Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing….

“What do you mean?  How do they sing?” Jabber inquired.

Chirp.  Tweet.  Chirp.  Loudly.  At the crack of dawn.

And…..they build nests.

Right on top of the gutters.

In front of the kitchen window.

It’s a Robin’s nest.  I TOLD that Robin to not build it there.  I yelled at her.  She ignored me, flying to the railing of the deck as if to say, “Who are YOU? to tell me what to do?”

And so it was built.  My fear is that she will decide we are a threat and begin dive bombing us as we (soon) sit out on the deck at the table (not yet brought up from under the house).  Once Chris was attacked by a Robin for an unknown reason–there were no nests even close to the entry door where she lived.  It really frightened her.  I do not want to experience that.

On the other hand, it will be kind of fun to see the little birds grow up.  Note the phrase, ‘..kind of fun’……

Driving through the adjacent neighborhood the other day, my friend Pat and I spotted these–in the front yard!

“What are they?” Jabber again asked….


Yes, they are.  In a residential subdivision near the Harpeth.   What a view!


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