What to do with those empty K-Cups

“Jabber is up, drinking a second cup of coffee!” Jabber reminded me.  “It’s delici-o-so!  A different flavor every day!”

Indeed, one of the first things I do every day is have a cup of coffee.  It’s the quietest time of the day in the house, with Miss Poppy still asleep and not nipping at my feet, with TMWLH also dozing; the sun isn’t even up.  I relish a good cup of coffee and my private, quiet time to think, to write a post, and to organize my day.  How about you?

Right after Security left the building, during a very sad time around here, a very good friend of mine sent me a Keurig coffee maker, something I’d wanted but did not have.  It was a very kind and thoughtful gift at precisely the right time.

Yes, the ‘drawers’ for a Keurig selection of coffees was included with the machine!  Right now they are filled with one type of coffee, a favorite of CCQ Daughter, as she is coming for the weekend.

  One of the fun things to do is try a variety of these coffees.  There is a huge selection!  It’s been a delightful way to start each morning for me.

Every time one makes a cup of coffee, one has a used K-cup which one throws away.  Well…..I read this on a money-saving thrift email recently.

Empty the used coffee grounds out of the k-cups and use the grounds in your flower bed or potted plants.  The now empty k-cups can be used to plant seeds later on.  Perfect size for little seedlings and they have a small hole in the bottom for drainage.

“Sounds like a fun project,” Jabber stated.  

Yes, it does indeed.  I think I’m going to give it a try!



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