The Laundry is DONE; On to Little Vegetables

And I’m the only one with the courage to share my ‘dirty laundry’?  Cowards!

Ok, enough of that topic.  It’s on to the next.  It’s the Thursday before Easter.  What else would I be doing but making little teeny, tiny vegetables?  I mean, what else do people do the Thursday before Easter?

These are for the Peter Rabbit cake I make every year.  Go here to see the recipe:

This year I used this to make the vegetables:

I was unable to locate the Marzipan, but this works very well.  One package made all the vegetables and some dough leftover.  I tinted it with food coloring.

So with the vegetables done, it was time to make the cake, which is cooling right now.  (The recipe and all the instructions can be found on the above referenced website.)  A trip to various stores to get in supplies, a few trips in and out of the house for Miss Poppy’s enjoyment, and that’s what I’ve done all day long.  How about you?

Meanwhile, the Poodlette is having a grand time now and again with her friends:

Above, entertaining Granddaughter

And, of course, TMWLH is back to his role as ‘dog walker extra-ordinaire” which makes him and the Poodlette very happy.


And  me too, by the way.

We are feeling more SECURE now as Miss Poppy has learned that if a strange person comes to the door, it is important to sound the alarm.  So she runs to the kitchen, far away from the front door, and barks.  Better than no alarm at all.  And, she’s not yet 5 months old.

Good Friday is tomorrow.  I do wish every one of you a very happy weekend and a Hoppy Easter.  I hope you spend your time with family and friends and that Mr. Rabbit delivers some Easter eggs and candy to your house.




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