Memphis Ladies

“Memphis Ladies?  You are from Nashburg!” Jabber commented, always getting something somewhat wrong…..

We went to Memphis.  On our trip earlier this week.  For a tour of the Peabody Hotel, famous for ducks and architecture and then to Beale Street to see its sights.

That’s all there is in Memphis?  And what’s this about ducks?  Did they waddle and crack?”

No, that’s not all there is.  We saw a map showing all the sights we could go see….



That’s all we had time to see that day. 

And, Jabber it’s “Quack.”  They quacked. 

“You are cracked.” Jabber mumbled, insightfully.

As we walked to the hotel, we noticed all these plaques in the sidewalk and wondered what they were. Finally Jabber figured it out–they were DUCK FEET! with the names of important dignitaries through the years.

See the little ducks at the bottom of the welcome mat?

The hotel is old and historic, but today the claim to fame is the ducks which are brought, every morning at 11 a.m., down to the fountain in the lobby to swim.  It is a grand walk on red carpet!

The person in charge of the ducks is called the Duckmaster.

Duckmaster. I can’t help but wonder if this is what he wanted to be as a little boy? Maybe………he was very nice and knew a lot about the ducks. And the hotel.

We spent a good deal of time looking at the architecture of the hotel–and at the ducks.  There is something about little ducks playing in a fountain that is fascinating.  On the other hand, it doesn’t take a LOT to amuse us……

Here are some more photos of the hotel.

“Who’s that?  Why is she inside a box in the hotel?”

That’s CQQ Daughter.  I took photos of Girlfriend, Thumper and CCQ in these old phone booths and she got stuck in one…..


There are those darned ducks again–I told you we were fascinated by them…..


Lansky’s men’s clothiers–where Elvis shopped.  Inside hotel.


One of the ballrooms in the hotel on the left and a mail chute between the elevators.  These were used by guests to get their mail to the lobby where it was taken to the post office.  An old fashioned technology, but on the cutting edge back in the 1920’s.

Piano used by Francis Scott Keys!

We headed up to the roof!

  to the Duck Palace of course…..where else?

L to R: Girlfriend, Thumper, CCQ Daughter and Jabber. On the roof. On top of the Peabody. In Memphis. With the ducks.

“Well, ain’t that just ducky!” Jabber sarcastically muttered.

Duck Palace

on roof top of Peabody Hotel

with open air ‘cages’ in back

and their own private fountain

“You’re kidding?”

Nope.  Not.  Those duckies live very well.

“Maybe it’s where the Duckmaster lives?” Jabber suggested.

Dunno.  Might be…..

“Okay.  I give up.  What is that and what’s it doing in the hotel?  Next you’ll be telling me you saw pink elephants there too.” Jabber is a bit exasperated with me at this point.  

I don’t know what they are–dogs of some sort.   But, yes.  Here are some elephants inside the hotel, although they aren’t pink.


“Wait a min….were you in a zoo or in a hotel?” Jabber was getting skeptical now….

Oh, we were in the Peabody Hotel and I have no idea why so many different kind of animals are there.  But they didn’t hold a candle to the diving goats with whom we had lunch later.

“Daft.  Dafty Ducks!  You are all daft!” Jabber declared and marched off, not understanding.  

(I will show you the diving goats later, next post.)  Meanwhile, back to the hotel:


Above, murals in the hotel.

And we had to go in to Lansky’s men’s clothiers store.



All kinds of interesting things to see in Lansky’s, including a pair of men’s underwear.  Which Jabber HAD to photograph.

“Hey!  Hurry up, don’t look back!–they’re gainin’ on ya……” Jabber remarked, ever mindful of our safety…

So, of course, we hightailed it outta’ there…after one last look at the ducks….

“WAIT!  You forgot CCQ Daughter!”

Oh.  Yes.  Well, we did remember, eventually……..


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