Bridal Shower

Here is the future bride, my Granddaughter:

Amber is a lovely young woman, our eldest Granddaughter, who is presently a teacher.  He’s a lovely young man, too, and we are so happy for both of them.

Ashley, her sister, is the maid of honor and threw a bridal shower this past weekend at my house–so I have lots of photos.

We had hoped to have the shower outside, but instead we had showers and held it inside.

Some of the guests:


Some of the lovely gifts:



  Kylee is Amber’s niece and will be the flower girl in the wedding.

The food and decorations:  (this was a 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon bridal shower)

Menu:  chicken salad sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls; chips, celery with Buffalo Chicken dip; crackers and cheeses; petit        fours and wedding dress cookies; Mimosas, tea, and ginger Ale.




1.  Groups of 5 dressed one member in a ‘wedding dress’ made out of tissue paper.

2.  Each guest received one of each:  mustache glued onto a popsicle stick and lips glued onto a popsicle stick.  These represented the bride and groom.  The Maid of Honor had previously asked the bride and groom the same questions, but separately.  She read the question out loud to the group along with ONE of the answers.  Each person voted whether the bride or the groom had given that answer.  Example:  How many children do you wish to have?  The answer read was ‘two’.  If the guest thought the bride had given that answer, the guest held up the lips to her mouth.  The guest who made the most correct responses won.  (I didn’t get a photo of the lips and mustaches, but they were quite cute and very clever!)

(Ashley was in charge of decorations and the games.  She also planned the menu.  CCQ Daughter and yours truly did most of the food preparation.)

Here is the group photo:  (I took the photo, so not in it)

(And as Murphy’s Law would have it, the rain stopped right when the party was getting over!)


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