A New Season has Begun

“For goodness sake!,” Jabber complained, “Can’t you post something upbeat?”

Yes, can.  Will.  Jabber can only be serious for a certain time period.  After that, well….it’s time to go back to fun and silliness.  Of which she has an abundant supply.  Evidently.

I, being 111, find it important to scatter in a LOT of fun and stop to smell the roses.  Of which I have none thanks to the dreaded Witches Broom disease which annihilated all of my beautiful Knockout Roses in the past couple of years.  Sigh….makes me sad to think about them.  Oh well, Hydrangeas will take their place and produce some pretty flowers this year.  But not for a while.

I do have some other blooming things to show……

Spring is springing around the Harpeth–we’ve already enjoyed the daffodils, the tulips are in bloom

and so are the red bud trees.  Here is a pretty one in our back yard.

See?  The little leaves are emerging!

Way high up, leaves are beginning to show in the tall trees behind our house…

And you can see that the Bradford Pear trees have already leafed out–they’re the green ones in the above picture.

The dwarf Japanese red maple tree has returned this year, despite a very cold winter–I’m glad it survived so well.

And the Laurel bushes are in bloom….

The prolific (and un-killable) mint has shown up again, soon covering all those leaves we raked into this bed last fall.  It’s almost planting time!

Not that I’ll be doing a LOT of planting, but a few flowers and herbs in pots will suffice to spruce up the area and the deck.

Meanwhile, our Miss Spicy Royal Red Paprika is ‘blooming‘ herself….she knows now very well how to come UP the steps from the yard, but is still fearful of going down by herself.

We don’t encourage it, either–we have stairs inside the house and are hoping to keep her downstairs for a while.  Housebreaking a puppy takes a while and even though we have seen great improvement, we’re not totally confident about her yet.  She’s never been upstairs–it will be a new adventure for her.  But not for a while.

Spring is springing and doing her thing.  It’s pleasurable for me to take the pictures and spend a few minutes sharing them with you.   Appreciating the beautiful day and the emergence of a new season and growth is important!  Take the time to look at your area and enjoy the new beginning!


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