Weeder Participation?

“Well, SAY SOMETHIN” Jabber demanded.

Me?  I’ve said a lot, from news to outrageous analogies to fluff.  I don’t have anything to say at the moment.  Unlike my son, I do not have any evil cats in a conspiracy, stalking me from the neighbor’s windows.  (They do say that madness runs in families….I wonder from whom he gets his paranoia imagination?)   I haven’t been anywhere except to yard sales.  I haven’t done anything noteworthy except clean a bit today….

“Now THAT is noteworthy!” Jabber stated matter-of-factly.

Very funny.

I have a little report for Weeders here which surprised me (and Jabber).

My posts show comments (click on the ‘comments’ at the side to see them) and also icons representing people/bloggers who liked a particular post.  I also am able to get statistics on how many people have looked at various posts.

The most popular post?  It’s Beauty Parlor Day for Security…..No kidding.  People are more interested in seeing a fully decked out poodle than about anything else I guess.   And this has been going on for years….really.

Most recently I posted some photos of plants and trees in bloom in my yard.  WAY more people gave me a ‘like’ than I’ve received for a very long time.

Comments?  Well, one Weeder has made a couple of recent comments and I appreciate her doing so.  My son also has made a comment on some of my posts as have, occasionally, daughters and friends.  However, they are way too few and far between (the comments, not the family and friends.  I have lots of family and lots of friends.  It’s hard to keep up with all of them.)

Blogging often feels like I’m talking/writing to nobody.  But I keep doing it.  You want to know why?  Because if I don’t, inevitably somebody who I didn’t even know read my blog will ask me why I haven’t had any posts up lately.

Go figure ’cause I can’t.  I can’t figure you Weeders out……

Oh, okay.  Another reason I blog is because I like to do it.

Believe me, I’m FULL of ‘fluff’ if that is what you like (others have a different label for it).  I also am able to pull Jabber out of thin air and she is full of sarcasm, always making fun of me and/or anything else she wants to make fun of.  I do tell her not to make fun of any other people, however.  It’s just not right.

If I actually DO anything which is fun or interesting or go anywhere which is fun or interesting, I’ll post that……but there has been a drought hereabouts for the past year or so.  I’m hoping to remedy that, but can’t promise a thing.  This because we do have a 2-year-old tyrant running the household in the form of a red Standard 5-month-old Poodle.  She can’t help it.  It’s just what 5 month old (or two-year-olds) Standard Poodles do.  She sort of takes up all our time, not to mention our energy.  (What WAS I thinking?  Dunno.  But she’s here and we love her and she’s staying.  That’s final.)

In the meantime, whilst yours truly is chasing The Spicy Royal Red all around and trying to keep her from eating rugs (she’s gotten two so far), escaping from various locations into others, wriggling out of her car harness (I truly have NO clue how she did this….she escaped, the harness stayed securely attached to the seat belt), digging under the fence to escape, stealing dishtowels and anything on a counter unattended, unrolling toilet paper from the bathroom into two rooms down the hall, eating napkins (paper), will you Weeders please give me some input so I can give you some output?  In the form of a post or three……

All you gotta’ do….(to quote a friend of mine.  You know who you are my friend)…..is gimme a ‘like’ or write a comment.  I’m not going to pester you.  I may or may not add a response to your comment, all depends on what you say…..  Usually, I do respond.

Otherwise, you will be at the mercy of Jabber.  And who knows what she’ll think up next?  Certainly not me.

(I think Jabber and The Royal Red are in cahoots.  This because TRR is entirely too clever for a 5 month old.  She’s getting some ideas from Jabber.  I’m sure of this.  Hmmmm…..maybe I DO have a conspiracy going on here, only it’s not evil cats next door?)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Neil Nate Turner
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 17:46:30

    Great post!


  2. harpethview
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 04:56:15

    Thank you!


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