Brocanters on Beale Street

“Oh boy.  I bet you got into TROUBLE! there,” Jabber said, knowing us as she does.

No.  Not persactly.  Well…..

We walked to Beale Street from the Peabody Duck adventure, looking for an elegant luncheon experience.


“Who is George Paul?  And what’s he calling about at last?” Jabber innocently inquired.

We don’t know.  We are innocent, too.

On we walked, looking, looking, looking…….

And then we discovered  Silky Sullivan’s restaurant….outdoor dining, at its finest!


“WHAT?  You dined with…..animals?  Inside the restaurant?”

I know.  I know.  Amazing, isn’t it?  We were OUTSIDE in an open air dining area, but yes….two bears and two goats were there.  But the goats are SPECIAL goats!  Yes.  They like to DIVE!

And….wait for it…..wait for it…..THEY ARE IRISH!

”How do you know?  Did you talk to ’em?  What makes them Irish?”

I don’t know, Jabber.  But they were.  Says so on the sign.  And we did not see them dive, either, but they must ’cause it says so and we believe everything we read.

After a scrumptious lunch of BBQ sandwiches and onion rings, Thumper needed some socks.

“Huh?  You are not making any sense again.   Why would Thumper need socks after eating BBQ?  She get some on her feet or somethin’?” Jabber inquired

No.  She’d not worn socks and needed some sos that her feet wouldn’t hurt.  We were walking a long way….

So she bought some and came back to show them to us…

  Thumper’s new socks

She was very proud of them.  She’d gone to a mercantile store, just down the street, which sold lots of old-looking things and for ONLY $8 she’d acquired these lovely owl socks.  What a bargain!  She bought the socks instead of new shoes, which WERE an option and offered by one of the sales clerks, but she opted for socks.  These were the cheapest they had…..

But she insisted that we go back to the store with her, so we did.  We bid goodbye to our friends, the Goats

“You made friends with them?” Jabber’s eyes were wider now….

And we made our way down the street to the store.  Inside, on a wall very high up, we saw…

    A primitive-painted mural and a ‘gob’ of stuff–all kinds of stuff, much of it from times past.  Lots of fun to look through….

  One could buy this shirt if one had one’s ‘mojo’ workin’…..

“What’s a ‘mojo’?  Do I have one?  Is it workin’?” Jabber inquired.

Don’ know persactly, Jabber…

An old time soda fountain inside the store was fully operational, but alas! no customers.

  One could take one’s picture inside this photo booth, too!

This child was on Shark Tank a while back.  Girlfriend had seen the program!  His bow ties were available as well.

And, at the checkout counter up on the wall, this pair of enormous Carhart pants!

“Who would fit into those?” Jabber asked in wonder…

We don’t know.  A very large person, evidently.

Since Thumper had her new socks and Girlfriend had made a purchase or two and CCQ Daughter and Jabber were getting tired, it was time to leave and head back to Nashville.  So, of course, we did.

Jabber sure had a good time on this adventure!


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