Bird in a Nest

Mrs. Robinson  No, no, that’s not right…..Mrs. Robin has built her nest.  She is now sitting upon her nest.  All the live long day…….and night.  Evidently she will shortly produce some offspring.  She hopes.  I don’t know where the Mister is.  I haven’t seen him, but maybe he’s about.

When I go out on the deck to look at her, she peers at me suspiciously.  No, I didn’t write that correctly.  She has a suspicious look in her eyes about me!  I’ve tried to explain to her that I am the landlady here, it’s MY gutter where she is nesting and all that, but still she doesn’t feel very secure.  I suppose it’s because we never discussed the rent and utilities and so forth.

Before she decided to move in, I tried to dissuade her.  First of all, it’s a long way to the deck railing and to the ground.  My goodness, I fear for the lives of her babies once they decide to take flight!  Rest assured, when they leave, they will not be returning home!  Secondly, I really didn’t care for the idea that we would be privy to her birthing and raising her babies.  This, likely whilst we have supper.  Or breakfast.  In the kitchen.  Most unappetizing.  And no, I shan’t prepare meals for them.  I refuse!

She didn’t care.  She just told me I had no business telling her what to do.  So there she is… discussion whatsoever.  And the ever-present ‘evil eye‘ cast down upon yours truly.  I didn’t do anything!

What can I say?


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