Green Eggs and…..Bacon

“Breakfast is my most favoritest meal!” Jabber declared but went on to say, “‘Cept for Lunch and Dinner.  And snacks.  And brunch.  And….”

Yes, my sentiments persactly Jabber!

This morning I decided to use some leftovers for breakfast.  I had cooked bacon the other day, refrigerating what we didn’t need.  So I heated it up and mixed three eggs, a couple tablespoons of pesto I had on hand (made last summer and frozen) and 2 heaping teaspoons of some cheese.


Green Eggs and Bacon

I had some leftover blueberry bread I’d frozen, so that topped it off.  Think about this….next St. Patrick’s Day perhaps?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch  on the floor,

The Spicy Royal Red Paprika was living up to her name….she’d located the toilet paper roll in a bathroom and was enjoying about half a roll of it.

Well, she looks cute, anyway…..


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