Jumpin’ Jehosephat!

Friday night.

What to do?  What to do?

“I know!  I know!” Jabber declared.  “Why dontcha get all gussied up in your 50’s outfits and have a date?”

Sounds like reasonable advice to me, so we did.

Joey Cannoli pulled up at the house about 7 and we drove off to a party hosted by good friends.  (Joey always has been a car guy–really into those old classic cars.)

June (Cleaver) and Joey Cannoli are off on their date night!

Before they left, however, Racer Daughter came by to take some shots.  She’d never seen her parents looking so…..so…..



June had to get the cookies out of the oven before they left.  No easy feat, lemme tell you!

When they arrived at the party, they found their hosts had the table all set, the wine and drinks ready along with……the favorite appetizers of the 1950’s–deviled eggs and French onion dip with potato chips.


Some of the other guests were reliving their youth, too…


The hosts’ backyard was beautiful–with a lovely view, too!


After a delicious meal of burgers, french fries, baked beans, Black Cows and apple pie a la mode for supper, it was time to get home before curfew!

It sure was a lot of fun to relive our yout.  I just might dress this way today, too–there is a big community sale in my neighborhood and wouldn’t the neighbors be surprised?


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