The “Reveal” Is Here!

“Oh no!  Don’t reveal anything!  Nobody will ever read any of your posts ever again!” Jabber was alarmed.

“Fiddle de dee,” said Scarlett….  “Who cares if they don’t like what I reveal?”

“Who is Scarlett?  And what is she doing on this blog?”  Now Jabber was really confused.

Dunno.  She suddenly popped in….

Speaking of Poppy….

“Who was speaking of Poppy?” Jabber asked….

Nobody.  But she’s the subject of this post, so I’d better be about it.

Poppy went to the beauty parlor today.  First time!  She’s growing up too fast.

No.  I mean it…..she is REALLY GROWING up too fast!  Whew.

Poppy immediately embraced the lady who did her hair fur and nails.  Seriously.  The lady, Rachel, bent down and Poppy put her arms around Rachel and proceeded to give her  hugs and kisses.

Go figure.

All we usually get are ‘love bites.’

Anyway, she took to the whole experience rather nicely reported Rachel, although she did sort of enjoy her bath with front arms splayed across the top of the tub.  Otherwise, it was fine.  Just fine.

We dropped off this poodlette:

And a few hours later, we picked up this one:


“Wait a minute!  You got the wrong Poodlette!” Jabber was again alarmed.

Of course we didn’t.  We can tell by her behavior.  Cleans up nicely, eh what?

Bonus:  SHE CAN SEE!  And we can see her pretty eyes again.

Tomorrow, it’s off to find a car seatbelt for Miss Poppy–she’s tired of having to kennel up to go anywhere.



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