Adventures in Housecleaning: Saved by a Mermaid

As you may recall, CCQ Daughter has a cleaning business.  She’s done this for many years, but recently relocated to a new area in Tennessee where she has new customers.

As we know, every home has its peculiarities.  We live in a house or apartment and adapt ourselves to those peculiarities and then don’t think much about them.  Unfortunately, for the new housekeeper, this might pose a problem.

Seems that CCQ Daughter was working at a new client’s home yesterday.  As always, she cleans the bathrooms first, not only the sinks and tubs and toilets and floors, but also wiping down doors and doorways, etc.  It was the first cleaning, always takes a bit longer as she adapts the best procedures for each home….so she was diligently and completely engrossed in cleaning the bathroom.  The husband had been home, but he’d just left on an errand.  There were workers in the backyard, too.

Of course, they didn’t know she was cleaning the bathroom.  Nor about the door….

And neither did she know about the door.

Closing the bathroom door in order to open the closet door in the bathroom, CCQ Daughter proceeded to put some things away, and now was done with the bathroom.  She closed the closet door.  She turned the handle on the bathroom door.

Nothing happened.  The door was securely closed.

She was stuck in the bathroom.

She hollered for the homeowner.  But he’d left on an errand.

She hollered at the workmen in the backyard.

They didn’t hear her.

Luckily, she’d brought her cell phone with her into the bathroom, so she decided to call the lady at work.  The lady is her doctor.  She knew the doctor was busy, but then again this was an emergency!

Seems that this door had a peculiarity:  when it was closed it locked itself.  To avoid such a problem, the homeowners had placed tape on the latch so that it could not be ‘securely’ closed.  CCQ Daughter had removed the tape when she was wiping down the door, thinking that it was unsightly and some painter must have missed removing it or the kids might have been playing with tape and stuck it there.

So the homeowner, the doctor, said, “Well, this is what you do.  There is a basket of toys the kids use in the bathtub there on the floor.  Look through them and ind the Mermaid.  It has a flat tail.  Push the tail through the opening there and you can unlatch the door.”

Well, sure.  Doesn’t everyone?

Thirty minutes into lockdown, CCQ Daughter managed to use the Mermaid’s tail to open the door.

And that is the end of the tail……


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