s eyebrows raised as his mouth opened and he blurted before he could stop himself, “THAT’S A PUPPY?”

I said, yes, indeed.

He grabbed up his small dog, cone and all, in his arms and remarked, “Well, it will certainly be interesting to see her grow up!” and he walked away.

I wonder if he will be walking past our house again?

Above, Spicy Royal Red Paprika (aka Poppy) relaxes on her throne  pillow.


*umbrage–note that I have been working on my vocabulary recently.



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