Poor Pitiful Poppy

She had her operation on Wednesday and is recovering at home.  (Of course we feel badly for her.)

On the couch.

Which she is not allowed to be on.


So CCQ Daughter said, “Where is her blankee with which to cover up?  Where is her soda?”

And so I obliged….

(Note what is says on the can?)

I also obtained a nice, soft toy or two for her to have with which to snuggle.

And CCQ Daughter said, “Does she have a bell to ring when she needs food or is hungry?”

And I said, “Forgetaboutit.  She’d just eat it anyway.”

And so (The Spicy Royal Red Paprika) Poppy is recovering in Regal Splendor, sipping on her soda (oh, not really peoples, she’s a DOG), taking her medications on schedule with peanut butter and eating puppy food and drinking water all she cares to–which ironically is quite a bit.  Also getting peanut butter every 12 hours with her pills.  (It’s almost worth it, she says, to get the peanut butter. )

And sleeping wherever a 42 pound poodle puppy recovering from surgery wants to sleep.  (She’s 6 months old.  I don’t know what we do when she’s 80 pounds and full grown.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.)


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