On Guns

Our Tennessee Congress has passed many unacceptable laws of late–most of them are beyond my comprehension except to say that they, too, appear to benefit the very rich and special interests and not the majority of citizens of the state.  Can’t enumerate all of them as there are, frankly, too many.

To get these ‘sold’ to the pubic, religion is often invoked along with the Second Amendment.  You supporters have worn out both.  Excuse me, but your Jesus didn’t tote a gun as far as I know and the Second Amendment was written to allow the colonists to protect themselves from the BRITISH (and any marauding terrorists of that time as well as to provide for an army to defend the colonists from threats).  It was in NO WAY intended to allow you to carry an automatic repeating rifle or an oozie anywhere you liked and fire at will.

The British are not coming.  Something worse has arrived…..

Of late, however, there is a controversy about a new proposed law allowing guns in parks.


Where children go to play.  Where adults go to walk and exercise.  Where families have reunions and picnic.  You know, ‘recreation’ activities.  Seems some of our legislators have decided this is just fine–with the exception of when there are school activities going on in the park.  Then, no.  A sign will instruct all who enter that packing ‘heat’ is not allowed during those times.

No enforcement, of course.  A sign will suffice evidently.  And the Legislators wanted the Schools to pay for those signs.  Well, that’ll be effective.

Oh…..and by the way, they’ve also decided that citizens won’t be allowed to carry guns on Capitol Hill where legislators work.  They have many police and metal detectors there to ensure this law is enforced.

I see.  Protect the elected officials, but who cares about the kids?  Or, as one proponent of unlimited firearms in the hands of the public said, “Your dead kids,” he wrote, “don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”*


(You who subscribe to such ideas are woefully lacking in compassion, an education, not to mention common sense.  This is 2015, not 1776.  I include some Supreme Court Justices in this personal evaluation, too, by the way.) 

Personally, I don’t own any guns.  None in the house.  I’m not opposed to anyone else having a gun, within reason.  I just don’t think an automatic weapon ought to be in the hands of the public, but that’s me.  That, too, has become legal and nothing I/we can do about it I suppose.  BUT to carry such weapons legally everywhere is a bit of a challenge to my sensibilities.

In recent years we have all read about shootings at schools, playgrounds, malls, churches, theaters, any place where people are amassed in a group.  Since we, the SANE public, can’t seem to get any laws passed to enforce reasonable and responsible gun laws, the only thing we can do is avoid encounters.

Here is something to ponder:  I now avoid going anywhere there are large crowds.  In fact, I don’t go to malls any longer.  I avoid public gatherings and public places–they all present a danger of some deranged gun owner deciding to use his/her weapon.  I shop at home as much as possible.  If I had school-age children, I’d be educating them AT HOME.  We have not booked a trip on a cruise or airplane for well over a year.  Netflix is safer than a movie theater (and cheaper, I might add).  I don’t believe I’m paranoid, but I surely am aware of how our society has changed.  I can’t be the only one……this has to cost merchandizers and other public and private places money.  No impulse shopping at the checkout counter for me.  I’m just not there.  Consider THAT.

This gun-toting, gun-promoting, violence-prone society will force those of us with DISPOSABLE INCOME and the option of staying home to stay at home, shop at home, dine at home, entertain at home–and therefore spend less.  It’s going to take a toll on state income (gas tax for one), public income (not attending nor contributing to public activities), and private (corporate) income.

Money appears to be what makes this society go round…..the amount I spend is drying up, dear legislators and corporate leaders.  We’re tired of it.

Keep your guns–at home.  You can go to the gun-range (an abandoned theater right in this community is being changed into such),  shoot Bambi in legal areas during legal times with a PERMIT if you wish (there is an overpopulation of deer and yes, I understand they need to be culled)…..but I don’t want to be ‘taken out’ by one of your ilk.  I don’t want my children or grandchildren to be killed by one of you, either.

I might have to get a gun for myself, you see.  And believe me, you don’t want me carrying one–I’m 111, for heaven’s sake, and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  I still have a mind that works pretty well, however.  I still have compassion.  And I still have some common sense.  But none of that guarantees I would not be caught in a moment of panic and use said weapon incorrectly.

The idea that I am even writing such a post is hard to fathom.  The only way we change our situation is to let our legislators know we don’t want such ridiculous laws.  The problem is, of course, we have not spoken loud enough for them to hear us.  They DO hear the other side, however–because they are loud, irrational, have the NRA special interest group behind them.

It’s all about the money.  Always is.  Believe me, the British aren’t coming to get you.  But the irrational gun owner might be.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Darlene Newcom
    Apr 07, 2015 @ 09:12:27

    I agree with you 200%. America is becoming a very scary place. Lax gun laws are in every state that the Republicans hold a majority. In WV, where I live, they have conceal and carry laws. This year they decided to eliminate permits for these weapons. Permits included gun use training. The governor vetoed but this will be back next session. They already have open carry without a permit. NRA in action.
    I would love to see more blogs like this! Do enjoy all your posts!


  2. harpethview
    Apr 07, 2015 @ 09:26:12

    Thank you Darlene. We, the people, seem to have little control over our country–and it’s not just one party or the other, either, which seems to lead us down the wrong paths. I well understand that politics is the ‘art of compromise’–but there seems to be no compromising going on any longer. Perhaps I AM naive and there never was. At any rate, the question is, how do reasonable, responsible people get control over the special interests? I have no answers.


  3. tobytrimmer
    Apr 08, 2015 @ 05:44:04

    Good stuff. I saw an article yesterday that the NRA has strict “No Firearms” rules for their convention hall at their recent convention. Ironic. I’m not a fan of guns, personally. In part, I believe it is fear. But, I’ve never forgotten the simple fact that my father, a drafted Vietnam combat veteran, once told me – “Guns were made to kill people. That was the original intent.” I’ve found myself more in line with someone who was shot at as a more reliable source than some religious, caucasian, suburban fanatic who fears dark-skinned human beings. Which is another thing…it’s always the black thief that pro-gun folks point to as the necessity for carrying a weapon. The drunk redneck is usually quite a bit more dangerous.


  4. harpethview
    Apr 08, 2015 @ 06:01:45

    I agree with your father–and you. But some people do like to go hunt (I have never understood the ‘thrill’ in that, but I didn’t grow up in rural areas). Today, however, people have guns to ‘protect’ themselves–from one another. I find that sad, just plain sad.
    Yes, you are right–how ironic is it that the NRA of all groups has a strict ‘No Firearms” rule for their convention hall?


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