How Yard Sales are Saving My Assessment

Or, perhaps the title ought to be, “Seeing is Believing.”

“Here we go again….” Jabber thought, but didn’t say.  “I mean, why say anything?  She’s just off the deep end, anyway, so let her go ahead and write whatever….”

So true.  So true.

Early this morning, I spotted a hummingbird paying a visit to the gazebo.  Alas!  No feeder was in sight.  It was still under the house, not ready at all!  “Note to self,” I thought, “Maybe you can find a better hummingbird feeder or some food for a feeder today at sales.”

I was asking the yard sale spirits to look out for the hummingbirds, but also me and my, ahem,  assessments this morning.  Although I didn’t exactly ASK the YSS, I did THINK about these things.

I needed a new desk chair.  Badly.  I was suffering from the chair we had at the computer desk–not enough padding.

“YOU have enough padding!” Jabber did interject now….

This is true.  But the chair didn’t.  And I love love love to be on the computer, sometimes for a long time, so truly the lack of padding was beginning to give me a pain.  Literally.

As we all know, it is imperative that one clearly states one’s desires before going to yard sales.  Nothing is promised, but it’s much easier if (1) you and your friends and ‘they’ (yard sale spirits YSS) have a clear understanding of what it is you need and/or want, and (2) you are diligent about the search yourself.

Again, nothing is promised.  But I’ll be darned if much of the time, the stuff you wanted to find, you do.  I can not explain this.  But my friends and I will verify that yes, it happens quite often….


I stated my problem clearly to friend Cupcake as we walked a neighborhood sale this morning…I think what I said was, “My sciatic nerve is beginning to really hurt!  I’m sure it’s from the chair I use at the computer.  I need a good, padded one.

Cupcake is a nurse.  (We like to travel with our own medical people, you know, at 111 anything can happen.  Sometimes we have two nurses with us…..Vanna and Cupcake.  But this morning, it was just Cupcake representing the medical team.)  But I digress.

Cupcake said, “Yup!  Sounds like your sciatic nerve.  You need an ergonomically correct chair.  Well, you never know, we might find…..” and we turned the corner to see…..


For $15 each.

Needless to say, we each bought one.

Not only that, as the yard sale spirits often do, they gave us many choices of well-padded, nicely cared for computer chairs at incredibly low prices this morning.  I counted 5 altogether at different sales…the others were brown or black, but ours!  Well, ours are teal and purple–we are nothing if not stylish.  One must keep up one’s appearances and, ahem, one’s ‘assessments’ too….Indeed!



At the very last sale, of course, we found:

  For $2

Both Cupcake and I bought one.

So now you know how the yard sale spirits are helping me help the hummers and saving my assessments.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.



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