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If you live in this country–or any other–likely you are aware of the on-going issues of reproductive ‘rights’ and the ‘war on women’ currently at the forefront of some politicians’ agendas.  The irony to me is that these reproductive ‘rights’ seem to apply ONLY to women and what they can and/or can’t do.  Men don’t seemingly enter into the equation.  Nobody passes laws saying that men can’t use condoms, get vasectomies or use Viagra or Cialis because of religious beliefs; certainly they are not threatened with losing their jobs if they do nor if they have children out of wedlock they must support!

How obvious does it have to be for people to understand that simply because one is a female she will be subjugated to religious laws?  Some people think they have the right–make that obligation because of their own personal beliefs–to force women to behave in a manner in which the enforcers believe?

I received this email today from Tammy Duckworth–a courageous woman soldier, Congresswoman, and now a new mother (go ahead, you right-wingers–be opposed to those credentials!):

The District of Columbia recently took a step forward for women’s rights, making it illegal for employers to fire anyone for their reproductive choices, like having an abortion or using fertility drugs.

But congressional Republicans, who have been consistently hostile to women’s rights, have stepped in and are trying to overturn the D.C. law.

As a new mom who had the privilege of giving birth to my daughter at age 46, I am especially heartbroken to know that women can be fired for using treatments like in vitro fertilization.

So last night, I proposed an amendment that would protect women in D.C. from being fired for trying to start or expand their family. Add your name: tell Congress to prevent D.C. employers from firing women who use infertility treatments.

This is yet another frustrating example of politicians attempting to interfere with a women’s personal medical decisions.

Couples who struggle to have children face enough difficulty and heartache as is. They should not have to consult their bosses or risk job loss in order to seek medical care.

Thank you for joining me in standing up for these women,


To read more about Tammy Duckworth, go here:


Once again, there is a proposal in front of Congress to demand that women behave in a certain manner when it comes to their reproductive rights.  Men are not addressed in this as far as I am able to ascertain, only women.

Keep in mind the enforcers say this is a right of employers–employers!! have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.  The underlying issue (they imply), of course, is religious beliefs and whether or not they should have an impact upon legislation.  Quite obviously in recent years, these religious beliefs do.  (The real reason is money, people–it’s always money.)

I reference a bill which applies, at the moment, to employers in the District of Columbia.  The bill is to allow employers the right to fire any employee (read that female) who uses birth control pills OR who uses fertility treatments to actually get pregnant!  That about covers all bases, doesn’t it?  For women, of course.

In other words, if a religion-oriented employer (or actually, ANY employer) does not wish to pay medical bills (it all does ultimately come down to money) for a woman who wants to get pregnant OR who wants to prevent pregnancy, and she proceeds to do so anyway, the employer can fire her.

When this law applies to men who use condoms, Viagra and the like, or vasectomies, I’ll not have such great opposition. 

But I’ll bet you THAT never happens.

(Although I will still be opposed to such laws because I do believe in inalienable rights for all.  It’s in the Constitution, people…..and women ARE citizens.)


I should stop the post here.  I’ve made my point.  But let me add some background:  many religious institutions (who CLAIM to be eleemosynary, non-profit, religious institutions–and in most cases, THAT in and of itself is a laugh) do not cover birth control pills for women.  Of course, men are still covered for vasectomies–and for Viagra.  Beyond the actual pregnancy coverage, there often are limits for health coverage for the infant.  How religious is THAT?  Reminds me of our entire society where women are denied abortions on demand–because, of course, somebody else knows more than she does about her desires, abilities, financial situation, family circumstances–and she should have to have the child.  The “fetus” can be cells 24 hours old or up to 9 months old–she has to have it!  No ‘day after’ pill for her!  Nope!  She should have known better.

Hey, people, what about the GUY in the equation here?

Never mind….obviously men aren’t responsible.  They sure don’t want to pay for indigent children and single mothers in this culture, do they? (MOST legislators are men.  As you can see from Tammy Duckworth’s email above, thinking women often feel differently.) No free healthcare.  No affordable daycare.  Not enough money to buy food–never mind diapers and formula–for the infant.  No decent free education for that child.  Nope.  This mother who didn’t WANT to be a mother is stuck for the rest of her life–and twenty years give or take paying for a kid she simply did not want–but once she went through those 9 months of pregnancy and delivery, she decided to keep–again a host of reasons, not all good ones.  She’s in so deep financially, she will never climb out of the hole.

And her beneficent employer?  Well….no time off for her!  No child care days.  No child care at work.  A salary so low she can’t feed herself and a child on it.  And she is ‘on demand’ at work 24/7.  (This thanks to cell phones, the internet, texts, computers, etc.)   If she is fortunate enough to have health care coverage, it may have a cap on how much it will pay (especially for a new born)–but certainly it will have copayments and deductibles.  There will be no forgiveness should she need to take time off to care for an ill child.  And now, should she decide she wants to have a tubal ligation so this does not happen again, she can be fired!

This is insanity in our culture.  Absolute insanity.  This is ‘kick them when they are down’–punish the women for being women, apply a different set of rules for them than are applied to men.  This is clearly telling women that we are second class in this culture.

Fine Christian bunch they are.  And they are worried about “Sharia” law?

Well, to paraphrase Pogo, “I have seen the enemy and it is they………”


One more caveat:  I’m 70 years old, a mother and grandmother–heck, I’m a great grandmother.  I’ve seen a lot of life, birth and death, known a lot of young women who had to make hard, difficult choices, had their lives ruined by unwanted children and those children’s lives ruined because they were brought into the world in an impossible situation.

I’ve worked in health care administration, for several eleemosynary institutions, as well as in business– and know how they work–and I’ve followed political gamesmanship my entire adult life.  That’s exactly what it is:  gamesmanship.  It’s a struggle for power and money fought with words about ideas and beliefs meant to bend listener’s minds in one direction or another.  For women, especially, the sob-story often works.

Toughen up women!  It’s time to see all this for what it is.


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