Another Group of Ladies Who Lunch

I was invited to a beautiful luncheon hosted by my friend, Nadia, at her home today.  Let me show you the photos of the table and food!

Beautiful purple, pink and white table setting with a bouquet in the center of spring flowers.


The food presentation was absolutely spectacular!  The main course consisted of “Mexican hat” pasta stuffed with a delicious tuna salad.


How cute and clever are those!




And, a lovely platter of assorted bruschetta, smoked salmon, fresh vegetables, and pita roll ups with spinach and Feta cheese.

Conversation was varied and interesting.  One of the ladies is originally from Scotland and now teaches line dancing, another was a neighbor and has newly begun employment at the YMCA, and of course Nadia, our hostess, and her friend Peggy were full of interesting tales of their travels, interests, hobbies and activities!

Tyler (left) is Jeannie’s son, then Nadia our hostess in the center, Kathy and Peggy

We discussed Downton Abbey and assorted other programs and movies in which we were interested, chatting about the various characters and historical implications.  So much fun to visit with such a delightful group!

For dessert, a beautiful presentation of a chocolate cup filled with a pudding, a cookie, a bit of rum, and some additional chocolate!  YUM!  Nadia also offered us cookies and cake.  Needless to say, we were filled to the brim!

Ladies luncheons are always such special and fun occasions–a chance to get to know some friends a bit better, and the hostess had gone to great troubles preparing us a beautiful meal.  The presentation was artistic, as is our hostess!

Loved it!


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